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Sep 09, 2023, 22:28

1. Trump goes to jail for life
2. Biden announces he is no longer running for president. 
3. Putin is assassinated. 
4. A new designer vaccine is created for religious people

5. TBC

Sep 10, 2023, 08:10

I will be making  some real predictions based on factual issues.

1   The fake charges aiming at preventing Trump  from running as President is bound to fail in courts.

2    If Trump is the Republican Partythe crooked Politicians Bureaucrats  aided and abetted by the FBI and CIA will engineer an assassination attempt on Trump.   This attempt would be before or immediate after the election - but inside the FBI and CIA there are also some members that would betray the assassination attempt by exposing it.

3     If  Trump wins the election and the assassinated attempt fails a lot of Politicians will end up in jail - where they will be joined by corrupt bureaucrats.   Biden will be sent to an asylum catering for the mentally impaired.   Those bureaucrats are in two groups -  most will go to jail - the lucky ones will just be fired.  

4     Biden is a dummy of the American oligarchs controlling the Democratic Party.   They will decide who the DP candidate will be and who will be their puppet in the WH should  be elected.

5    The Democrats will try to sabotage the 2024 election by declaring  a lock down due to a renewed Covid  problem so that people could vote without identification.    They are already trying to register fake "voters" who  will all be voting on an absentee basis without identification.     

6     Presidential  and Duma (Parliament) elections will take place in Russia in 2024 and Putin and his Party will in such an election  win with increased majorities.




Sep 10, 2023, 10:13

Sure DumbMike, you said the same stuff about the Capitol Rioters. 
A jury will convict Trump, and the judge will throw the book at him. He will be in jail for the remainder of rest of his life.

The Oligarchs are getting poorer, so your new master Putin's time is limited

Sep 10, 2023, 11:59

For what will he be convicted - any case will end up in the Supreme Court - this is a political campaign undertaken by the disgraced Justice Department and the FBI and will never be accepted by any court of law.   

As to the January 6 issue the House is reviewing what happened.   Trump offered Pelosi the National Guard to protect the Capitol and she refused it.   Apparently there were hundreds of FBI and CIA agents in the crowds inciting the people to enter the Capitol illegally.   Some of those has been identified and the worst instigating people were never charged with anything. .Neither were the Antifa guy used by the FBI and CIA to carry a hangman's noose for Pence.

In the meantime  only a limited number of people who felt they better admit guilt were actually charged and over 500 prisoners held in jail without charges for more than 27 months.  They refuse to admit guilt and the prosecutors do not have enough evidence to charge them.    In other words they are political prisoners and some shit is going to hit Pelosi, the CIA and the FBI hard during the investigation.   That is why the FBI and Justice Department refused to make the security camera evidence available to the defense lawyers and the courts.     

The House will just defund their salaries and benefits of the main culprits from the departmental budgets and Biden will have to pay them from his own stolen money.    The way this issue was dealt with is seriously undemocratic and authoritarian - only dictatorships keep political prisoners in jail without charging them. 

I am talking of the ultra-rich oligarchs in the USA who control the Democratic Party through funding of the Party.   They rule the USA at present and even wrote out policies that Biden's White House have to implement.    They control the media that feeds all the brainwashing BS you believe is.

In any event you know nothing about what is happening in Russia and the Ukraine War bar the brainwashing BS you fall for without ever thinking for yourself.   


Sep 10, 2023, 13:03

Ou sharktwit should have viewed the clip where Prof Dershowitz discusses the Trump indictments which he thinks are hopeless. 

The comments made by Dershowitz when he Blasts universities etc regarding censorship should alert poor sharktwit as to how brainwashed he is and why gets it wrong all the time as he sucks up Globalist propaganda. 

Given that the judges and Jury are heavily Democrat they might win a case but it will all be overturned on appeal. Nothing serious will happen. 

Attempts to get Trump off the ballot will all also fail according to Dershowitz. 

The beauty of these indictments are numerous. Trump fund raising  has received  great boost. His poll numbers have risen significantly while Bidens head south. But the best is yet to come as evidence for massive election fraud and interference will be laid out on court. 

Trump won in 2020 by a landslide but for electoral fraud and interference. He got a massive 12 million more votes than Obummers previous record for a sitting President and given the Vote swapping and cheating probably got millions more.

In 2924 barring election fraud etc he will win by an even bigger margin. 

So yes Mike given that Trump threatens the entire Globalist agenda an assassination attempt is quite possible. 

You are dealing with ruthless people to whom killing is done without any qualms. Witness the holocaust on unborn, the Plandemic and the war they instigated in Ukraine. 

Jackassesike poor sharktwit and that other mong Blobbrain don't realize that as very useless eaters they are marked for elimination by the ring Globalist Cabal who will try by various means to reduce the population to 1 billion or even a mere 500 miliion. 

Sep 10, 2023, 13:11

As for Biden I think he will be impeached. I hear the House GOP have the votes. I have doubts about McCarthy but he will be fired if he doesn't impeach. 

The evidence of Biden Family Corruption and tbe Open Borders policy doom the illigitimate Pedo. 

Sep 11, 2023, 07:26

Liberals  are liberals.

Sep 12, 2023, 07:54

Don't be surprised if Trump becomes president again....

Highly unlikely, but then again, so was his first term

As for Biden, I reckon he will get impeached .. and someone in the family will get jail time

Sep 12, 2023, 19:14

They'll try to kill Trump rather than have him be POTUS again...hope they fail...the world needs his leadership again...if they realize it or not...the world was a cheaper and safer place under his watch.

