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Sep 15, 2023, 03:26


Sep 15, 2023, 08:42

Unlike the Woke Culture in the west the Russians are proud of their history and remember historic injustices.    In he past Russia refuse to support England in the USA independence War and even sold Alaska to the USA in 1869.   Now Hollywood movies and he wesern propaganda machine ahas been attacking Russia since 1991 when the communists lost power.   The loot was on for US "investors" for a few years and Putin stopped the loot when he became VP in 1996. \

From that day on he was made out as number 1 enemy of the USA,   In 2015 and 2016 the Democratic Party concocted lies abut collusion between Trump and Putin and the hatred caused was augmented by repetative media lies based on nfo fed to them by the FBI through leakages.

I am not pro Russian  sine they have heir own shortcomings as well.   But the filth previously responsible in  democratic countries became what I hate.   \

   .           /.   

Sep 15, 2023, 12:47

Not Pro-Russian? It does not sound like it. You are anti-Western... that much is clear. 

What exactly do you claim the Russian short comings to be?

Sep 15, 2023, 14:09

Big difference in dying to protect your country from invaders than being set of to die on a battlefield invading someone else's land for someone's ego.

Sep 16, 2023, 08:32

Read the next post please.  

Sep 16, 2023, 08:32


If you believe that BS you have lost the plot completely.    Ukraine always had over 36% of total residents with Russian as home language.    The 1991 constitution of Ukraine approved by referendum by all citizens and guaranteed the constitutional rights of all citizens of all language and cultures found in Ukraine.   It also had included a Parliament for the country for overal Governance of Ukraine and as a special case a Parliament for the Crimea which had its own powers to govern the saidx area.     

In 2014 the USA through the US Embassy and the CIA organized and funded a coup in Ukraine and effectively chose an Interim Government for Ukraine - that being an indisputable FACT.    On deciding on that issue the USA picked and promoted the most anti-Russian politicians as a key part of the new Interim Government  and the 1991 Constitution was discarded.  nobody in Ukraine has any7 Constitutional rights anymore.

The result was that the Russian speaking people knowing that the radical elements were openly advertising openly that they were going to ban Russian as a language in Ukraine and ban anything connected to Russian culture in the area.   If the Russian speaking people refuse to accept that they would be expedited to Russia and effectively ethnic cleansing would follow.

The discarding o0fd the Ukraine Constitution had two results that has been ongoing since 2014 iro of Eastern Ukraine, namely -

*    with reasonable fears for their future in an area where there ancesters lived for centuries a civil war broke out in the Eastern Ukraine Donbas area; and

*    without a constitution the powers of the Crimewa Parliament were nullified.

Crimea has a 85% Russian speaking population and a 10% Tartan (Muslim) population.  Only 4% of the population effectively had any link to Ukraine.   The fact that there were no real authority  left in the Crimea led to the Crimea Parliament to caqll for a referendum as to the future of the Crimea - exactly the same procedure followed in the Crimea in 1991,   More than 95% of the voters voted for an application to be made by the Crimean Parliament to apply to Russia for incorporation of the area by the Russian Federation.    The USA and UK claimed the election was fraudulent and did not reflect the opinions of the residents of Ukraine but subsequent opinion polls by both USA and German pollsters indicated that virtually nobody in the Crimea wants to be part of the Ukraine.

So what happened in Eastern Ukraqine in the civil war.   The USA funded the Ukraine to build up its own defense force and the Russians provided arms and technical support to the Eastern Ukraine Russian population.    In the  civil war by 2015 there were at least 15 000 people in Eastern Ukraine killed - most of them Russian speaking civilians.    In an effort to end the civil war Germany and France organized a conference in Minsk attended by the two leaders, the President of Ukraine, Putin and the leaders of the Russians from the area in Eastern Ukraine by7 then not under Ukraine Central Government control.   A ceasefire agreement was duly signed allowing for the following three basic principles namely:-

*    that the 2015 borders of Ukraine be recognized (effectively excluding the Crimea fdrom Ukraine:

*    that a new federal type of constitution guaranteeing the human rights of all citizens in the Ukraine be compiled and approved by a referendum similar to the one held in 1001: and

*     that Ukraine will not be eprmitted to become a member of NATO.

The agreement was then approved by the UN Security Council and Russia insisted that it is a binding resolution - while the USA decided to sabotage the agreement,    The civil war dragged on and by 2022 the killed number of people increased.

