'A drubbing': Morning Joe gloats over Trump's latest courtroom flop

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Nov 24, 2022, 02:09

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough gloated over Donald Trump's latest legal flop in front of a conservative appeals court.

The three-judge 11th District Court panel repeatedly expressed skepticism toward Trump attorney Jim Trusty's arguments and signaled an openness to voiding the appointment of a special master to oversee evidence seized from Mar-a-Lago, and the "Morning Joe" host said the former president had badly overplayed his hand.

"So much of this he should have seen coming," Scarborough said. "He thought that judges on the Supreme Court would be like Judge [Aileen] Cannon, who yesterday took a drubbing in the 11th Circuit again. For those that don't follow it, the 11th Circuit is one of the most conservative circuits in America, it's probably the right's version of the 9th Circuit out on the west coast. But I know a lot of judges, I know a lot of people that have worked in the 11th Circuit. I mean, yeah, they're ideologically conservative, they are no-nonsense, all business."

"Here you had the 11th Circuit yesterday in this hearing make it very clear they're going to overturn what Judge Cannon did, which was preposterous," Scarborough continued. "Legal scholars on the left, center and the right saying it's preposterous. Well, the 11th Circuit is stepping in and may perhaps get rid of the special master, because there is no space when you even go up to Clarence Thomas, you go up to Brett Kavanaugh, to Amy Coney Barrett."

"If he thought he would get any special break on these rulings, he's been sadly mistaken," he added. "Not only in these rulings, say again, in the 55 or 65 cases that Trump attorneys brought to federal court to try to assert widespread voter fraud, he went 0-65. This is quite a compelling argument for this Supreme Court on these issues being... straightforward."

Trump still seems to think that judges he appointed will reward him with favors in court, but Scarborough said he long ago should have learned that's not always the case.

"You and I have known Donald Trump for a very long time," Scarborough said. "I guess we're not surprised that he would think if he appointed somebody they were going to do him favors, but it shows a complete ignorance of the federal judiciary, a complete, absolute ignorance, and he keeps getting surprised. You know, he kept getting surprised during his term in office when judges that he appointed would rebuke him, would rebuke his policies, and this has happened time and time again, and it doesn't appear that he's -- here we are five years later. He still doesn't get it."


Now sit back and relax in anticipation of our resident Trump Alter ego to defend the indefensible.......it's just the norm for the want of something to do in his daily lifeless routine. 


Nov 24, 2022, 07:31


I am not supporting Trump  - but De Santis.   Now I think it is time to forget about Trump and the Democrat scare stories about Trump and start looking at the scandalous and uttrerly-corrupt Biden.     

It is early days - but I think the country will move forward from Trump and the Democrats will concoct NEW LIES to attack De Santis on.   The Judges appointed by the Republicans are all judicial people following the law and constitution - the Judges appointed by the Democrats are crazy leftist BSters hating the law and the Constitution and an extension of the Democratic Party. 

The latest Democrat appointment could not even describe the biological difference between men and women and believe in the new Democratic Party designations to describe woman as "childbearing parent" and of men as "non-childbearing parent" and the Democrats are fully addicted to through Stalinist methods to indoctrinate children to hate their parents and regard the State as the only institution to manage the raising of children.    They are determined to destroy family life and when parents object - they are regarded and investigated as being "domestic terrorists" by the FBI.

That is a real problem - the Trump issue is just a sideliner.                

Nov 24, 2022, 08:08

Now I think it is time to forget about Trump

Jumping ship huh? Did you just wake up to the fact that your hero is a Loser.....that he's still spouting the same old, same old BS and that he has nothing new to offer the American people and that the slob is just a bore? No need to answer I know.

Rupert Murdoch is about to dump him, he knows a Loser when he sees one, wait until your new boy throws his hat into the ring and before you can blink Murdoch will wipe Trump from all FOX NEWS coverage.

Just a bit of advice, the header is clear, this isn't about the Bidens or the DemoKrats, stick to the subject matter or start a new repetitive post about the Bidens.

Thank u.

