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Mar 27, 2024, 19:30

For those who push the Russian narrative that Russian victory in Ukraine is inevitable, I urge you to the read this segment from the Institute for the Study of War.

What's your take on this Plum, Draad?

Mar 27, 2024, 22:16

100% propaganda BS.     If that lot si believed by people they deserve defeat.  Not a single truth in all of it.     It forgets that Russia is not the real problem the USA faces - the real problem is China and the USA  has caused something which thinking people like Kitzinger feared and spoke out against uniting China and Russia through BRICS as an alliance that could destroy the west with the greatest of ease and add to that Brazil and India and the attack on Democracy in the USA  by the Democratic Party and we can write off totally Democracy in future.    The IWS report mentioned US allies in Asia - but how many of those are there.    The only country of substance are left?   Maybe Japan - but not any other countries of substance are left?    And then the story about China  not getting involved if the west start a war against Russia.   China has their own objectives in Asia.  if war breaks ou wih Russia Ghina qwill atatck Sout Korea and Taiwan and ten Japan and Australia and there is nothin g the USA or NATO have that would prevent that.     

What resources does the West has that will destroy Russia and their allies?   The economy in the  US A is poor and the USA  people are suffering with 49 million people from food insecurity as an example of the war against food production caused by the Global warming conspiracy theory.   That is effecting  seriously food production in the EU countries as well and the uproar on food production in Europe has caused farmers to be under threat of going out of production totally.    Without food production any country becomes a banana republic dictoitorship,   

In the end the massive USA federal debts rising  at a massive rate means the USA  is technically near to bankruptcy.  The answer is printing more money and let inflation takes over.   Even the much vaunted Euro is in declining in value.    The free world economies is under attack and the results is felt in all European and USA-Canada situation.

So lets look at armed forces.   The USA army is at its weakest since WW1,    So the question is how will they be a threat against Russia.   Since WW1 they have not won a single war.   They reached a ceasefire agreement in Korea, they lost the following wars in a row: with only the first Iraq war that could be called as a stalemate - Vietnam, Afghanistan after 23 years the US Army fled from Afghanistan leaving billions of weaponry behind and also thusands of US Citizens and green card holders in that benighted country, Iraq after still ongoing with no victory in sight  and  no planning as to he future in place..    The USA has laid down quotas when ir t came as to recruiting soldiers and those quotas failed  to they could not reach quota targets,    They then turned to try and get back 60 000  trained soldiers they fired after horrible treatment because they refused o be vaccinated and those people refuse to return to the army.   So the next mad idea is to recruit people from the illegal migrants train and armed them and then hope they do not include people sent to the USA  as terrorists to undermine security in the USA.     So  the question is was the collapse of the bridge in Baltimore a terrorist attack.    Biden claims it was not before any investigation has been done.    A Ukraine cargo boat crashed into the bridge after changing course and the whole bridge collapsed with explosions being  visible over a distance from  the point of collision, so why the quick Biden response|.

The leftist ideology is another issue.   That involves the teaching of children to hate their family and the country they live in and that raises a question - why would you fight for protection of people and the country they hate.   Aside from that the NATO countries suffer from extremely weak leadership starting with the puppet in the WH .   Who is in fact governing  the USA - it cannot be Biden who is non compus mentus most of the time and then we have the floundering  coalition Governments in Europe.    It goes wider - it is also true in respect of weak army commands.    The NATO armies are as weak as the  political ideology and as weak as the Woke culture making the countries.    By the way -  the US military leadership is in disarray - the country with the strongest national army in NATO is Turkey and Turkey will not get involved in a war against Russia.      Matter of fact hey have applied for BRICS membership and will probably side with Russia in the case of a war against Russia by NATO countries.

Resources may be theoretically in existence - but what or whom is really going to activate hose resources?

What is clear is that the whole article is based on false premises and is exactly aim at what the US Armistice Industry strive to achieve  - who uses  the IWS as their propaganda arm. manufactured the above article without the real interests of the US people.  There are billions invested by the US Government in Arms production and assistance to  Ukraine  - while there is no money available to provide aid to the 49 million people suffering from food insecurity in the USA and hundreds of thousands of people living  on sidewalks in the USA cities.   .     ,      .        .                       .                          .   .       .   .        .      

Mar 27, 2024, 22:29

Stav, I scanned through that article.

