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Demonrats are in a real panic!

Forum » Beenos Trumpet » Demonrats are in a real panic!

Feb 11, 2019, 11:58

Their treasonous behaviour continues to leak out.

Confirmation, Countdown Begins, T-Minus, Optics Are Important

Blooger says:    

This has taken some time to unfold but now I see the beauty if it. We have been shown the true nature of the Democratic Party over & over again. This has had the effect of convincing even the most skeptical of people that the Democrats have been committing crimes against America for years with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the Republic and replacing it with a socialist regime. We were only a few months away from losing our Country our Freedom and our children would never have known what being truly free meant or felt like. We are now poised to purge the Government and Big Business of Deep State Operatives & restore the Rule of Law to all people not just a few. American People will soon be able to say with pride I am an American Citizen and I Love My Country!!!?

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