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Dec 28, 2022, 10:33

Do any of you guys frequent the dark web, and if so, what software of you using, besides TOR, and what sites do you go to?

Dec 28, 2022, 13:46

...mmm, what are you looking for, and why?:D

Dec 28, 2022, 15:12


Nothing at all, just curious since that post from Shark about Web 3:0

It seems to me that more people now are looking to do personal and business transactions without the hassle or constant threat of you being hacked and tracked, even for the simplest of transactions...

I guess a VPN would be fine, but this whole blockchain process is intriguing to me

Dec 28, 2022, 19:59


You’re much more likely to be hacked through or because of interactions on the DW. Unless you know what you’re doing, steer clear is my advice.

Tell me more specifically what you want to do, and i may be able to help. If it’s a simple anonymous funds transfer…that’s easy stuff.

Dec 29, 2022, 08:33

"You’re much more likely to be hacked through or because of interactions on the DW. Unless you know what you’re doing, steer clear is my advice"

Thanks Plum, yeah I am well aware of the risks on the dark web..... I am too cautious for my own good regarding issues like that, almost paranoid actually, because I know what is out there.

I believe that using both "Tails" and a reputable "VPN" is the basic requirement to staying anonymous on the web....although I am still paranoid because it seems it is far too easy these days to hack someone.

I guess I just don't like the fact that everything I search for online is being monitored and tracked, and then within minutes of going offline, I have numerous irritating ads for the products that I was only looking at or getting information about, including when I come on this forum, the posts are split by ads for products I only looked at....it's a frustration I could do without.

Dec 29, 2022, 08:33

"If it’s a simple anonymous funds transfer…that’s easy stuff"

What exactly do you mean here Plum, can you provide more info please

Dec 29, 2022, 10:37

I mean that if you are simply looking at moving funds anonymously between users or looking to circumvent transfer costs, then it’s pretty easy to do.

For example, say i want to send you R10k but don’t want to do it through a bank.

I would start by visiting an exchange like Luno. I transfer money from my bank into my Luno account. On Luno, i then buy USDT or USDC(stablecoins valued at 1:1 to the $). I then transfer that USDC onto my hardware wallet which is basically like a USB stick and similar to placing fiat cash into a wallet in your back pocket.

Then I would go to a decentralised crypto exchange. This is an exchange that is like a shop where you pay cash. The seller has no idea who you are and there is no “Know your customer” process where you have to provide any ID to use the exchange. I then use the USDT/USDC to buy either other cryptos or covert from USDC to USDT or vice versa. The exchange doesn’t hold any of your funds, the same way a shop doesn’t hold your goods for you after you buy them. Your hardware or software wallet are linked only while you have the exchange webpage open and as you purchase or sell tokens the balances are transferred directly and immediately to your wallet.

Then i ask you for your wallet address. Now, your wallet address could be one of three things. 1) A hardware wallet 2) a software or browser wallet which is basically a downloaded wallet that is a pluggin and appears as a icon on your Safari or Firefox browser or 3) an exchange wallet which would be the custodial wallet that a company like Luno hold me for you.

I am then able to send funds directly to your wallet address without any middleman or bank being involved.

A couple of things to be aware of: 1) Blockchains can only transfer and use tokens they support. Like you can’t transfer Eth on the Solana chain natively but if you wish to do so then you have to use what is known as trading pairs. It’s worth looking into what trading pairs are as they’re very useful and if you know how to use them can save you time and effort.

2) Don’t keep your funds on exchange or browser wallets…it’s always best you use a hardware wallet…also known as cold storage. But to start learning how the process works, you can download a browser wallet and use it to practice transferring funds with nominal amounts.

My suggestion is to dive in man. Learn about all this tech and how it all works. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed, it’s impossible not to feel that way at the start.

Oh, because people always ask this. What if you lose or damage your hardware wallet, will you lose your funds?

No. How it works is that your wallet is unique to you. When you fire it up the first time it will generate a 24-word key phrase. You write these words down in order. Make multiple copies of this phrase on paper…never on your phone or pc. Keep one in your possession, keep another in a safety deposit box at the bank and perhaps split the third one in two and give the halves to two relatives that you trust with your life while never letting them know who holds the other half of the phrase. So, if ever you damage or lose you hardware hardware wallet, you simply buy a new one and then you recover all your funds into the new wallet by using the 24-word phrase.

Sorry, that answer was longer than i intended it to be haha

Dec 29, 2022, 13:10

Thanks for taking the time to explain that Plum, it is much appreciated.

If there is one thing your post very clearly confirmed for me, it's that I know sweet fuck all about Crypto..... or blockchain technology.

I clearly have a lot to learn, but this was very insightful, so thank you.

Dec 29, 2022, 13:43

Start here man, this guy gives a good description and tutorial on Phantom Wallet(A browser extension wallet).

It's free to download and seeing how it works will demystify things.

Dec 29, 2022, 16:46

Shot Plum

Jan 01, 2023, 16:50

and, ready for part 2?


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