It is nothing new. (i.e. the West is much stronger than Russia with much more resources). 
However, NATO-aligned countries have been slow. Russia has been a war economy for ages.

In the meantime, many Ukranians are dying. They also have to live as a country under war, whereas Russia for the most part (until recently) have lived happily perhaps even oblivious to war.

We have not seen Ukraine make any progress in ages. Russia is slowly gaining an advantage. 
The only way for Ukraine to take the upper hand again is superior weapons from the US- who are in their own internal conflict. 

Mar 27, 2024, 23:07

Like we said at the start, negotiate with Russia as soon as you can because, with every day that passes, Ukraine is only weakening its position to negotiate from.

In another year from now, where will Ukraine be?

Do will still think that the US and NATO will continue to pour money into the war?

When the tide goes out, Ukraine is gonna be left knelt in shallow water without underwear on while Putin stands on the beach with a cigar in one hand and an AK47 in the other. Good luck getting anything resembling fair deal at that point.

It's very sad.

If only supportive Ukraine flags on X actually meant something tangible, huh Star?

Mar 27, 2024, 23:25

No ButtPlug... Neither Russia nor Ukraine can negotiate because they have no middle ground.
Neither party has an offer that is even remotely acceptable to the other.

Ukraine will never surrender because it means handing over all of Ukraine. 
Putin will never surrender because it would mean Russia went to war for nothing.

It is painstakingly obvious that Putin wants to take all of Ukraine, not just the parts he has conquered. I can't understand how anyone does not see this. (except Beeno and DumbMike)

Putin wants Ukraine to have no army as a condition of surrender. 
This would just make it easier for him to conquer the rest of Ukraine in the not-so-distant future. 

Mar 28, 2024, 00:07

If & when the illegal invasion ends Putin has a date with the ICC in The Hague.

Mar 28, 2024, 01:35


Russia signed two aqgreements wth Ukmraine  to leave the Ukraine as an independent democratic country and the USA  with takeover of Ukraine in 2014 sabotaged both the agreements 

Those conditions had nothing to do with making Ukraine a vassal state or protectorate of of Russia like at present it is a vassal state of the USA.    The situation was vey clear in he agreement and that was the recognise e the integrity of the Ukraine borders - that the Ukraine would compile a new constitution (they have none at present) and that the new constitution would guarantee the human rights of all Ukraine citizens and once drawn up will be subject to approval by the people in a referendum and that Ukraine not becoming a NATO member.   Both are embodied in the Minsk agreement submitted to the Security Council for acceptance - but never submitted to the US Congress for approval  by the Obama Adminsitration and only submitted to Congress in 2017 who noted it - but never approved it and enforced implementation..

 So why was the agreements signed by both the Ukraine and the Russian Presidents never implemented?    Only the USA Government can explain as to why it happened.   .   The one answer is likely to be that the Ukraine Government appointed by the USA  in 2014 would have lose control of an independent Ukraine if the people select their own Government.   Fact is Zelenskyy in his election campaign in 2019 promised the voters he would through negotiations end the Civil War in Eastern Ukraine and in the second round of the election got the support of the voters for the reason.     He could not deliver on that proposal and the reason is clear - he was told that he is dependent on the USA for financial survival and  if he does not behave the US Aid to the Ukraine would end.

So why was the quoted document compiled.    The answer is very probable and that is there is political opposition to funding the Ukraine Government without funding be available to help millions of US citizen to help them to survive.   The US aid proposals as to financial aid was outlined by Senator  Hawley was outlined in the following video clip:-


Senator Hawley explained clearly why the present  Ukraine request for $60 billion in aid is going nowhere and will go nowhere in an election year in the USA.   Millions of voters - especially the Blacks and Hispanics who supported the Democrats  since 1948 is now deserting the Democratic Party because of the Biden Government failure to help the suffering poor and workers in the USA and the Open border policy where migrants get more aid from the USA  Government than US citizens get and the massive costs of the Ukraine war - while the US people are suffering and worse off than they were under President Trump.    

In opinion polls only 38% of the US voters support aid to Ukraine and more than 60% wants no further money flowing to Ukraine.    When CNN found that opposition to the Ukraine War funding they sent staff to interview middle class voters countrywide and to their horror found the truth about the attitude of people in the USA as to he Ukraine war..    Germany can try to send money to Ukraine - but the German Coalition Government is now in opinion polls the support of less than 30% support. and they are not going to support any further finding  of the Ukraine Government under war situations..

