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Dec 29, 2022, 18:11

You wrote pages and pages about the January 6 Democratic Party House Committee in their witch hunt against Trump.   When they subpoenaed Trump to give evidence you wrote lyrically that he is sure to end up in jail and the Committee after losing 3 of the 7 members in the mid-term election has now turned tail and they cancelled the subpoena.   They only had propaganda BS during the investigation purely for mid-term election purposes and destroyed all required judicial processes.

Again your hopes are dashed  - poor idiot believing the fake media.           

Dec 29, 2022, 20:30

cm you are driving the poor soul insane with this type of news.

Please no more, let the poor soul celebrate the New Year rather that stew in his misery.

That lench mob also known as "anti Trumpers" abused their majority with a few ex Republicans and never had a criminal case in the first place and most if not all the witnesses they had on display and under oath should be held to account.

But we all know the Biden AG will never charge any Demorat (or liar) with false statements under oath because they are all in the same sinking ship.

A joke at best and an indication once more of the corruption that this Administration is all about.

Orange Man not BAD.

Bidens and all his cabinet.....very bad.

Happy New Year.

Trust that 2023 will open some eyes of the folks who are unable to see that truth or facts before accusing others.

Dec 29, 2022, 21:34

Dont worry, your master will be arrested very soon. 

If he is not arrested, you can be sure that he will put all his opponents in jail "if" he became president again.
Although at this stage, he probably would not win another election. 

Independents decide elections, and the MAGA stuff is a no go at this stage.
Proper conservatives have also moved away from Trump, it is just the redneck base that likes Trump. 

The rednecks are not proper conservatives- many were Democrats or unaffiliated at some point in time. They are an embarrassment to conservatism, 

Dec 30, 2022, 02:28


According to the media over the last 5 years Trump should have been arrested five years ago.   I have no "master" - if there are real transgression of law and Trump is arrested, charged and found guilty of any illegality he should face the consequences.   What has been achieved by the newspaper propaganda is not evidence in any court of law.

So back to the "rednecks" BS as well as "real conservatives" - who are they?    Just name them for the information of us all.   Is Cheyne one of them?   Just provide some supporting evidence for  the relevant allegations please.             

Dec 30, 2022, 03:31

The Antwoord is die Tokkie evidence.


Dec 30, 2022, 10:22


You know I do not think Trump should run again as President.   The media has piled up tens of thousands of lies about him and there are too many idiots like you that believe the BS.   From that perspective De Santis is a more suitable candidate - thee media is already starting their lies about him - but I think he would - with his experience in Florida - will be able to clean up the crazy mess the Democrats aimed at a one-party dictatorship controlled by the ultra-rich have created in the USA


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