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Sep 17, 2023, 10:09

Apart from Globalist elites who has benefited from the war. 

As for helping Taiwan against China. I agree with Candace. Not worth a world war. Secondly ask yourself how did it happen that the USA is depending on Taiwan for chips. That too is part of the betrayal of America by these scumbag Globalists. 

How come the illigitimate Globalist Biden Regime is pushing electric vehicles know the US is dependent on China for batteries. At the same time the Globalist have launched a war on energy in the USA! YOU CAN'T MAKE UP THIS INCREDIBLE BETRAYAL GOING ON. 

Get your chip manufacturing  up and runing as fast as possible.Scrap inefficient electric vehicles. By all means work on any gechnoghy you want but it must in the end be capable of doing the job at an of fordable price. Current EVs are neither. 

Sep 17, 2023, 10:42

Candace is MK Ultra. The big voices of the right are all establishment-based

Sep 18, 2023, 01:39

I am afraid that she has a point.   Spending billions on  Ukraine while the poor in the USA are dealth with like shit - and that is a mild description for what really is happening in the USA - is a very mild description on what is going  on in the USA, 

What is really causing massive problems for USA citizens living under dire conditions and the following  are issues that do not bother the present US Government:-

Housing conditions in Cities 

There are over a million people living on sidewalks in US cities controlled by the Democrats.    A small percentage of the people - estimated at less than 10% -  living on sidewalk are working people who cannot afford the expensive housing and service charges in the cities where they live and work.   .

The other circa 90% are unemployed people living on Government grants and are mostly druggies and career criminals or both.    In some cities the Government in fact provide free drugs and needles to druggies to reduce criminality - but the only result is an increase in drug usage and deaths as a result of drug addiction.

In some cities  especially in California grandiose schemes are put into place costing billions in what is largely fruitless expenditure.  The California Government spend billions on taking over buildings and convert it into flats for the people living on the sidewalks.   Did that approach work?   Simple answer it did not.  The sidewalk livers moved in and out within  months,   Even when the flats are supposed to be free the service charges are not free so most of the sidewalk livers are out of the flats within a month or two and back on the streets ultra-fast.

The Open border policy of the Federal Government      

Since the Biden Administration declared the border as open border for millions of people.   An estima0ted 7 million people entered the USA illegally over the last 30 months.   These people are distributed throughout  the USA.

The question is where did these 7 million people come from,.   An initial surveys  indicated that they came from circa 110 countries worldwide.  There are serious allegations that include amongst others  that some central American continent countries emptied out their prisons and arranged with criminal cartels to export the prisoners to the USA.    Amongst the "refugees" are also large numbers of Chinese sent to the USA by the Chinese Government for obvious reasons.    Also there are terrorists from Muslim countries allowed into the USA  and the circa 120 000 Afghans flew into the USA by the Biden Administration after the chaotic USA troop withdrawal from Afghanistan included thousdands of Afghan  terrorists.

The provision of accommodation was not initially considered a problem by the cities they now live in.  The Biden Administration allowed them to occupy low cost hotels costing the Biden Administration billions a month and that money must come from somewhere.   The refugees also get free medical treatment in hospitals and the result is shortage of hospital space for US citizens.   

Amongst the imports allowed through the  Open Border policy of the Biden Regime is fentanyl the Chinese sent through the border that in a year caused circa 150 000 deaths per year dying of younger Americans  from fentanyl abuse.   The only real refugees from the Communist regimes in Cuba and Venezuela ar forbidden to enter the USA by the Regime .  

As to accommodation issue the flood of refugees cost the Government extra money and the solution was found to reduce the benefits applicable to US citizens to cover the direct living costs of the illegal migrants will not be funded by the Republican  controlled House and the constant flooding into the USA has now reached a stage where new arrivals are being issued tents to live in like the case is with over a million US citizens do at present lives in and in New York a park has been set aside for the purpose.   

The poor Americans suffer as a result and many people blamed the spiralling US cost involvement of the Ukraine War for the shortage of funds for the chaotic situation as to Housing in the USA and service delivery in the USA...                             

