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Jun 02, 2024, 19:59

The Economist thinks the tide may have turned:

Good news, at last, from Ukraine. The approval in April of the Biden administration’s $61bn military-support package, after six months of Congressional delay, is having an impact. In particular, the arrival of atacms ballistic missiles, with a range of 300km, means that Ukraine can now hit any target in Russian-occupied Crimea, with deadly effect.

In the past week, the Russian offensive in the north-east against Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city, also appears to have lost momentum. Of potentially even greater significance, President Joe Biden, under pressure from a growing chorus of European allies, on May 30th eased the restrictions on American weapons being used against military targets on Russian soil, imposed because of overblown fears about Russian nuclear escalation. The Ukrainians are now to be allowed to use some American kit to hit Russian forces on the other side of the border attacking or preparing to attack Kharkiv. It is not clear whether this would include Russian tactical aircraft launching glide-bomb attacks of the kind that killed at least 18 people in a Kharkiv hardware shop on May 25th.

However, to the exasperation of the Ukrainians, Mr Biden has still to lift his ban on hitting targets elsewhere in Russia. For an indication of what Ukraine might achieve if it no longer had to fight with one hand tied behind its back, the effectiveness of its campaign in Crimea shows the way. According to Ben Hodges, a former commander of American forces in Europe and a senior adviser to nato on logistics, the Ukrainians are “systematically in the process of making Ukraine uninhabitable for Russian forces”.

map: the economist

That would be a huge strategic prize for Ukraine. Ever since the reign of Catherine the Great, Russians have regarded Crimea as militarily important. Vladimir Putin saw Crimea, linked to the mainland by the Kerch Bridge since 2018, as an unsinkable aircraft-carrier, where logistics hubs, air-bases and the Black Sea Fleet, operating out of Sevastopol, could be used to dominate the south of Ukraine, close off Ukraine’

Jun 02, 2024, 20:01


A  D-Day-style amphibious assault to liberate Crimea remains inconceivable. But, says Sir Lawrence Freedman, a British strategist, that is the wrong way to look at it. Crimea is a weak point for Russia. It has too much there to defend, and it is the best way for Ukraine to put real pressure on Mr Putin in order to extract concessions in the future. Nico Lange, a former adviser to the German defence ministry, agrees: “Ukraine’s campaign is a mixture of a military and political strategy. Politically, it is Russia’s most vital asset; but it is also very vulnerable.” What Ukraine is attempting to do is to make Crimea a liability rather than an asset for Mr Putin. The aim is to isolate it and in doing so to push Russian air and sea forces away from southern Ukraine and strangle it as a logistics hub.

Ukraine has already demonstrated the ability of British- and French-supplied Storm Shadow and scalp cruise missiles, and its own cleverly designed homemade maritime drones, to hit Russian warships, particularly the big Ropucha landing vessels used as military transports, most of which have been destroyed. Ukrainian drones and missiles may have taken out of action as much as half of the previously formidable Black Sea Fleet. Almost all of what remains has been forced to relocate from Sevastopol to the port of Novorossiysk, over 300km away on the Russian mainland. Novorossiysk itself came under attack from both marine and aerial drones on May 17th. A railway station and a power-generation plant as well as the naval base were hit.

But now Ukraine is using a deadly combination of atacms and increasingly sophisticated drones to systematically degrade Russian air defences in Crimea, hit air-bases from which Russian interceptors fly and strike critical logistics and economic targets. Sir Lawrence says that the focus on crippling Russia’s air-defence network may also be part of the preparation for the imminent arrival of the first batches of F-16 fighter jets from Europe.

On April 17th an atacms strike on Dzhankoi airbase in the north-east of Crimea damaged helicopters, an S-400 battery and a command-and-control centre. A month later, on the evening of May 15th, a large-scale atacms strike on an airbase at Belbek near Sevastopol destroyed four planes as well as an S-400 air-defence radar and at least two launchers. The attack, which comprised about ten missiles each carrying 300 bomblets, caused massive fires, possibly set off by an exploding fuel depot and stored air-to-air missiles.

The following evening Belbek was hit again, an indication that Ukraine has at its disposal rather more than the 100 or so atacms thought to have been donated. In what is becoming almost a nightly occurrence, two Russian patrol boats were destroyed on May 30th and two transport ferries were damaged near the Kerch Bridge in separate drone strikes that saw Russian aircraft scrambled to little effect.

