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ALBERTA ELECTION: Canadians Turn to the RIGHT!!

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Apr 17, 2019, 21:34

Globalist snake Trudeau is finished. Canada throwing out the globalists

Watch this:

Alberta election

Apr 18, 2019, 18:10

This does not affect Trudeau central government at all/    He had the support of the NDP - so they may end up badly in the next general election.   Alberta was one of the key states governed by the NDP and they lost out badly.   However, how that will effect Trudeau remains a wide open question.     The next Canadian election is in October 2019 and the present opinion polls seems to be negative to Trudeau - but he can rely on the leftist NDP to remain in power/  They are even more left than Trudeau.    

Apr 18, 2019, 19:03

Ou maaaaaaikie please name the other major provinces that have kicked out Trudeau's open border globalists. These major provinces were won by conservatives.Trudeau is DONE.

Apr 18, 2019, 23:57

New Brunswick - The Progressive Conservatives won 22 seats in the State and could only form a minority Government with the assistance of the Peoples Alliance (3 seats).   However, the Liberals had more votes - but could only win 21 seats.    The other 3 seats are held by the Green Party.   The latter is even more leftist than the Liberals.  Not very convincing either way.

Ontario - Liberal Party was badly mauled in the 2018 election/   Before the elction they held 58 of the 124 seats and was supported by the NDP with 21 members.   After the election the Conservatives increased their seat in the legislature from 28 seats to 72 seats - which enabled them to form a Government on their own.   In the said elections the number of seats held by the Liberal Party declined from 58 to 7.     


Don't get bluffed by the above.  All political Parties are leftist and  the Progressive conservatives are only slightly less so than the Liberals of Trudeau.  They are not about to be anti-globalist in approach,

Taking the above into account things do not look good for the upcoming federal elections for the Liberals with their main support base seeming to be from the leftist French speakers, bit that would not usher in a real conservative sance by any new Government which emerges after the Canadian election in 2019.   

The Progressive Conservatives  has more in common with the Democraic Party in the USA than they have with the Republicans.   .  .  


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