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Jun 04, 2024, 03:22

Wit issie ’n colour nie


Wit issie ’n colour nie. Wit isse religion. Soes religions die wêreld oo wôd it vi jou gevoer, soese potjie Purity, wanne jy nog ’n kind is. Eendag, wanne jy oud genoeg is om te vestaan, maak jyrie boek oep en oppie eeste blaai lies jy die storie van hoe Jan van Riebeeck die Kaap geskep et. As jy die boek vêrre lies.............................. l

Jun 04, 2024, 03:48

It's a pity he can't just write in normal Afrikaans. I love listening to that dialect, but reading it in text is for some reason exhausting after only a few paragraphs.

Jun 04, 2024, 04:10

Phonetic perfection.

Jun 04, 2024, 05:12

Reading it out loud will mebbe lessen the slight kiwi twang & stretched vowels that's altered my speech.

So with that in mind there'll be regular renditions accompanied by David Kramer innie agtergrond.

Jun 04, 2024, 08:32

Difficult to read for a white person...I can remember buying into all the BS...we grew up with things that way...it was just the way things were...until you stop to think about the unfairness and the hurt it caused and then you ask yourself: how could they have ever let it happen?

Jun 04, 2024, 10:05

I can state that from an early age my parets - who both rejecxted apartheid from an early age and treated their colored employees as human beings to be helped and looked after sset ane xample followed by very few people in the area,

When in 1981 the House of Representatives as part of Parliament many Coloureds approached my mother to stand in the election - she obviously could not as she was regaded as a White.

What is weird is that many South African Whites was descended from Eva of the Goringaikona, whose daughter Pieternella Meerhof married the firs Zaayman (later changed to Saayman) and there are other descendents of hers through the female line like President Kruger and General Smuts who was descended from her as well.   Fact is that it was President Krugerr who said that if Blacks become Chrsitians they are equal to all other Christians and cannot be discrimianted against.    In this he was supported by John X Merriman at the conference where the unity of th e four colonies were discussed in 1909 - when it was opposed by General Smuts - when John X Merriman said of General Snuts - Jannie must be careful ofr Jannie will end up in smuts"/   

Be it as it may King Edward hated Marriman and on his insistence Botha was elected and recognized as Prime Minister.     That led to limit of the Coloured members o Parlament to 4 and Blacks to 3.   Those token seats were abolished afterwards and regarded as wrong by many Whites especially from the Southern Cape Province.   At present the Coloured community cotrols the Western Cape and most local Municipalities in the region.    Although the Coloured initially in 1994 supported the ANC - yars of bribery and corfrution changed that and in the 2009 they supported the DA - also supported by the Whites and since then the ANC lost whatsoever support they had by th coloureds and in the alst election some Cloured voters supported the Patriotic  Party and they took over  wards in Western Cape that ws still controlled by the ANC.  - esecially in the Beaufort West, Oudshoorn and Knysna areas.   Their leader was previosuly as ANC member jailed for corruption and bribery and after his release from jail started the PA as a party to divert attetion away from the ANC - but in fact are closely allied to that Party.

I was told that the Communist Party policies was inherited by many people in their youth were linked to the Communist Party through Trade Union memkbership - people like D u Plessis - the later Adminsitrator of the Free State and Schoeman - later on Minsiter of Transport,  They left the Communist Party and only Bram Fischer - son of the previous Prime Minster of the Free State colony was one of the few such people whoo continued to support the CP.   IKn any event the oppression by General S muts of a number of riots involving Blacks - but in particular the revolt of 1021 in Johannesburg let to the fall of General Smuts Government in 1924 - when the National Party and Labor Party formed a cooalition Government that lasted until 1933 when the Natioal Party and the SAP iunder Smuts formed a coalition Government  which  fell in 1939 when Hertzofg ailed to gain the votes for SA to stay neutral in the war,    It was at thats tage that the old S A Party of Smuts formed a new party called the United Party.   

When it  in 1946 there were massive ritos by Blacks in SA S muts cruelly oppressed the riots - bu he made a policy mistake that in the end destroyed th e United Party.   The UP treatment of returning soldiers from WW2 was atrocious and the main problem was that General Smuts annpuced a loan granted to the UK of 80 million pounds to be given to Englad through payment in gold and in wool.   A 80  million pounds was about as the total budget of the SA Government was concerned and the wool farmers basically driven enar to bankruptsy by the Government to get wool cheaply from the farmers.     That ws basically the reason for the UP osing the 1948 election.   

I rovide the above facts to prve that a substantial number of people - esecially in the Cape Prvince actually opposed Apartheid and the situation was in aprticular reflected in t"Die Burger" who ridi9culed both the Verwoerd and Vorster Governments on that issue nd the reversial f Apartheid actually started under Botha and was ended under De Klerk.

Incidentially Botha when he was National Party organizer in the Southern Cape stayed frequently on my grandfathers farm Zeekoegat and my father used to cart him around for meetings with people in the Riversdale area.    Years later when in 1981 there was a meeting where we were instructed to attend by my boss at the time all the employees was introduced to be introduced to the Bothas.   I was reluctant to comply - but ended  up doing what I was told to do.   Mrs Botha then asked me where I came from and I told her Riversdale.   She was for a while resident in Riversdale where her father was a missionary of the DRC - so she asked me which Saayman family I am descended from.   When  Botha heard my response in the middle of discussions with the Durban Mayor tiurned around and said - I know the family very well and told me to tell my parents to come and visit  him in Cape Town.   Needless to say my parents refused to go and visit him because by then  they were dissilussioned by Botha's policies.

I tell you the above to show that the fact is there were close links between the White and Colored communities even under the NP rule.    And many Cape Whites were really unhappy at what was going on.     They voted to support the negotiations with the ANC that resulted in the  1994 takeover of Government by the ANC in 1994,    I believe in that referendum 85% of the White voters voted in favor of the negotiations.

I granted there were serious and very harsh treatment of people under the National Party Government in the period especially between 1948 and 1981 when the Apartheid hardliners left the Party to form the HNP - which won seats in the then Transvaal and Free State - but none in the Cape Priovice.   I would go so far that my finalk breach with the National Party in fact ahppened in 1983 and since then I never voted for them evcer again after I did vote for thenm in 1981 supporting the changes Botha ws making to the aprtheid system.   

AI hav been accused oif voting and supporting the ANC - but whn I voted subsequent to 19909 and since I voted fr the DA - since the ANC aprticipating in large scale corruption and maladministration was too much to take.   They in fact discriminated against the oher populations in SA and those are now marginalized as they were by the National Party in the worst days of Apartheid, while briery and corruiption damaged he seciomny badly.   

The above is a factual situation going back over the last century and I am stil convince that SA is not giverning by a consensus system tio esure liberty for all.   






Jun 06, 2024, 14:08

Yes the period from 1948 to 1992 will forever be held against  all white South Africans irrespective of political views.

Sad, disgraceful and shocking  past of SA.

Jun 06, 2024, 16:09

Ja AJ...total fuckup...WTF were they thinking?

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