Since the start of the civil war the Ukraine Government started to implement oppressive measures against the millions of Russian speaking people in the Ukraine and it is obvious that the rabiudly anti-Russian elements in the  Ukraine Government are still in the present Government under Zelenskyy.    

*   since 2015  the Ukraine Government started fining of people when they speak Russian in public - even parents could not talk to their children in public in their home language without having to pay fines;

*    usage of Russsian as a language of isntgructio0n in Ukraine schools were banned and tso was the teaching of Russian in schools;

*    before the invasion Ukraine arrested virtually all Russian Speaking members of the Ukraine Parliament  and banned all opposition parties not co-operating with the Zelenskyy party while nobody knows what happened to the arrested Rusian speaking parliamentarians.

*     because there are links between the Russian and Ukraine Orthodox Churches Zelenskyy banned the function  of all the Ukrainians belong to.

There were ather problems like the operation and funding of bio-labs doing gain-in-function research in Ukraine that represents a threat to Russia.    Fourteen days before the invasion of Ukraine President Macron went to Moscow and Kiecv to try and prevent an invasion.   All Putin said and agreed to was that the Minsk agreement of 2015 be implemented and Zelenskyy and Putin signed a new agreement conforming the Minsk Agreement of 2015,   The USA Government would have none of it and they sabotaged that agreement as well - they went on trying to get the war going and Zlenskyy was instructed from Washington to send  60 000 newly trained troops to re-conquer the Easztern Ukraine, while insisting thast Ukraine eb adxmitted to NATO.   

Since 2014 the USA Government provided structural and military assistance running into more than by Now $140 billion  to Ukraine and any disobedience by the Ukraine Government to instructions from Washington is followed by threats to withhold funding - so Ukraine has no option but to obey the Biden Regime.  

In fact you are wrong in two respects.    The first one is that you think that the Russian speaking people -desperately in need of protection against the ethnic cleansing agenda of the Ukraine Government are sub-humans without any human rights.  Secondly nobody's ego is involved here,

The fact is the war could have been prevented - but that was against the interests of the politicians in Washington - many of whom are ultra-corrupt.   That is the real tragedy about this war.- it is all based on MONEY.      ,            

Sep 16, 2023, 09:25

Old crust never grasped the plot in the first place. He has always been dead wrong about the Ukraine war and many other issues. 

I think the oak doesn't even read posts giving the evidence that this was a US NATO instigated war that is maintained by NATO and where NATO has scuppered all attempts at peace.

The facts are clear and undeniable. Russian is not to blame for this war. Thankfully these truth are becoming more widely known and sentiment against the war has grown exponentially as reality also does it's work. 

Old crust is a very dumb kiwi bird brain. Heavily brain washed and unable to think critically. 

It's not about being anti West. We are opposed to the treasonous Globalist Cabal destroying the West. I am extremely pro the West founded as it is on Judeo Christian values. I am totally opposed to what this Globalist Cabal are going to the West. 

Ukraine has lost close to 500, 000 men, many more wounded. 71,000 lost in the recent offensive. They are being slaughtered. Russian surveillance is so good they know exactly where the Ukrainians are and what they are up to. They then have the missiles, drones and artillery to take them out. 

The idea thst Crimea or the other Russian populated provinces should remain in Ukraine is totally absurd. Not After the Genocide launched against these people and the denial of their basic rights. 

Further there is nothing wrong and everything right about Ukraine being Neutral. 

NATO broke their promise not to expand one inch eastwards. They have now  received a bloody nose.

Russia has won the war. Just get used to it. Putin has minimized Russian desths and casualties. The economic sanctions have failed dismally and the growth in BRICS and dedollarization is a disaster  for the West and especially America - AS IT WAS PLANNED TO BE BY THE GLOBALUST CABAL WHO HATE WESTERN VALUES WITH A PASSION.

All this is way, way beyond the grasp of poor old crust. He is so well programed as a Globalist WEF serf that emotionally he is unable to read and consider the truth.

Interestingly Russia is against Woke AND LGBT. NO trans nonsense in Russia. No mutilization and sterilization of children, no open borders. No war on energy. No defund the police. No CRT race baiting. No deindustrialization. No war on food. 

 Fact is Putin has done an incredible job building up Russia and hence today his unassailable position. 