Significantly, Russia’s much-vaunted and very expensive S-400 air-defence system has been found wanting. Mr Lange says the Ukrainians are using decoy drones to make the Russians light up their radars and reveal their positions. The targeting data is immediately fed to the atacms launch crews. Within six minutes the missiles, virtually undetectable because of their speed and low radar cross-section, are hitting their targets. General Hodges notes that the S-400s are also vulnerable to sabotage by Ukrainian special forces operating inside Crimea. Each battery costs about $200m, and they are not easily replaceable.

The general says that Russian forces have “no place to hide”. With the help of satellite and aerial reconnaissance provided by nato allies, their own deep knowledge of the territory, and covert forces on the ground, nothing can move in Crimea without the Ukrainians knowing about it.  With the arrival of the atacms and the increasing sophistication of their own drones, every square metre of the peninsula is in range, including time-sensitive targets such as aircraft and equipment convoys moving by road or rail.

General Hodges is confident that the Ukrainians will “take down the Kerch Bridge when they are ready”. However, a potentially greater challenge will be disrupting the new improved railway line running along the Azov Sea from Rostov through the southern Ukrainian cities of Mariupol and Berdiansk down into Crimea. Dmitry Pletenchuk, a spokesman for Ukraine’s southern military command, says:  “The railway along the land corridor is recognition on the part of the Russian occupiers that the Crimean [Kerch] Bridge is doomed. They are looking for a way to hedge their bets because they are aware that sooner or later, they will have a problem.”

An early test of the wider strategic success of Ukraine’s campaign in Crimea could come this summer when Russian holidaymakers normally flock across the Kerch Bridge to resorts on the peninsula. If they decide otherwise, says Ben Barry of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a think-tank, it will be a bad omen for Mr Putin. Crimea is heavily dependent on the tourist industry, and bookings last year were down by nearly a half. “Crimea”, he says, “has been turned from being a prestige project to a drain on Russian resources.” ?

Jun 02, 2024, 20:06

It’s a long way from Russian tanks running amuck at the battle of. Kursk. Gosh, I guess the prophet of  doom Colonel McGregor missed this as well.

Jun 03, 2024, 06:46


85% of the populion of Ukraine are Russian speaking and has always regard themsel;ves as Rusians as been such since 1776 - 10% of he population are Tartars and les than 5% Ukrainians.  The fact was that they accepted the Ukraine Government of 1991 with the specialc condition that the Crimea would have their own Parliament running the Crimea - with more powers than the federal states of the USA have.   Aside from the the Constitution dealt with Russian usage of Sevastopol as the main base of the Russian Black Sea fleet and the Russians had a huge contingent of troops in Sevastopol to deal with that ne.   

When the said Costitution  was abolished by the  Ukraine in 2014 and that led to the  Civil War in Eastern Ukraine the only thing  the Ukraine Parliament could do was to organize a referndum in Ukraine to determine the route to go in future.   Not surprisingly 94,5 population voted to rather become part of Russia with the Russian Speakers and Tartars being against remaining part of Ukraine and voting to apply for incorporation into Russia.   Two western oponion poll organizations - one from Texas and another from Germany found in 2017 that the votes were not entirely accurate - they found that 96,5% of the  voters wanted nothing to do with being part of Ukraine and nothing bar an attacke by NATO on the Crimea will be regarded as all-out war against Russia itself.

The present Ukraine Government has a policy of eliminating the Russian speaking and Russian cuture from Ukraine with ethnic cleansing be an inttegral part of the unconstitutional Ukraine  government actions. of the present Ukraine Government.     For instance two weeks before the Russian Invasion all the Russian-speaking members voted with the Governing party of Zelenskyy to object and condemn  a potential Russian invasion.   A week later the Zelenskyy Government arrested all the Russian speaking members of the Ukraine Parliament  and nobody knows what happened to them since.    They have not been tried since then and when the Prosecuutor General could find no evidence against them, she was fired by Zelenskyy 

The Crimeans knew what happened and in the referendum they voted accordingly.   So the story about  Russia annexing Ukraine is propaganda BS -  it never happened.   The Crimean  Parliament applied for becoming  part of Russia, and that request was accepted by the Russian Government.      

But th en as far as Russians are concerned yoiu lot meansz they sh ould be wiped off the face of the earth because of hatred stirred on by the media.   Nobody thought about the 18 000   Russians killed by the Ukraine army and especially the Asov Battalion when they according t the UN reportsd being declared as terrorists and mercenaries murdering thousands of people.   

