BIDEN EFFECT: US Marine Sniper Testifies to Congress That He Was Denied Permission to Shoot and Kill Kabul Airport Suicide Bomber Who Killed 13 US Service Members

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Mar 09, 2023, 10:57

What a betrayal of America happened in Afghanistan!  Now this shocking story comes out.

Benedict Biden has to be indicted on charges of TREASON.

Sniper Testifies to Congress

Mar 09, 2023, 12:01


There are other aspects  why the whole issue amounted to lies and consequently high Treason:-

*    There were no plan to abandon Bagram airport and let the 4000 Al Qaeda and ISIS prisoners free.  If there was to be an evacuation it would have been to be done from that base which were secure and would have resulted in a secure withdrawal.   Fleeing to the Kabul Airport showed total and extreme idiocy - the airport could not be properly secured and was a dangerous point of departure which happened in chaos.

*     When the withdrawal agreement was signed the Taliban was told  that if they breach the agreement targeted air and rocket attacks would destroy them - Biden decided no such attacks to prevent the breach of the agreement never happened.    The only air attack in the time was when the US Army murdered a welfare worker and his sons when they were bringing water to the vast group of people waiting to be evacuated.   Disgraceful.

*      When the withdrawal agreement was signed it had the blessing of the UK, Dutch, German and Italian Government.    The idea was that there were supposed to be co-ordination between the Allies as to the  process to be followed.  The first country to evacuate their troops etc was Germany.   The Germans expected that the US Air Force would take measures to punish the Taliban f they try and take over their base.   They were in Northern Afghanistan and evacuation were by vehicle and they left nothing of use to the Taliban behind,   The UK, Italian and Dutch were not that lucky.    It was not only the US soldiers that would be evacuated - there were troops medical, welfare workers and other personnel from the three countries mentioned to be evacuated.    Their people were basically all in Kabul.    The evacuation was a breach of the Allied departure agreement.   The three Governments were forced to send troops to evacuate their people from Kabul.   That is where the  problem started.   The treasonous  Americans agreed with the Taliban that they would give a list of people to be evacuated - virtually a death sentence for collaborators that worked with them.    So the US Army did not leave the airport to pick up people to be evacuated.   Their Allies regarded the US approach as dangerous insofar as the people they want to evacuate were concerned - so they sent suitably armed vehicles into Kabul to collect their refugees,   The Taliban complained to the USA about the Allies efforts to collect and evacuate their people - so the American idiotic General  in charge at the Airport told the Senior Officers from the Countries to comply with the Taliban instructions.     The second in command of the UK Troops told the American General he is a bastard and the UK Officer-in-Charge told him to fuck off.   They evacuated all the people they want to evacuate.   The US did not even have a list of people to be evacuated and where they were to be found.    So thousands were left behind and the first time in history American forces left American citizens and other helpers behind when they withdrew from a country.   In normal circumstances that would be regarded as treason.      

*   The above problems had implications - the UK Parliament passed a motion of censure on the issue of the chaotic withdrawal and the Dutch Minister of Foreign Afrairs resigned from the Dutch Cabinet.    The Biden Idiot Regime caused the chaos - but nobody was punished - not even for the murder of 13 troops at the Kabul airport.

The real problem for the future is that -

*    Senior Officers in NATO armies will not trust any American General in command and that would be disastrous when it comes to future army co-operation. 

*     The Chinese was laughing their arses off - the evacuation disaster showed that the Biden is totally clueless and easily manipulated.   They know that the US Government has lost the plot and they also enjoy the relationship between the Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff and the Chinese General in Command of their Army. 

So what is the result - the leaders worldwide shook their hands in amazement and lost total trust in the US Government and Army.   Both dangerous and treasonous proof of the corrupt idiotic Biden chaotic Government,      







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