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Apr 25, 2024, 23:07

He has pretty much ended the Trump hush money trial just as it started.
The main goal of course is to link the crime to election interference which is a jailable offence.

Apr 26, 2024, 02:02

The main goal of course is to link the crime to election interference which is a jailable offence

To prove that without reasonable doubt will be the hard part methinks, but you know, we can only but hope.

Any port in a Storm(y) is the cock up.

Apr 26, 2024, 04:13


If ou do not realize that what you are talking  about is total BS and a farce in fact.   The whole issue was concoctcd by the WH and Justice Department and they even used a senir Justioce Department officer to lead the Prosecution.   This alleged issue happened in 2016 and since the election referred to was on Federal level and  State Courts has no jurisdictiion on that issue.    It would legally be dealt with by Federal Courts acting  on charges laid by the Federal Election Commission    

The latter case was investigated by the Election Commissio and there was nothing illegal found by the Commission by Trump and that is where the issue died.   This case is concluded already - any guilty sentense will be overuled if there is a  guilty verdict and the juge will end up defrocked - like is on the cards with he fraud case where nobody was defrauded.    So if the judges go - so would James and Bradd  also go.   

By the way Clinton and the DNC was also investigated by the Election Commission   which lucky for Clinton and th e DNC did not lead to criiminal charges by the Commission - but they had to pay a fine of $100 000 for the payment for the discredited Steele Dossier.

Denny you are hopoing for the lgally impossible to happen.   All the other charges are going  nowhere either - so it is a means to get Trump away from campaigning.    But he still make a major impact in New York where people in their thousands meet when him outside of court   hours visited places where people were informed by word of mouth where he was going and thosuands of people gathered there to support him.   That could be bad for the Demcorats in New York and New Jersey.


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