Brilliant Article. Some Neocons are at last seeing the realities of the Ukraine war

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Nov 18, 2023, 13:40

This is an excellent review of the situation. My only quibble is that the writer does not appear to realize that America is being deliberately destroyed by the illigitimate Globalist Biden Regime. 

But take a look at this very interesting take. 

Some Neocons are waking up.

Nov 18, 2023, 17:07

The reality is Putin wishes he had never started this war.

Nov 18, 2023, 18:50


You are now sounding a total ignorant brainwashed idiot.   The US financed and organized a coup in Kiev in 2014 and then decided who should be in the Government in  Kiev.   A Civil War broke out in Easztern Ukraine when the area' Russian  speakers n the area would not accept the new Government in Kiev.    In that Civil war more than 18 000 civillians were killed - most of them civillianms from the non-existing to you Russian speaking communities.

Because   of  the bombardment of Eastern Ukraine by the Ukraine Government - Putin arranged for 3,5 million women and children fcrom the area under rebel control to Russia for their own safety.   According to you there were less than 5 million Rusians left in Ukraine outside of the 3,7 million in the Crimea,      One wonders where those 3,5 millon women and children came from in the Easztern Ukraine - the lived only in the parts of the Donetsk and  Luhamsk Oblasts under Rebel control.    

The majority of Russian speaking people were happy to continue living in  Ukraine after1991 were happy to remain part of Ukraine based on the Constitution they supported.  However, the Ukraine coup in 2014 discarded the Constitution and they lost their huiman and language rights as a result and they have no human rights in existence. at present.     The Constitution provided for a separate Parliament in the Crimea and guaranteed language righst in Ukraine - bearing in mind that there were not only  Russian speaking people left in Ukraine - but also Hungarfians and Poles as well.

The Donbas arfea was until 1775 under control of the Sultinate of the Crimea whio usedd the population of the area to get slaves from.   As a result the Donbas area was small and of a nomadic nature.   When th area came undder Russian control. and the area became populated by people from Greece, Bulgaria and in the main Russians.   All the cities in Eastern Ukraine was founded after 1776 - bar Kharkov who were part of Russia since the 12 th century.     That means there were no ethnic Ukrainians in the area and there were none in 1953 when the Communists decided to neuitralize the influence of the Ukraine population by incorprorating the Crimea and Donbas area  - inclusive of Kharkhov and Odessa into the new Soviet Republic of Ukraine.    That arftiicial area with its Russian Population becxame what is today Ukraine as provided in the Constitution discarded in 2014.   Without that Constitution the area would never have been a country called Ukraine  and what would have been ceated was a small country not bigger than Slovakia or Hungary that would have been part of Ukraine.    

So where did the population of Russians disappeartd to since 1991.   Grated their could ahve been migrbation from Estern Ukraine into the area after 1991 - but not enough to remove the Russian speaking people from Ukraine in a way you try to manpiulate/   

There can be argvuments about issues - but there is no argument about the resxult was as such.   The Russians tried repeatedly to prevent the war through negotiations - the USA sabotaged those negotiations and told there puppets in Kiev that the war is to get started/    The USA wanted the war and got it.   About that there could be no argument.     .          .   .            .   

   .   .         

Nov 18, 2023, 20:14

‘The Russians tried repeatedly to to prevent war’…more proof that dumb people can be convinced of anything.

Nov 18, 2023, 21:00

What's the USA doing in Ukraine is the question. All their airfields, troops, navy across Europe.... to fight the rooi gevaar. 

We bought it as troops here in SA.... fight for the mega rich is all it's about 

Nov 18, 2023, 21:29

BS Mozart

You are a bloody fool and liar as well.   Putin signed the Minsk agrement of 2015 which aimed at stopping the Civil War in Eastern Ukraine and so did the Ukraine President at the time.   Thge agreement was sent to the UN Security Council for ratification and accepted by the said Council/  The conditions agreed upon was never implemented because the USA would have none of it and the Civil War in Eastern Ukraine continued.

When the Ukraine Government banned the use of Russian in Ukraine and started implementing policies aimed at human cleansing in Ukraine - the situation deteriorated and Macron went to Moscow to try and seal anther agreement to prevent war in January 2023 and a new agreement was reached that would have prevented the war.   Putin's said plain and simple to Macron - implement the Minsk agreement of 2015 and there will be no war.   He signed a confoirming agreement with Macron on that score and took the new agrement to Kiev to try and get Zelemskyy to co-operate with  all praties cioncerned to have the Minsk agreement of 015 implemented.   

