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Apr 09, 2019, 21:21

Will the first female POTUS be this outstanding black women who appeared before the House Judicial Committee and ripped the demonrats a new one. Amazing stuff.

Watch both clips at:

Here is the main clip:

Candace Owens

Apr 09, 2019, 22:47

Rassmussen Poll has Trump at 53% One poll puts Trump Hispanic support at 50%. Candace is leading many deceived Blacks off the demonrat plantation!:D

Trump just keeps winning fore the American people.

Apr 09, 2019, 22:50

The fact is that the Democrats have for years been using the African Americans and Latino's as voting fodder - they pass to them, benefits - like unemployment benefits and do not care what happens to them  other than election time.   

That is why in the 2016 presidential election there was - 

*   a serious reduction in African-American and latino voters turning up to vote; and 

*   an unexpected higher vote for Trump than those two groups voted in the  past four elections.

Fact is the scaremongering about Trump let to some of the stayaways by voters - but things for them has not turned out as badly as the Democrats preaches and continued improvement in employment  may undermine the DP support.   I found some info that indicates that according to recent opinion polls the Latino vote is no split 50:50 between the Republicans and Democrats and support for the Republicans - especially amongst the younger voters, who realized they are being used as voting fodder cause a decline in Democrat support.  

One would have to wait and see how things work out in the 2020 election - but the extremist socialist tendencies of the left wing of the Democrats are going to cost them dearly in working class areas.   Same as happened  in the case of Brexit.   That let to a reaction by thee working class people against the Democrats - as one political commentator said  they are fighting abck by hitting the political elite in their faces/         

Apr 10, 2019, 11:21

Mike right now its looking to me like Trump will win very well in 2020. AG Barr is setting up teams to investigate demonrat criminals and this whole coup efforts will see many indictments.. Devon Nunes has referred a number of Deep Staters for criminal investigation. The paw paw is hitting the fan.

Trump's immigration policies are a winning cause and he continues the fight against China and the EU for fair trade and signs are he is making progress. That will do wonders for the US economy already doing so well.

As for Candace seldom have i ever seen such a devastating take down of the Marxist demonrat party. She smashed them. The American voter over the last 2 years and on social media is coming to understand what a treasonous job the uni-party has done on the USA. As Candace said they lost control of the narrative. Now of course Facebook, Google and Twitter are doing what they can to suppress Conservative voices but they too have been unmasked and resistance is building to take them on.

Add on the fact that the nationalist/populist parties will make huge gains in the May EU elections and one can see things are moving in the right direction. The globalist elites are on the backfoot as the People rise up everywhere and reject their treasonous policies.

Of course the extreme gullible dimwits like ou rooijackass, sharkbokkie and the other atheist crusader fan have no clue whatsoever. These weak minded slobs faithfully submit to their elite Globalist rulers who own their brainwashed little minds 100%. Will these three clowns ever learn. Don't hold your breath as they are far, far gone.

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