Billionaire David Sacks explains who is governing the USA and its not Joe

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Jul 04, 2024, 10:10

Take a look at this great video

Here are a few point raised per the video


: "What we're seeing here is a full-scale insurrection by media elites and other powers that be in the Democratic Party to subvert the democratic process.

After all, we had 50 state primary elections in which voters gave Joe Biden all the necessary votes and delegates to be the Democratic nominee for President.

You're seeing now a major effort to prevent the certification of that result. It's playing out in broad daylight in the press. So, I don't know what you could call this except an insurrection.

What democracy really means to them is permanent rule by the Democratic Party, just like communism used to mean permanent rule by the Communist Party. They're perfectly willing to disenfranchise their voters if it means staying in power.

And that's exactly why they tried to hide Joe Biden's senility from the country for so long. What the country is now concerned about is Joe Biden's competency to do the job. What senior Democrats care about is Joe Biden's electability. That's the only reason they are suddenly concerned about his mental condition.

They knew all about Joe Biden's condition for months and years. They've been hiding that fact. They've been gaslighting about it. They've accused anyone who raised questions about it as somehow being a partisan or a liar. They invented the whole idea of clean fakes. No, this whole thing is driven by their concerns about Biden's electability.

It's dangerous for the nation for the commander-in-chief to be clearly mentally incapacitated.

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