Conservative Milei Is Elected President of Arginina in landslide vuctors

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Nov 20, 2023, 09:08

The Globalist  Marxist have been booted out.

Now the same needs to happen in Brazil with a return to power of Bolsonaro. 

Trump winning back the Presidency and Trudeau getting fired look likely to happen barring election fraud. 

In Europe there is a good chance of a number of Globalist governments getting the boot. A race is on to save humanity from the planet from the planned Globalist control.

Milei wins in Argentina

Nov 20, 2023, 11:08


Do you know that Argentina has applied cfor BRICS membership azs well.   Most people ousde ocf he UJSA realize that the Uundxer the present Regiime is a dangerous cfriend to have.  TNhey hav e stabbed many countries like France, Germany and now Isael in the back.    The cou ntries are searching for reliable orgaqnization thast would protectg the interests of their countries and move away from acountry who can stab their best cfriends in the abck.    

The real problem is that sin ce Biden took ov edr the Presidency i.nterantional afdfairs had sunck into chaos worldwide.and countries arfe looking for collborators that has a constitution forcxing memkbers t c-operatge with other members - when the USA try a Ukraine stunt on them.    .           

Nov 20, 2023, 12:24

The following elections are due  over he enxtg two years:-

The Netherlandxs         - on  25  No

European Parliament 6 to 9 June 2024.      ccoding to olitico many groups in te EU Parliament are gving to loose large numbes of members to partgies azssociazted with the two majority groups both suifcfering losses - but half of the warmongering Greens are going to be gvone.   


Indonesia and Venezuela, reshoring darling Mexico and politically unstable South Sudan, as well as geopolitical hot spots Taiwan and Pakistan. Tunisia, where the Arab Spring was born in 2011, may hold a presidential election around October next year. And some of the US’s traditional European allies, including Austria, Belgium and the UK, face leadership races.

A number of German States hav e State elections next year.   Most of the effected states are at presen Governed by the Coalition Parties Govedrning Germany as a whole.    A ccording to opnion polls in Germany -

*   The Socialis Party support dropped from 29% in the last German Federal electon  to 18%;

*    The warmongefrinbg Geens from 23% to 12%; and

*    Free Democfrats from 12% to 5 percent.

The second biggest party in Germany is the AfD  going up from (>5 to 22%.   In elections in the  State of Thuringia the AfD andx another smaller consrevative Partgy won n the State electiosn heldc this year.

If a smilar situation arises in other federal states in Germany other Parties than the present three will take over the States Governments making survival of the Present Goverfnment malfunctioning and that could lead to German Reichstag elections being moved from 2025 to 2024.    The same s likely to happen in the UK and France where the Macron Government is in serious trouble already.    

Not sure what is going on in the UK - but it is very likely that the Consesrvativeds - being conservati ve in name only - and floundering around aimlessly will lose power.   From reports I have seen the Global Warming hoax policies of the EU are under thread already with oppoisition rising and Euro scepticism is also on the rise.               

I did not mention the USA where the chances are that bar major election fraud the Democrats will self-destruct.    I do not think the present ultra leftist policies of the Democrfats  are supported by the broader voter communities aad even the ultra-leftist elements in the party - 145 of the 209 Demcoratic Party members -  could also be unded threat in the House Districts they reprfesent.   The ultra-leftist support will  come from existing Marcist elements  in the Partyitself and from  the brainwashed voters too stupid to realize what will happen to them if the fring;eaxders in the Pardty gvet contrfol of Govcernment.   The centrfst groups in the Party are under thread as the Blacks and Hispanics are deserting the Party in large numberfs.

So I hope I wil lived tll nedxt year to see what hap        

Nov 20, 2023, 18:48

Yes the great Awakening is gathering force month by month. 

Nov 20, 2023, 18:58

This guy seems to be a fan of making Argentinian currency US dollars. It could help right now, given they have inflation that is 143%.

This sounds a bit like the one-world currency conspiracy. However, having fewer world currencies might make things less volatile. 

If there are extreme economic or political problems - it creates an opportunity for a populist to get the job.

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