9/11 Remembered. What we've never been told. Ray McGovern ex CIA

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Sep 11, 2023, 17:01

Another can of worms.About 3000 US citizens murdered for political agendas and not a single person has been investigated.


Sep 11, 2023, 20:10

There was at a time one thing that was worrisome.    All the Arabs involved  came into the USA while Clinton was President,     The FBI failed to find those entering  with tourist visas and vanished should have rung alarm bells  - but nobody cared and tried to find the "vanished" individuals.

Must admit sinc then the FBI has changed procedures to improve in monitoring  illegals in the country.   The do that by spying  on people.   Whether that is  to te benefit of the country is debatable,    The now used the system to spy not on criminals and on illegal migrants - they use it to spy on US citizens opposed to the regime.    there were  according to the FIC over2 800 000 such cases,

The CIA failed totally on that score,   The CIA also aimproved as a result.    By 2009 it became clear that they were spying on other countries leaders - also firm allies of the USA, eg Merkel.  

Both failed then and is a sure sign of being politicized for use against people opposed to the regime - the next step would probably  be to assassinate Putin and Trump,   .  


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