The USA sabotaged the Macron agrement as well and Zelenskyy had no alternative but to negate an  agreement he signed days before.   FACT,   So any dummy who do not beleieve those two agremeents existed is a liar as well.

Then there were the Turkey peace mission that would ahve stopped the war -progress was made until the UJS Government instruted the Ukraine Foreign Minister t leave Turkey and refuse to sign anyhting on instruction of Washington.  

I say again - the US incited the War in Ukraine and they got what they wanted - FACT.  No number of unsubstantiated lies on you part will change that.      .      .   


Nov 18, 2023, 21:47

The simplest thing to stop the war was Russian troops not invading a sovereign country. There was no risk to Russia in not attacking. Nobody is going to invade Russia. And as the WSJ pointed out today the economic consequences are mounting. A US recession that drops the oil price could put Russia in serious trouble.

Putin must be kicking himself.

Nov 18, 2023, 21:58

Meanwhile Europe is stepping up support:

 But Europeans are trying to narrow the funding gap. Germany’s governing coalition recently agreed to double Berlin’s military aid for Ukraine next year, to more than $8 billion. Germany has become Ukraine’s second-largest military supporter behind the U.S.

“This is also a strong signal to Ukraine that we will not abandon them,” German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said.

The EU is planning $54 billion in economic aid to Ukraine over the next four years and is discussing a regional security commitment for Ukraine that comes with additional funding.’

Nov 19, 2023, 07:15


The fact is the Russians signed treaties to prevent war - the USA sabotaged those treaties.   The USA funded and organized the coup in 2014 that unconstitutionally change the Government and decided on whom should be in Government in Ukraine.   The constitution fo Ukraine that dealt with the estrablishment of a democratic independent country was destroyed in the process,   After that US aid assistance was used to ensure the country follows the instructions of the US 100% or the aid would be cut off.     So the only question is - is the Ukraine an independent democracy or is it a country governed from Washington?

You made claims like the Russian speaking inhabotants in Eastern Ukraine support the war aginst the Russians - but has no factual proof of that.   You ignore the fact totally that the Russian speaking people in the Donbas rejected the new Regime established by the USA in Kiev and a Civil War broke out in 2014 when the new regime in Kiev could not get the support of Central and Eastern Ukraine.    Theyvoted for Zelesnkyy in 2019 since he promised that through negotiation he would stop the Civil War in the Donbas area.   His election priomise did not last past a visit Senator Menendez paid to Ukraine in 2019.    

The isntructions were clear to Zelenskyy - comply with our ruling of Ukraine or we will cut off the money.    That remained the reason for the war.    The USA sabotaged peace agfrements on 2 occasions and they sabotaged the Turkish peace negotiations as well.

You know well enough that support for financial assistence of Ukraine is weakening in the USA and the same on even stronger trents is happeening in Germany.    Now the Minister of Defense Pistorius is pissing off on an announcement of  $54 billion in aid to Ukraine over the next four years,   The voters suport of the present weak coalition government has dropped by 20% over the past year and the Government is staggering from one political Crisis to the next one.   Like the USA the German Government do not have money to fund Ukraine and they will have to borrow it.   If the German coalition Government survive anti funding  such loans is undedr the circumstances near to zero and the present Government will follow the Dutch route.   .

So dream on about the aid iissue to Ukraine,- but that is not the isue here,    You were aszked some real questions about the Ukraine situation and as expected you ignored the questions and tried to sidetrack the issues.raised by another fairy tale.

By the way the following are proof of thje threat the situation prove to threatern Russia:-

*   The blowing up of the Nord stream pipeline by the USA Navy posed a direcxt threat against Russia;

*    Tihe intention of  installing  nuclear armaments by the  USA  in Ukraine threatened Russia as well/

*    The existence of bio-labs in Ukraine threatens not only Russia but all of Europe as well.

You deny the above is in existence initially and then went quiet on those three issues.    

The people of Europe fear the result of a war with Russia and such a war initiated by the madcaps in charge of the USA is a real issue in Europe.   The pro-war Governments n Europe is in cosntant collapse and the Great German Coalition will collapse and not last another  year.    The people of Germany are already suffering from major inflation as a resulkt of the war and you think a major escallation of the war is in their interests.    

Why don't you start studying what is really going on in Europe and stop citing day dreams of the present German Government as factual?   

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