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Jul 06, 2024, 06:03

The extreme problems highlighted by the debate disaster raise some serious questions about whether Biden is fiot to be President and  it raisees some issues that did not start recentgly - it sdtarted years ago and I would like to refer to the following in particular:-

Daily Routine

This issue became important early in Biden's Presidency it became clear that he spent 4 days a week in the WH - the other thrfee days e normally stayed in his home or beach house in Delaware only together with his security fdetail wsent wsoth him - nobody else,   That was evident much earlier in his presidency.

During the Afghanistan withdrawal development turned into chaos - Biden was not in the WH - he was at his home in D Delaware where none of his senior Caninet Ministers or senior military advisors were allowed to be present.   He then flede to Camp Dvid wshere he was totally alone.     

Now it became clear as confirmed by the consultants advising him about the deabate issues came out with their  schedule on the 8 days they had avaolable to deal with advice:

*   The morning  session started only at 11:00 and lasted about 90 minutes untgil lunch and after lunch ide had a nap

*    That was followed by a 2 hour session and it ended the end of the dail;y advise sessions.  

The fact is now confirmed by the fact that no activities in whuich Biden isa involved will not beyond 8 oclock in the evening.   

This will be evident that during the day from 8 pm and 11 am the next morning theor are no WH staff available from at least 8 pm up to 11 am the enxrt day.   So if there is an intgernational crisis nothing will be decided or done until Biden will be absent d=from the scene.

Press Briefings

In the case of Press briefings Biden had fewer briefings than his 7 predessors had in the same period.  There were other specific conditiosn arttached to press briefings.

*    The journalists had to submit their questions in advance so that his advisors could develop answers and putg the answer on teleprompter so he can read the answers 

*     If there are followq up questions Biden twice said he is not allowed to take q     


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