How Vodka Ruined the Russian Army

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Sep 18, 2023, 04:18

..Vodka is the Russian Army's #1 enemy. It's killed more Russians than every war, combined. And in recent days, it's crippled the Russian Army's performance in its fight against Ukraine.

Sep 18, 2023, 09:20

So just prolong the war, and all of them will get alcohol poisoning

Sep 18, 2023, 09:42

How lo/ng in a day do you spend on finding propaganda BS  not really worthy of comment?

S in ce you know nothing about Russia and its people therefore you thrive on propaganda BS you thrive on.

Proven documents indicate that due to the dire living  conditions and poverty in Ukraine BEFORE THE WAR the abuse of alcohol and addiction to it is far higher than in any country in Europe - Russia included,,   It probably got much worse since February 2022 stemming from the war situation.      

Now back to Russia.   I  visited Russia in 1993 ands the people wasz in  desperate trouble financially - and that may have had an impact on alcoholism.    However, when I asked about it tour leaders told me  that the reason for drinking vodka in  tea for instance relates directly to the cold weather conditions in the country.    Part of Siberia in the  arctic  circle is under ice throughout the year help in fighting the cold weqather.  .

Russians are friendly and cultured while at the same time more disciplined than what you find in the west - where culture, knowledge of history  and discipline is in direct contrast we as older people believe in.   In the USA the leadership of the Democratic  Party are at  war with those aspects of democracy and in constant attack on the USA constitution.   Alcohol and drug addiction cause more major problems in the USA than they do in Russia.    .                 .   .     

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