China's Authoritarian Lockdown buckles under Covid

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Dec 29, 2021, 20:03

At least according to media reports...

Initially, countries that were able to eradicate Covid instead of just containing it, were the ones that had the least lockdowns, and least economic and social impact. 

China CCP commented at the time that their political structure was more effective than Democracies against Covid.
There has been much talk in the West about the lockdown, even here on this social media board.

China has taken the most militaristic approach will martial law-style lockdowns.
Now Omicron is in China, and this will be impossible to eradicate no matter how extreme a lockdown is. 

They have many places with martial law lockdown, which will just slow the spread. So instead of having a quick wave, it will be a much longer wave. 

The political structure will not count for much given how infectious Omicron is. It will test the vaccines created by China, and also their booster program. Tragic for the Chinese and humanity, but now the CCP is seeing what it is like - given how poor their actions have been since the start of Covid from being slow to report it to the rest of the world, to taking ages to give WHO limited access. 

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