I dislike all wars - but th is one takes the cake because it favors genocide and ethnic cleansing by the Ukrainians and obviously NATO who was a major element causig the Civil War in Eastrn Ukraine.




Jun 03, 2024, 08:07

MATE YOU'RE; DREAMING | image tagged in you're dreaming | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Jun 04, 2024, 13:46

People beleiving propag anda BS are the dreamers - there are more worries about WW3 coming up than you imagine.     The propaganda claims American arms are better than anything the Russians have - but that has been disproved by the Russians in the war thus far,   In effect their weaponry are far superior to anything the USA can throw against them.  

I think worldwide more people support peace ahad of war and especially WW3 than any of you warmongers dream about.      

Jun 04, 2024, 17:12

While Russian tanks were stopped in their tracks and the Black Sea fleet has been mauled. Just saying something doesn’t make it true.

Jun 04, 2024, 20:59

Not an expert on war but if it's not western tech keeping Ukraine in the war care to share what is, as one of the few facts you have managed to get right (after all a stopped watch is right twice a day) is Russian troops vastly outnumber the good guys.

Or are you saying its Russian ineptitude that is the problem?

Jun 04, 2024, 21:34

None of the above - the NATO weaponry supplied was not superior to Russian arms as claimed.  So the Ukraine army has been outgunned. and also they have too few soldiers left - calling  up new unrained troops would leade to mass slaughter of Ukraine soldiers when they are send untrained to the front line.

I do not think the Russian troops are as inept as some people claimed.    I do know the fleet strength of the Black Sea  Fleet are 33 ships one of which was sumk and 1 damaged while it was in the drydock for repairs. -  so the sinking  of one ship is not really representing a major victory for the Russian flet.     

I do not support any war - but it is obviously necessary to face reality,       


Jun 04, 2024, 22:16

Mike talks about facing reality when he has no concept of what reality is.

When was Kkarkiv and Odessa supposed to fall again?

Jun 05, 2024, 01:48

Apaprently Putin said that they will not attack Kharkov since it would destroy the city.   It is an ancient city always part of Russia which nobody wants to see destroyed.   The aim of the Russians aparety are to isolate the city by surrounding it an laying sieg to it.

As to Odessa the Russians troops are advancing and will reach Odessa soon.

Your reality is a dream that Ukraine will win the war - theyw uill not and hopefully a sane President will change the situation when a sane and responsible Presidednt akes oer in the USA  af ter the November election if the insane Bden has not started a nuclear attack on Russia by that time.   .            

Jun 05, 2024, 01:49


How many times a month do you change your user name?   

Jun 05, 2024, 02:02

Jun 05, 2024, 07:56

The fac is that the Russians ae wining the war and the Biden Presidency is gettig worse - they sabotaged epaxce effortsin the  Ukraine and now theya re trying  deperately to expand th e war and my main fear is that th e idiots will ry and nuclear bomb Russia  to expand the war into WW3.   Thety d not ant an election this year and there strategy to use th e Justice  Department and FBI to ttack and undermine opposition to them is backfiring on them - so what will they dio next.   

Jun 05, 2024, 08:12

The Russians altered your brain chemistry during your visit in the nineties.

Seek help & forgiveness.

Jun 05, 2024, 08:24

Mike claims Putin will not attack Kharkiv.

Gets presented with video evidence that Kharkiv has already been attacked.

Doesn't acknowledge it, just waffles on about Russia winning, America nuking Russia and for some reason a conspiracy theory about the American election.

Do you not realise how dishonest you are?

Jun 05, 2024, 08:36

Mike nauseatingly tells us that he doesn't hate Biden or the Democrats in which case it's a funny kinda like.

Jun 05, 2024, 10:04

I dislike crookedness in Government and bribery and corruption.   Biden is a corrupt BSter and enemy of honest gvernment in the USA.   Using the Justice D epartment and FBI to undermine  opposition to the Biden Regime is equivalent to what Stalin and Hitler did  in Russia and Germany respectively and wil drive he USA into banana republic status.         

Jun 05, 2024, 16:34

Your unsupported claim on the Black Sea fleet….can you document it Clever. This seems to contradict your claim:

Regardless of how you feel about this Ukraine war...

You need to see this incredible new development…

Because it will most likely affect the future of warfare.

