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All this "winning" . . .

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Mar 06, 2019, 20:46

Whenever anyone criticises Bozo on this forum the Trumpanzees always get indignant and start listing all of Bozo's alleged wins . . . like defeating ISIS, the booming economy and removing the North Korean nuclear threat.

Let's see . . . in the last few weeks ISIS bombed a restaurant in Syria killing 4 Americans; the US trade deficit has just recorded a 10 year high of $621 billion and North Korea has started rebuilding a rocket launch site it was supposed to be dismantling.

Chuck in his abject failure at getting the funding he wanted to build his stupid wall (the wall that Mexico was supposedly going to pay for) - despite shutting down the government for the longest period in American history and getting nothing for it except for a sharp drop in his approval ratings - and it's a long list of humiliating failures by this incompetent buffoon . . . but as sure as night follows day, the Trumpanzees will be calling these embarrassing failures "wins" and pretending that Bozo is actually the "stable genius" he claims to be.

Only history will show the full extent to which this complete and utter loser hoodwinked so many stupid people into believing he was anything but the inept bungling clown that he clearly is.

Mar 06, 2019, 21:37


You obviously hate Trump as much as some elements in the DP and the liberal media do.   However, the fact is that Trump is going to be the US President until 2024 - he has support amongst the majority of voters in the USA, despite all the efforts of the media which is trying to avoid it.  

There is a very real problem in the USA and in Europe which is causing resentment,   Over the last three decades the rich got  richer and the middle and working classes got poorer.   The vast majority of people  are getting more resentful and it has a major effect on elections.   

You go to France and 64% of the voters  support the Yellow Vest protests for that exact reason.   The problem is they do nit blame only the present ruling elite - they despise all the main political parties that played a role in Government for many years,   In France and Italy the parties that governed the countries for the past 50t o 60 years was wiped out in the recent elections.   In Germany the CDU and their Socialist partners have lost support badly.   Fact is the impact is felt in all EU countries.   

I do not think this is a healthy situation at all - the hate speech of the Governing Elite and there  media outlets is not going to change the situation - it would om fact make it worse,  .   If the trend is to be stopped - the ruling elite mist re-assessed their stance and start governing in a way that would satisfy the citizens of their countries,   

Be it as it may Trump may be a slob as you state and I do not support him either - the problem is not what he is -it is the fact that he represent something the people of the USA admire.  Trump is not stupid - he identified a problem  in the political environment and used it  to be elected as President.   He is giving people  just enough benefits to establish him in a positive person working  in their interest.

Be it as it may - Beeno is overjoyed by the situation,   I am not - I am just worried what the present tendencies are going to result in - it can be horrible beyond words for the younger generations.             


Mar 06, 2019, 21:52

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