Black 27-Year Navy Vet Running For House: I Didn’t Serve Three Decades To Surrender America To ‘Weak Ass Republicans’, ‘Communist Coup’

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May 28, 2021, 19:09

Who can refute what this guy says. 

Jarome Bell, who is running to represent Virginia’s 2nd District after spending 27 years in the U.S. Navy and retiring as a Chief Petty Officer, delivered a fiery speech at Kim Klacik’s Red Renaissance event in Maryland. Bell accused “weak ass Republicans” of allowing the United States to fall victim to a “communist coup,” and said that his first hand experiences in the Navy is proof that the mostly peaceful Capitol Hill protests January 6 were not an insurrection.

We are in trouble as a nation because we have these weak ass Republicans in this nation that are selling out to the radical left Democrats,” Bell began. “What happened in 2020 is a travesty in this country.” Bell added, “I spent 27 years [in the Navy], retired Chief Petty Officer, and I did not spend almost three decades of my life to turn this country over to the radical left and to these weak ass Republicans here in the United States of America. Our very way of life in this country is at stake.”

Instead, said Bell, a “communist coup” occurred in November 2020, when many Americans believe the election was stolen from President Donald Trump, starting the series of events that led Congressional Republicans and former Vice President Mike Pence to surrender the White House to Joe Biden.

What you’re seeing now, we’re in the midst of a communist coup in the United States of America and happened in November 2020,” said Bell. “Guess what, it happened, and you better believe it happened. We need to fight to get this country back because we are in the middle of a war here in the United States. We’re in the middle of a war, and that starts with election integrity.”

Bell also demanded Republicans amplify calls for voter ID, and referenced Joe Biden’s infamous claim that black Americans who voted for President Trump “ain’t black.”

“Even though Joe Biden said I ain’t black, black people are smart enough to go get ID’s,” Bell quipped. “If they have voter ID in Iraq, they have voter ID in Afghanistan, they can have voter ID in India, we can have voter ID here in the United States,” he continued, “because there’s nothing that you can do in the United States.”

There’s nothing that you can do in the United states and not have an ID. You need an ID to go get an EBT card, if you get a damn EBT card, you need an ID. If you smoke, need an ID, if you drink, need an ID. You go to register your car, need an ID, you get on a damn plane, you’ve got to have an ID,” Bell bellowed to cheers from the crowd. “Don’t let Democrats tell you, well you know, that’s voter suppression. That’s a damn lie, excuse my language, but it is, that’s a lie.”

Bell ended his speech by once again slamming “weak” Republicans. “One thing my daddy used to tell me, and I’m gonna end on this,” said Bell. “There is no such thing as a moderate Republican. A moderate Republican is a RINO. How do you know? You look at their voting record, cause my daddy used to say, once somebody shows you who they are, you believe them.”

Bell then leveraged his almost three decades of service to discuss the events of January 6, which many Democrats and mainstream media outlets claim was an “insurrection.” Bell started, “I’ve traveled all over this world, 27 years, I’ve been around this world more than 10 times. I’ve seen insurrections, January 6 was not an insurrection. You do not perform an insurrection with no guns. I’ve seen countries being taken over by dictators. I’ve been evacuated out when we had to leave because they were taken over by dictators.”

May 28, 2021, 20:31

It's a bit late to win America and the world back. We are in the home stretch of the end times. Appointed times. Buckle up. 

May 29, 2021, 05:12

Some people think that globalism is the answer  to the worlds problems.   I have already seen enough  of what the capitalists and the so-called Communist leaders really have in mind.  I say so-called Communists - but what is in fact is the case  is that the Communism became in the hands of the Communist Leadership  in countries became the purist from if capitalist control ever in the history of mankind.   In the USA 10% of the people  control in many was the lives of the  population - in the erstwhile  USSR the case was that 4% of the Communist leadership totally control the lives of 100% of the people in the countries they control.   This is still the case in China.

So lets look at the implication.   I think that the wealthiest capitalists realize it and see good partners  in the Chinese Communist Party leadership in China.     In that partnership they see them getting richer than they already are, and obviously more powerful in the process.   

The best way they can convince people to part with their freedom and with democracy is to control the media and spread information  that make ordinary people afraid of the future - the constant refrain on global warming is just such an example. -  that becomes a n example how they can he more power in the world.   Their real  objective is to get total control over the lives of all the people by making the ordinary people totally dependent on the State,    Any political change will  become impossible  and they could run and rule the world  by  such means,   

Take an example - capitalists moved industries to China and Mexico where cheap labor is he norm and worker organizations - eg trade unions- are totally under control of the Government,  sending tens of thousands of people  into unemployment and dependent on the Government to survive. 

In theory Globalism is a noble idea - in practice  it is a system of total control over the lives of people and oppression of  all the rights  of the the people by scoundrels.                      


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