In fact, according to Ukraine's navy…

A third of Russia's Black Sea warships have either been sunk or disabled by Kyiv's forces, thanks to a mysterious new AI weapon.

General Mark Milley says it's, – "the way wars of tomorrow will be fought, and won."

Jun 06, 2024, 05:32

One old ship used by the Russians as flag ship and no for anym real fleet action was all that was sunk.   If yoiu believe that a third of the Russian Black Sea fleet has been sunk or disabled by the Ukrainians you will also believe the moon is amde of green cheese.   The only other case where a Russian submarine was damaged and not even totally destroyed was a submarine that was in a dry dock for repairs.   Those two warships have been covered in media reporting - if what you claim is true - then at least there would have been media reporting  on that massive success - but there were none.    

If there were such destruction of the Russian fleet it would be easily proved by sattelite photos and as far as I am aware no such photo's exist and if you cannot prove you allegations .    What mysterious new weapon are you talking  about anyway.    That souind like using of bio-weapons the USA are developing  in the bio-lab in Odessa built and operated by the US Government since 2018, which at least was proven to exist by evidence under oath by th e Biden State Department.

If a imaginary scret weapon exist it would have ebeen all over th e papers to re-assure that th e war in Ukraine is being a  successful US Government strategy.     I iwish o refer you o th e following  report on what the US military leadership told the S enate on the issue:-

There is no indication of what the USA military objectives in Ukraine are and what the billions of US aid are being used for - no supervision of  and auditing  of what money is used fo is available.   Milley must be the worst person anytime since the start of th e US  army in the 1700 hundred to be in command of anything.  He lied about what he claim was happening  under Trump.   He was responsible for the fli gh t about US troops in the middle of the nig ht leaving  beh ind black h awk helicopters and massive military equipment kept at  the Bagram base and that cayuse th e atrocious conduct of th e US military situation in Afghanistan and admitted that he was in telephonic discussions with  the cmmander of th e Chinese army - which  is unh eard of in any event.    The US army head liaising  with th e commander of an enemy armed country is bordering  on high treason.

So have you any proof that the imaginary secret weapon exist or are you just producing  B S from the Ukraine government whose wild claims about winning the war in Ukraine is regularly spread by the media in the USA.   In normal times the USA would ahve announced the secret weapon to scare the hit out of any countries that would become invovled in war against the USA like China and the  BRICS countries and if that was indeed the case - the Russians would flee from Ukraine and the people from Crimea be dead or eliminated because they are Russian speaking.    

If such a weapon exist  at least tthe House and Senate would know about it - but there were no secret weapon being  used that will win the war for the USA in Ukraine.   

Is this another Wall Street Journal myth? 


Jun 06, 2024, 06:17


Jun 06, 2024, 06:29

BS  allegations - where is the factual prove of what actually happened.  Close to the Russian border - the facts can be proved by sattelite photos.   With this is nothing bar propaganda BS with out any proof whatsoever.     coming  out of  Ukraine.   It was indeed a war of choice - the USA  government wanted the war and controlling totally their proxy Government in Kiev - so the story si about as BS as it comes.

By the way you should look at the map published aily by CNN.   There is no a single case where the Russians withrew and where they do not advance and the Ukrainians not retreating.   So how will Ukraine win the war?.     .      


Jun 06, 2024, 07:16


Jun 06, 2024, 07:44

Jun 06, 2024, 11:24

Mike asking for factual proof is perhaps the ultimate irony. But we are always indulging the cantankerous old coot, so here goes:

Russian Navy

Five Raptor-class patrol boats — On 22 March 2022, a video appeared of a Raptor-class patrol boat being hit and damaged by an anti-tank guided missile. According to Russian sources, it had to be towed away afterwards.[26] On the first week of May 2022, Ukrainian forces using Bayraktar TB2 drones attacked four Raptor-class boats (in addition to one BK-16 high speed as boat, mentioned below) near Snake Island. On 2 May 2022 two Raptor-class patrol boats were sunk by a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB-2 drone off Snake Island in the Black Sea.[27] The extent of the damage across the board was not initially known,[28][29][30] but it emerged that three boats were destroyed[31] while one of the Raptor boats withstood the damage and was filmed in Sevastopol for repairs.[32]

