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Apr 28, 2024, 17:46

Apr 28, 2024, 18:39

If you believe the BS concocted by the Biden Justice Department and spread by the media - there is no crime committed as to so called hush money.   The crime is now inteference in the election of 2016.   That was alreaady investigated by the Election Commision and found nothing wrong was done.   

Th said Commission also investiated the payment of the NDC and the Clinton Election Committee for the Steele Dossier and they were fined $100 000 for that indiscretion,   

Sure - Biden gets the benefit of campaigning - while the Biden WH is connected to that strategy.    But it is not going to work - since Biden fucked up everything he touched and no amount of BS stats the Biden lot produce the majority of  the voters reject all Biden's policies  by eve-increasing numbers,   Take the following examples:-

*     71%  of the vters said the Biden economic policy sucks and theya re detrimentally affecxted by it;

*      66% of he voters say that the Open Border Policy is Biden's creatioon and that by opening  the border  increases the  insecurity in the country and the people fear terrorism;

*      the riotous conduict at USA Universities is causing havoc for those universitiy sudents witd eath threats against Jewish student b a onstant - 70% of the Jewish voters voted for the  Demncoratic Party in the past - the Cief Rabbi now said they can oly hope that the threatened people will still vote forf Biden,   In the meantime Biden is afraid and will not be allowed to intervene and restore order in cities and towns where the Hamas flagwaving rioters are disrupting lectures and no-one act to protect the ordinary students.   

*       Law and Order is collapsing  in the USA   Th reason is tied to th e D emcoratic Party policy on arrest  people and release from custody within 24 hours without paying bail - and after arrest continue with their crime spree,   The situation is so bad the FBI has released cooked figures to indicate t he system is in fact working and there is a reductionn in serious crime.   Nobody on the street thinks that is true.   

*        Managing of international relations and preventing crisis situations -  Biden gets a 25%  for that - Trump get a 52% for that one.  

There is no fairy godmother that would help Biden getting away from the above. issues,   The voters in the US A are pissed off and that includes the traditonal voting blocks of the Hispanics, Blacks and Jews.    So dream on.

Since the Bioden strategy of laying charges against Trump is not prducing the desired effects so dream on.        ,      .   .               

Apr 28, 2024, 19:10

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