Connecticut Amendment Would Enshrine Protections for Gender Identity, Abortion

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Mar 25, 2024, 13:08

To think the very frot five support these perverts. Orange man bad they sob! Poor demented souls!

Counter-protestors gather to support transgender swimmer Lia Thomas at the NCAA Swimming a

Connecticut Democrats are looking to enshrine discrimination protections for abortion and gender identity into the state Constitution.

The measure, Senate Joint Resolution No. 4, would add state’s equal protection clause and bar discrimination “based on pregnancy, including preventing, initiating, continuing, or terminating a pregnancy; sexual orientation; gender identity and expression; and related health care.”

“Supporters say this measure simply strengthens Connecticut’s right to privacy, but those opposed are concerned this proposal would open the door to issues in areas like abortion and women’s sports,” FOX61 reported

Co-founder of the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) Kim Jones said the measure is “an egregious abuse of women.”

“We don’t allow adults to compete against children. We don’t allow doped athletes to compete against clean athletes. We don’t allow men to compete against women,” Jones said. 

“As soon as you say you have to be able to recognize someone’s gender identity at the same value of sex, what you are saying is that you’ve got a conflict and you’re going to recognize that a male, his beliefs, his sense of self, is allowed to supersede or be equated to the value of the rights of a woman based on her sex,” she added. (Oh what a ghastly un-inclusive bigoted woman the resident pervs wail!!)

Pro-life groups have also warned against the proposal because it could open the doors to more abortions later in pregnancy.

“Abortion is already legal in Connecticut. The only thing this (amendment) would do is make it even easier than it already is to have a late-term abortion. This is abortion right up to birth. Do we want that in Connecticut? No,” said Peter Wolfgang, the executive director of the Family of Institute of Connecticut.(This is outrageous shriek these demonic possessed people a mother must have a right to terminate a pregnancy up to birth and even after birth.)

If the legislature passes the resolution, it will appear on the ballot in the upcoming November election for voters to decide on. To pass the legislature, the bill requires a 75 percent majority approval in both the state House and Senate.


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