Saratov — On 24 March 2022, a Russian Navy Alligator-class landing ship that was docked in Berdiansk, Ukraine, caught fire. The Ukrainian military claimed that they had hit it, that it was destroyed and that it was the Orsk.[33] Later the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces claimed that Saratov had been destroyed.[34] Two other Russian ships, the Tsezar Kunikov, and the Novocherkassk, that were docked nearby sailed away, with fire and smoke billowing out of one.[35][36][37] On 2 July 2022, Russian official said the ship was scuttled back in March by its own crew in order "to prevent detonation of the on-board munitions by the fire that had started" due to a Tochka-U ballistic missile that hit the port. The Saratov was subsequently salvaged and was to be towed to Kerch, Crimea.[38]

Moskva — On 13 April 2022, two Ukrainian officials said that the Slava-class cruiser had been hit by Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles and was on fire in heavy seas. The Russian Ministry of Defense said the ship was seriously damaged after a fire caused a munitions explosion. The next day, Russian officials said that the ship had sunk while being towed to port.[39]

BK-16 high-speed assault boat — In the first week of May 2022, a video appeared of a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone hitting and sinking a high-speed assault boat near Snake Island.[31] The wreck was later recovered.[40]

Serna-class landing craft — On 7 May 2022, a video appeared of a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone hitting and sinking a landing craft on Snake Island.[41][42]

Veliky Ustyug — On 17 June 2022, a photo emerged of the ship being towed on the Volga River in a damaged state. The Buyan-M-class corvette had participated in the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.[43][44]

Vasily Bekh — On 17 June 2022, Ukraine claimed to have sunk the rescue tug (Russian: ?????????, "Spasatel") Vasily Bekh with two Harpoon missiles causing it to sink shortly thereafter.[45] Shortly after the sinking, on 21 June, British military intelligence confirmed the attack, stating that the vessel sunk was almost certainly Vasily Bekh.[46]

Natya-class minesweeper Ivan Golubets [pl] — On 29 October 2022, Ukrainian forces used an Unmanned Aerial and Submarine Vehicle to strike Russian forces in Sevastopol, Crimea. According to Russia, Ukrainian UAVs slightly damaged the Natya-class minesweeper.[47]

On 29 October 2022, Admiral Makarov suffered damage during an attack on Sevastopol by several air and sea drones with at least one sea drone striking the ship, reportedly disabling the radar.[48][49][50][51] Naval News subsequently reported that little damage had occurred to either of the two warships (Ivan Golubets, Admiral Makarov) that were hit by the sea drones.[52] On 15 August 2023, Admiral Makarov returned to active duty after being damaged in the October 2022 attack.[53]

Yury Ivanov-class intelligence ship Ivan Khurs possibly damaged by one of three Ukrainian sea drones on 24 May 2023. On 23 March 2024, a missile strike on the port of Sevastopol reportedly damaged the ship again with satellite imagery taken after the attack seemingly confirming the damage.[54] [55][56][57][58]

Olenegorsky Gornyak — On 4 August 2023, near the Port of Novorossiysk a Project 775 Ropucha-class landing ship was seriously damaged by a joint effort of the Ukrainian SBU and the Ukrainian Navy, possibly using a sea drone, and towed to port by the Russian Navy. Following the attack the Ukrainian Navy reported Russian ships leaving port and to some extent dispersing in the Black Sea.[59]

Rostov-on-Don and Minsk — On 13 September 2023, a submarine and landing ship were attacked by Ukrainian Su-24s armed with Storm Shadow missiles, visibly destroying the Minsk landing ship following a nighttime raid on Sevastopol. The Kilo-class submarine was damaged beyond economic repair according to a military analyst.[60] However, the Russian government stated they would repair both ships and return them to full operational status.[61]

A Russian Project KS-701 Tunets-class patrol boat was sunk on 13 September 2023 in the Black Sea in a Ukrainian attack.[62]

Sergey Kotov – Project 22160 patrol ship reported commissioned May 2022.[63][64][65] Reported to be damaged by Ukrainian naval drone attack on September 14, 2023.[66] On 5 March 2024, the Sergey Kotov was again attacked by Ukrainian forces, this time using MAGURA V5 unmanned surface vehicles while the ship was off the coast of Crimea near the Kerch Strait.[67] Ukrainian military spokesmen announced the ship took damage to the stern, and later sank.[68][69]