The Law and Order situation.

The situation in the USA are also bedeviled by the virtual collapse of law and order in the USA cities.    What is happening is that  Soros supported DA's and local municipal administrations are acting on instructions about law and order given by Soros  order application in the USA and the WH ensured those instructions are carried out.   Soros's son visit the WH at least once a month to ensure application if his father's orders.   

Long lists of crimes will not be prosecuted at present and in many cities police stopped arresting criminals since they would be set free and back on the streets within 24 hours.                           

Even before the illegal migrant influx the situation was chaotic Some local authorities controlled by the Democrats have decided to reduce or even abolish police services in cities and the result is that shoplifting - a crime not to be prosecuted - has taken a new form.  Gangs of shoplifters attack major shopping centers - especially in California and emptied shops out.    The hopeless system caused more than a million middle and lower income US citizens to flee from Democratic Party controlled cities to Republican States in the USA where cutting of Police Services by local authorities are not permitted by the State Governments/

Rightly or wrongly the ordinary people blame the Ukraine War for the money shortage to fight crime in US cities - although that is not really in practice the situation.

The Cost of the Ukraine War

Originally the House and Senate voted a total of $41 billion to cover the cost of the USA to pay for expenses linked to the Ukraine War.   However, hidden in other Biden legislation the cost at present amounted to $115 million and the Biden Government now wants a further $13 billion  for the funding of the War.

So far the Republicans have forbidden the Biden Administration to increase the debt limit of the Federal Government and in the case of the Ukraine War the increase of Federal Government on the War could be jeopardized as a result.   The House also wanted and audit as to what happened to the $115 million already spent by the US Government iro the Ukraine War.   

The Democrats plead for extra funding irrespective of the Audit the Republicans want and claim that the overwhelming amount of money spent was for replacement arms production in the USA and that the money came from increases in the US Defense Force budget, but that is not popular amongst the voters and according to the opinion polls in the USA more than 60% of the voters oppose additional funding of the war by the USA.

Shareholders in the USA love the War and so does a number of Republican politicians.    The problem is that the withdrawal of the USA leaving billions in armaments behind is not acceptable to the USA voters.   They know the Armaments Industry needs a new war to keep producing new armaments and a corrupt system using kickbacks to politicians and bureaucrats are flourishing at present.   The Industry needs  arms production and Wars helped with that.   The end of the Afghan War promoted the need for a new War and further involvement of USA soldiers in Syria and Iraq - against the orders given by Trump - was not a sufficient basis for additional arms production.

So up came the new request for the additional $13 billion to keep funding of the Ukraine War Biden claimed was for the protection of Democracy in Ukraine.   However, reports are circulating that it has nothing to do with Democracy - since the Kiev Government has totally abolished Democracy and is now a totalitarian state and what is really happening is corruption beyond control linked to the War.   

Whether the Biden Administration would get enough money to fund the War is debatable and with the election approaching politicians will watch the opinion polls and will try and distance themselves from  a War funding process unpopular with the ordinary voters.     That unpopularity is what Owens represented in this case.     

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Sep 18, 2023, 02:55

Beansht you deserve to get horribly based.

Sep 18, 2023, 07:10


I think that what Owens is driving at is what counts in this case.   Funding of  the War and neglect of other critical services in the USA is not helping the Biden Government at present in funding requests for additional War expenditure.     The main voter ethnic groups  affected by the situation are the Hispanic and Black voters who are deserting the Democrat=ic Party in droves..   .     

Sep 19, 2023, 06:33

Old liberal trick: using human misery to advance trade interests.

As an investment, the money spent on Ukraine is more valuable than the money could be when spent on certain issues in the US.

This liberal competes for money allocation for her represented. And they are not the destitude in the US.

Sep 19, 2023, 06:35

How come the illigitimate Globalist Biden Regime is pushing electric vehicles know the US is dependent on China for batteries.

Hopefully, liberal servants are more on the point than the people they serve.

There are many causes for that, all of them based on trade.

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