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Dec 23, 2022, 23:34

Dec 24, 2022, 06:53

What the hell are you talking about?  You apparently refer to Carlson - and the fact that he has exposed some lies about the Ukraine situation.   Everyone criticizing the Ukraine policy of Biden and his corrupt crowd is according to the media traitors and Pro-Russian.   The View even suggested that Carlson and Gabbard should be arrested or retained by the military because they dare to expose the lies about bio-labs operated in the Ukraine by the USA.    That after the Deputy Secretary of State Nuland admit under oath they are in fact existing.  Nuland contradicted herself by saying they do not produce anything dangerous - but they are worried the Russians may get hold of the pathogens.   If they were not dangerous why worry about the Russians getting hold of it anyway.   

This is BS anyway -  Tucker is correct about Zelenskyy telling the USA they must provide money on demand by him and what he claims is what one would call utter BS - namely Ukraine is a democracy defending democratic values is BS and idiots like you falls for it.    He knows how US ad to Ukraine works - it feeds corruption in both the USA and Ukraine.

By the way - the previous President of Georgia Mikhail Saakhaavili - anytime as corrupt  as Biden - was appointed by Zelenskyy as Deputy Leader of a Committee to support his policies.  Saakhasvili was at one stage the Governor of Odessa and the famous murder of Trade Unionists by burning down the building in which protestors were hiding by the Asov battalion was under his watch.   The Asov Battalion has many Georgian members anyway.   Saakashvili thought he would take chance of getting back into power by going back to Georgia.   He entered Georgia in a container and was arrested to face multiple charges of corruption and abuse of power.   It would not be surprising of the Biden Administration does not connive with Saakhasvili to get him into power in Georgia.                   


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