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Dec 25, 2022, 05:07

The Democratic Party over the last few years has turned Democracy in the USA into tatters by creating precendents no other Party would have done in the past.   One of the shameless one was to rush through an Omnibus Bill before they lose control of the House with out members even having a chance to read  the 4 100 page Bill.

In the Senate 18 Republican Senators voted for the Bill - while three present Republican Senators did not vote.   The Bill funded Democratic Party projects that would further enhance inflation and will push up the National Debt of the Federal Government to $33 trillion - an increase of 10 trillion in the 23 months Biden was elected as President,   The 18 Republicans include those regularly colluding with the Democrats  and a cleaning up of collaborators destroying the country are certainly those that shame the Republications as a party favoring Democracy and clean Government.   

In the House the following House members voted for the Bill:-

  • Fred Upton of Michigan,
  • Liz Cheney of Wyoming,
  • Adam Kinzinger and Rodney Davis of Illinois,
  • Chris Jacobs and John Katko of New York,
  • Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania,
  • Jaime Herrera Butler of Washington State, and
  • Steve Womack of Arkansas

Fred Upton was not re-elected as House member in 2022 and he will be out of the House as from January 2023.  Cheyne and Kinzinger were as kicked out by the voters after their January 6 debacle.   Davids lost his seat in the House against a Democrats and is out of the House as from January 2023.   Both Katko and Jacobs lost the seats they stood in in the 2020 election.  Fitzpatrick will remain a House member after the mid-term election - but he is likely to suffer in future for voting with the Democrats in this case.   Butler is in the same situation as Fitzpatrick and is lucky to be a Republican House member still.   Womack was also voted out in 2022 and will lose House membership next year.

Of the 9 Republicans who voted with the Democrats only 2 will retain their membership in the new House.   The other 7 members were kicked out by the Republicans already and their vote in the House on that issue is in fact a disgrace since after the 8 November 2022 they were not representing anybody bar themselves in the House.  

The other trick was the fact that the Democrats removed Republicans from membership in House Committees.  That will cost them dearly in the  New House elected in November 2022.   The Republicans will not allow Schiff, Swalwell and other lying crooked members to serve in House Committees.   Normally members are nominated by Parties and the fact that Pelosi undermined that one is going to hit back against the Democrats in future.  


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