“I Do Not Recommend That You Wear a Mask” – Fauci Tells Woman Face Masks Do Not Protect Against Covid

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Jun 02, 2021, 09:47

Forgive me oaks if I have a long and loud laugh!!!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Ou Shark nd red stinkers are the types you see all alone in their cars driving with a mask on, actually two masks as these two asses believe everything Fauci says.

It took an independent non brain washed thinker like the esteemed Beeno to get the truth to you. 

Take a bow Beeno!!

The walls are closing in on Fauci.

And here it is.

The Fauci emails are coming in hot.

Fauci told The Post that he was getting about 1,000 emails a day from strangers, politicians and medical workers.

In an email dated February of 2020, Dr. Fauci is advising a woman not to wear a face mask because they don’t protect against the virus.

“Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection. The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you,” Fauci wrote. “I do not recommend that you wear a mask, particularly since you are going to a very low risk location. Your instincts are correct, money is best spent on medical countermeasures such as diagnostics and vaccines.”


Recall, Fauci flip-flopped on mask-wearing several times throughout the pandemic.

On March, 8 2020 — Dr. Anthony Fauci advised healthy Americans against wearing face masks.

In April 2020 — The CDC said Americans should be wearing face masks for the COVID.

In May 2020 — Dr. Anthony Fauci and the New England Journal of Medicine have admitted that masks are little more than symbols. Virtue signaling.

On January 25, 2021 — Dr. Fauci told healthy Americans to wear two masks instead of one.

And then one week later…
On January 31, 2021 —Dr. Fauci backtracked on that insane idea of wearing multiple masks.

OAKS get this out to all you know. 

The fact is there are a host of lies surrounding covid not least of all whether it actually exists. Remember those 7 USA universities examining 1,500 covid positive test and finding ONLY influenza A and B. Recall the eminent CDC could not provide an isolated sample of covid and neither could the Irish Government. Very strange oaks.

Why has the US death rate not gone up etc etc. 

In other words oak its time to start questioning. Of course suggesting the gullible dumbass stinker group to question is rather hopeless as they have such difficulty and so little critical faculty! Hahahahahahahahahahaha

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