Old crust rather supports the pervert pedo Biden. But insists he he himself is not a Pedo. Funny how he is always on the wrong side of this issue. Maybe it's just because he is on the wrong side of almost all issues! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Sep 16, 2023, 09:26

Compliments to Mike for another superb post. Mike is our resident historian. Ou Rooitwit could learn a great deal if he has the ability to follow what Mike is saying. 

Sep 16, 2023, 13:59

Mike is our resident historian

In the same way your our resident comedian!

Sep 16, 2023, 14:49

"Ou Rooitwit could learn a great deal if he has the ability to follow what Mike is saying. "

Sometimes,  in his eagerness for the subject matter,  Maaik makes it difficult for others to follow what he's saying...:angel:

He clearly knows what's going on, but it's hard work to explain that to the recalcitrant linatic fringe around here.

Sep 16, 2023, 15:20

He is just paraphrasing Putin's narrative. Putin speaks in the media, and a few days later we see DumbMike regurgitating this as his own opinion.

The religious fools all support Putin because he mentions God when he talks about politics. 

Sep 16, 2023, 16:57

Your hatred of religion clouds your judgement...big time...and you shouldn't be calling anyone dumb or stupid.

Sep 16, 2023, 17:05

Not all all. It is the common denominator.

Most liberal and conservative white people support Ukraine - except for the religious rednecks who have created their own Black Lives Matter movement. It is not conservatism, its backwardism. 

Sep 16, 2023, 19:13

People like you are allowing other people to think for you.   That is openly possible if you are totally brainwashed by propaganda.    Thinking people has by now become aware of the skullduggery that led to the war and wants peace.

Your most people support the War?  If so why are the centrist and leftist Governments in EU  countries supporting  the war collapsing?


Sep 16, 2023, 19:34

If Russia had been attacked by North Korea, the West would have probably provided military and economic support to Russia to defend its own borders and protect international law.  

Most Westerners/and Democratic Easterners will support a country being attacked. 

No one hated Russia. The old USSR was ages ago. Although Putin-Z is now hated, and put Russia back ages. 

Sep 17, 2023, 06:35

That woke apology of whatever it is is, doing childish interviewing is certainly NOT a true Russian, this throwback spawn is not welcome in Russia. Cancel culture, woke scum a product we created in West.

This is a glimpse of true Russian soul and culture. Beautiful and real and and very decent...Katyusha means Catherine (Pure), goes back originally Greek but name of Russian Queen.

Sep 17, 2023, 06:46

This deep culture and traditional is embedded in every true Russian, you will never defeat it.

Dima (Dmitri) late Russian Baritone who sadly passed on at an early age of 50 from brain cancer portray the true Russian man.

Sep 17, 2023, 07:48

The Afghans kicked ass, didn't they?

Sep 17, 2023, 08:11

The Russians made an orderly withdrawal - the USA fled in the middle of the night leaving billions of arms behind.    The Russians did not leave Russian citizens and assitants behind - the Americans did and are now paying ther Afghans billions to release them   

A few days ago the USA Government released over $6 billion to let 5 Iran  hostages returned to the USA.   We now the Biden regime is totally idiotic  -  but this idiocy takes the cake.   It is now open season for rogues and terrorists to abduct US citizens - take them to Iran or any other rogue country for that matter and then negotiate to get them release on payment of $1,3 billion per person plus releasing a terrorist to let them go.    The deal is clear   pay Iran billions and return to them 5 terrorists held in US jails.

In the case of the USA releasing terrorists nowadays and not charge people with murder if they are part of the Democratic Party apparatus opens the way for a free for all by USA terrorists,   Biden should be charged with high treason.



Sep 19, 2023, 06:42

All these interviewees are going to be eaten alive once Russia is liberated.

The question has no point: liberal countries expect people to be ready to die for their homeland. Not only that, they expect people to die during liberation wars, foreign adventures to liberate resources or whatever.

The big difference: people in the vid consider that working is serving the motherland.

They are going to be hit by a nuclear device once Russia is liberated. Liberal people do not think that way for sure.

Sep 19, 2023, 06:45

Most liberal and conservative white people support Ukraine

The circonvulution. As if conservative white people were not massively religious.

Sep 19, 2023, 08:31

ouTrad, As a circonvulutionist, are you ready to die for your ANC ?.

Sep 19, 2023, 12:39

Liberals'talent: ability to pack incorrect assertions in a limited space..

Listing only three (there are more)

Circonvulitonist instead of straightforward, shift from die for a land/tenets to die for a government, assuming that a position over topics mean being a member of a certain group (criminal world mindset)

And there are more.

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