Nov 24, 2022, 17:47

Or even better Quisling….stop posting new repetitive posts about Trump. We have heard it all before. I wonder what quivering personality disorder he triggers in you…self loathing as a result of failure? Seek help, these posts are doing nothing for you, other than making you look even more spiteful, if that’s possible. It’s not a manly look.

Nov 24, 2022, 20:43


I am NOT jumping ship at all.   Trump was a ten times better President than the idiotic and totally-corrupt liar in the WH now.    However, the Democrats concocted endless lies about him - especially the Russian Hoax and the way he dealt with the Covid virus issue.    The lies were trumpeted by the media and the internet platforms in liaison with the Democrat leadership and hatemongering became the norm.   

The problem is that too many people still believe the lies and that makes Trump a rather poor candidate for election.   I said that on site months ago and has been repeating it from time to time.   The hatemongering of the Democrats and lies on every issue reached unlimited heights.  With the media shouting a vote for the Republicans is a vote against Democracy.    It is another lie - the threat to Democracy comes from the alliance between the ultra-rich and the Democrat leadership based on the Fascist system applied in Germany and Italy in the 1920's and 1930's.   Since the ultra-rich owns the media the reporting on issues are always based on accusations against the Republican Party about things the Democrats have done or are doing.     

I do not hate anybody bar corrupt politicians and the Democrats are inherently corrupt.              

Nov 24, 2022, 21:24


Stay away from Morning Joe.    He is a habitual liar.     I will just give you three examples:-

*     Joe came up with a real shocker against Trump and he had to apologize about it - since MS NBC would have been bankrupted through a libel claim.   

*    A day after the Assistant Secretary of State admitted under oath that there are bio-labs in Ukraine - Morning Joe still claimed that it is Russian Disinformation. 

*     Joe  accused  parents objecting to indoctrination of children "Domestic Terrorists - but claimed the riots of BLM and Antifa in 2020 organized and funded by the Democratic Party was peaceful - despite the real evidence that 45 people were murdered by the rioters, 1 200 police members were seriously injured and more than $2,5 billion in damages were caused  through looting and arson.            

Nov 25, 2022, 09:19

"I wonder what quivering personality disorder he triggers in you…self loathing as a result of failure? Seek help"

Simple Moz

Once a coward, always a coward....

Den Den cannot escape his natural tendency to run away..... it is in his biological make up.... he does it on here time and time again....just like in real life

Nov 25, 2022, 10:18

DA'AGGRO cannot escape his natural tendency to express his violent anger, anyone who boasts about roundhouse fly kicking someone on a rugby message board is a wee man seeking notoriety let alone having serious anger management issues.

See the source image

Nov 25, 2022, 11:51

Yebo yes... my tendency is to always stand up for myself, and for those that cannot help themselves.....and to not run away from whatever life throws at me... which is what you continue to do every single day.... 

As Moz alluded to earlier......you have clearly been scarred, and it is obviously by your continued cowardice throughout your miserable life...

Den Den.... never a man, always a boy......

Did you know, the Greek meaning of Denny is "Follower" ..... who woulda thought... LMFAO

Nov 25, 2022, 12:20

My name isn't Denny you moron, that's a forum name. 

Now shut up, stop bitching,whining and crying.....oh Moz. help please please help......can't handle Denny on my own.........he's such a mean person.....

And OBTW....you due for a nappy change you big baby.

Nov 25, 2022, 12:55

"My name isn't Denny you moron, that's a forum name."

Duh !!

How apt though hey.....

You provide a lot of entertainment for everyone here Den Den.. even if it is not intentional....

LMAO.... too funny ..... and stupid to boot

Nov 25, 2022, 16:50

Not really sure why you lot argue so much about American politics, the whole shit show is geared to keeping the top 1% of people in power and money and the crazy thing is its the people those prick are shitting on that keep voting for them.

America has devolved into a developing country and and as long as it politicians refuse to work together it's only going to get worse.

Thank fuck I wasn't cursed to be born there (mind you there are a lot worse places than America)

Hopefully one day they will wake up  to the fact America is no where near the paradise the fools think it is

Nov 25, 2022, 17:50

That makes two of us Crusty.

Nov 30, 2022, 16:26

I’m in Miami as I write this. No signs of people giving up on the paradise… this place is awash with immigrants and the vibe is amazing.

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