Askold (ru) — On 4 November 2023, Ukrainian forces struck Zalyv Shipbuilding yard in Russian-occupied Kerch, Crimea, with cruise missiles, damaging the relatively new Karakurt-class corvette Askold, which carries Kalibur cruise missiles.[70] On 6 November 2023 president Zelensky stated that the ship was destroyed.[71]

Novocherkassk, a major Russian landing ship, was struck December 26, 2023, while docked in Feodosia, southern Crimea, by air-launched cruise missiles, according to Ukraine's Air Force -- confirmed by Russian authorities (vaguely) and by Russian media. Ukraine said it was destroyed, and unlikely to return to service.[72][73][74][75] Video supplied by various sources, including Ukrainian authorities and Russian reports on Telegram, showed massive and multiple explosions and fires, with indications that munitions aboard the ship had been detonated by the attack (Ukraine said the ship was used to launch cruise missiles against Ukrainian cities). Russian authorities conceded that one person had been killed, and other sources indicated more, though no official confirmation of the ship's loss was immediately made. Independent analysts said the strike substantially impedes Russia's ability to further attack and invade Ukraine's Black Sea coast.[72][73][74] Reported casualties of 74 crew killed and 27 wounded. Wreck apparently removed in late January/early February 2024.[76][77][78] Novocherkassk was also damaged at Berdiansk on 24 March 2022.[79][80] But the ship was reported active by Russian sources as of June 2022.[81]

Ivanovets — On 1 February 2024, Ukraine released video claiming to show the sinking of the Tarantul-class corvette R-334 Ivanovets in Donuzlav, a bay located in the western part of Crimea, using MAGURA V5 USVs.[82][83][84]

Tsezar Kunikov — On 14 February 2024, Ukraine released a video showing the sinking of the Project 775 (NATO reporting name: Ropucha-I-class) large landing ship Tsezar Kunikov off the coast of Crimea by Ukrainian MAGURA V5 sea drones.[85][86] Tsezar Kunikov was previusly damaged in a Ukrainian attack on 24 March, 2022 at Berdiansk port, Ukraine.[87] The sinking of the ship has been confirmed by Russian sources.[88][89]

Mangust-class patrol boat — On 6 May 2024, Ukraine used MAGURA V5 sea drones to attack a Russian patrol boat in Crimea. Footage was released appearing to show the drone detonating next to a small boat appearing to resemble a Mangust-class vessel.[9

Jun 06, 2024, 13:45

 All the videos came ffrom Ukraine side of the war - show me the videos from sattelites comnfirming the above.   According  to the  Ukraine propaganda they are winning the war and still looking at the CNN map - which  are not to be strusted other the Russian troops are advancing  and the Ukraine army retreating  along  the whole 1000 km front.   When the Ukraine army said a place is under pressure they in fact has already retreated from the town concerned,   It is shown up in sattelite photos.

So videos originating  from Ukraine are just about equal to BS propaganda.   The maps  of he battlefront shows everything  what is happening.     According  to  you lot of warmongers the Ukraine army should by now be besieging Moscow since Russia is losing the war,   .          .

Jun 06, 2024, 20:33

As expected…..debating with a zombie is a waste of time.

Jun 06, 2024, 20:51

How Denial Kills Business. Most people don't stop to think how ...1,200 × 816

Jun 06, 2024, 20:57

Mozart aka all ot her user name invented by him

I did not repsond to your BS  above - I soecufucally refer to wh at  SB plawed on site.   

Let me explain somet hing  to you - t here is two isntances th at was i.n th e emdia and t hanks for remini.ndin g me about a third = but the rest of your essay si BS.  Landing  craft and patrol boatns are not classed as warships in any navy - theya re relatively unarmed vessels use to aland soldiers on land attacks.

You mentione th eree cases - two of which I explained to you in plain language - your reference to nading craft and patrol boats remain a joke in misepresentation as expected from you.   

So the waqrmongers like ymou want to h ave the 4 million people of the Crimea killed and bombed out fo existence purely because they are Russian speaking  people and regarded by you as sub-humans.  

How th e eh ll can you noit support  the idea of peace negotiations to end the  Ukraine War.   Youa re like th e mad peopele in th e USA wh o wants to destroy Ru,ssia because they object to t he prevailing  Woke culture practised by the USA traitors in charge at present in the WH.   

.  .    .   .    

Jun 07, 2024, 16:15

Thus spake the zombie… have a boerwors you’ll feel better.

Jun 07, 2024, 18:34

It's boerewors...boerwors is something different...

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