Sep 12, 2023, 19:17

If the Democrats dont lock Trump up, he will lock them up. So, at this stage it is certain Trump will go to jail. 

Sep 12, 2023, 19:23

They'll try to kill Trump rather than have him be POTUS again...hope they fail...the world needs his leadership again

Sep 12, 2023, 19:27

Ja, ja, I know you refuse to see what's right in front of you....less war and cheaper living:angel:

Sep 12, 2023, 20:20

Ja, ja, I know you refuse to see what's right in front of you....less war and cheaper living:angel:


Sep 13, 2023, 05:46


Sep 13, 2023, 07:36

A new prediction.

North Korea will continue its proxy war against US to 'the last Russian' 8-)

Sep 13, 2023, 10:12


At last you really  show some comic sense on site.   Like the USA control the Ukraine Government - North Korea is controlled by the Chinese.    However, your comments is funny.    

There are indications that the Chinese will attack Taiwan by 2025 and are hoing that Biden will remain as the President and the US Strateic Oil Reserve will be on minimal level is down so much that the country would not be able to provide petrol and diesel to keep the army operational for more than three weeks.    

China will not attack Taiwan when the USA has a strong President and Biden is so weak  with the Woke Army command disgraced themselves by fleeing from Afghanistan in the middle o he night that he will never defend Taiwan.   Aside from that Biden and his son's corruption is evidence they will use against him i he tried anything.

While the world attention is temporarily drawn to the Taiwan issue - Chinese and North Korean troops are bound to attack South Korea.   The 65 000 US troops stationed in South Korea and the whole South Korean army will have no chance of withstanding the 2 million well-rained Chinese and North Korean soldiers,    Battleshipsand aircraf cariers in a modern war is about as useless as donkies are sin such wars.   Guided missiles will wipe them out quickly and effectvely.    

The US Army failed the recruitment target this year.   The Army command on political instruction determined to basically recruit troops from the cities -  in the past US recruits came from rural areas and smaller cities and towns - at present the concentration is on recruiting troops from cities and provide quotas for sex-change cases and homosexuals.   It is in other words lost the drive to recruit people with moral principles and love for the USA - the situation is totally different at present of people whose fighting spirit will be minimal.   

Biden is mentally in total decline and he has getting more incoherent than he ever was.    He spent 40% of his time in Delaware at his homestead and his beach house.   He makes inapropriate jokes - for instance when it came t the 9/11 remembarnce day and the fire on one of the Hawai islands.  

The Islanders lost everything and the first reaction was to call climate change a reason for he fires.   Whata ctual happened is that a electricity pylon collapsed and caused a minor fire which was put out quickly.    Instead of securing the life electricity cables the firefighters and electricians from Hawai left the island and the live electricity cables caused the fires that soon covered he whole area of the island.    That fact was recorded.        

The global warming at was a lie and the real fact was documented.    Biden reluctantly turned up on the island and spoke to the people.  He claimed he suffered a similar fate and referred to a kitchen fire in his house in Delaware in 2014 which caused minimal damage and was put out in 20 minutes time.   He then promised Federal Government amounting to $700 per person affected by the fire.   When the fact is bone in mind that the survivors lost everything bar the clothes they wore  that amount is a joke in bad taste.    The impression gained is that the USA are prepared to spend billions on the Ukraine War and next to nothing on its own people in distress,   Not surprising 72% of the people now wants Biden not to run in 2024 and it is even likely that he may send him to Delaware permanently before the election in 2024,   .Biden  is a real embarrassment as President and his corrupt activities are becoming clearer by the day..   

The leadership of the Democratic Party is pathetically poor and to find a candidate the real appointers of a candidate - the ultra-rich -  will have a difficult situation to find somebody with mountains of baggage attached to virtually every candidate is massive.   They must find some weak candidate whom they can control like they did in the case of Biden.

be it as it may I forsee major world problems by 2026 and hope that something happen to get stability in the world situation back.        

    .        .   .          .   .   


Sep 13, 2023, 12:26

Mike I get a laugh out of pretty much all your posts but then I realise your serious and its just actually kinda sad.

Sep 13, 2023, 17:30


Sep 14, 2023, 06:25


If there is something  I hate it is political corruption.    That is a major problem when it came to the Ukraine War,    The leading USA politicians from both parties are involved in getting corrupt kickbacks from US Aid grants - especially those provided in cash to Ukraine and kickbacks from the Armaments industry.

The USA politicians did see a change in Government in Ukraine in 2014 as a means to be to their personal financial advantage,    I did not particularly like the pre-2014 Government in Ukraine due to corruption.   They were known as the most corrupt lot in Europe,    In essence what you do believe is that the 2014 was a popular uprising with whom I would normally have sympathized and I did in fact supported it.

Since then it became clear that the USA Government funded and organized the overthrow of the previous Government and the result in a massive increase in corruption in both the USA and Ukraine.    It hit home badly when Biden bragged about blackmailing the Ukraine Government to fire the Prosecutor who had the home and office of the main owner of Burisma searched and that would have exposed the  Biden's being involved in corrupt activities in Ukraine.    So are politicians like Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Graham, Romney and a lot of others..   

That is the main reason why the USA sabotaged peace negotiations in Ukraine on a number of occasions.   They wanted a war and incited one not for the benefit of the people of Ukraine - but for the benefit of their own bank accounts.   The real effect is that through using aid to Ukraine as a means to benefit themselves the USA politicians undermined peaceful solution of Ukraine war before the War started.    They are as corrupt as the Ukraine politicians are.   Birds of a feather flock together.   .    


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