If it was only the war the USA  is funding it may not be bad - but the funding of the whole Ukraine budget since 2022 is stretching it - since many voters knows the Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe and funding of the nature provided is funding corruption in both Ukraine and the USA.

So try and get a negotiated settlement with reasonable conditions for an independent and democratic Ukraine  is the best  Ukraine could hope for - but I do not think Russia would negotiate with the Biden Regime in charge.    They are not trusted by Russia and not respected either.    Putin is resecting Trump as a strong  leader and will accept strong action by the USA and that could lead to a better conditions of agreement for Ukraine than they would get at present.


   .      .   .                       .          .     .

      .          .    

Mar 28, 2024, 22:07

Verbose drivel alert

Mar 29, 2024, 01:34

Despite it being, Putin uber alles & never ever questioning the actions of the despicable poison dwarf  ..................Tokkie insist on his neutrality, & above all, being a peacenik.

Mar 29, 2024, 05:12


So Nuland lied when in 2014 in a video recording discussed the appointment of the cabinet members sand all the appointees she recommended were included in the positions she emntioned and most are still in that cabinet - she also bragged that she would introduce then to Biden.   So she also lied when she admitted the existnce iof te bio-labs in Ukraine in testimony in the Senate about Bio-labs in Ukraine.

I can remember how you went bananas on the bio-lab issue and claimed it was Russian propaganda and when the evidence was proven the new excuse emerged as to Nuland's lies.   She came with the story that you were faithfully supported that there are Soviet era bio-labs which the USA are helping to close down.    30 years after the demise of the unlamented Soviet Union was trying to close down  the Soviet era bio-labs -  amazing BS - since the US left instructions that if the Rusians threaten the bio-labs the scientists involved should destroy the pathogens and prevent it from falling in Russian hands.   Obviously she did not comment on the new bio-lab the USA had funded and is operating the modern bio-lab in Odessa as from 2018.    

Everything happening  in Ukraine.   Everything Biden ever came up on Ukraine was based on lies.    When he bragged in a  video recording that he gave the Ukraine government 6 hours to fire the Ukraine Prosecutor when he started investigating  Burisma and the Biden corruption was on the point of being exposed the claim now is that the Prosecutor was fired on the request of other EU countries was not doing his job and that he never investigated Burisma.   That firing  happened three months after Nuland praised his work on investigating corruption in Ukraine and four months after the UK Government also pointed out that the Prosecutor are doing very good work on investigating Ukraine.   So why the sudden forcing of the Ukraine Government  to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma.   Hunter Biden was appointed by the company the Board of that Company and the involvement of Biden in corruption would have been exposed.

When one investigate and found proof that every statement of the USA on the Ukraine issue was a lie  and that is very good in your opinion as a habitual liar yourself.    So when you write about drivel you actually is in a case where further lies by you based on USA Government disinformation campaigns,   Biden even tried to establish a Disinformation Board in the WH that was aimed at describing any actions exposed as idiotic or based on lies by the US Government would be classified as disinformation.

Live with  it - you are as big a liar as the present US  Government is.       



.        ,    .   .   .    

Mar 29, 2024, 07:39


I am a peacenik and am proud of it.    The US Government never tried to negotiate on issues pertaining to Ukraine and there is mountains of proof they sabotage peaceful efforts to sole the Civil War in Eastern Ukraine raging since 2014.    Everything they came up with since 2014 was a lie.   

When Blinken came to SA  to get SA Government Assistance to convince the African Union countries to support the USA on the Ukraine issue.   He was given a lecture on the need to negotiate a peaceful settlements of issues and not provoke war as a solution - he was told to bugger off to put it nicely.    He flew to Rwanda to see the then Chairman of the AUO and was told the same.

So which ex-allies of the USA are now members of BRICS:-

   *     Egypt

   *    Saudi Arabia

   *    The United Arab Emirates

Which ex-allied Countries applied for BRICS membership and is still under negotiation:-

    *    Turkey

    *     Indonesia

    *     Mexico

    *      Argentina

    *      Chile

    *       Nigeria

    *       Algeria

So what allies outside of North America and Europe is left as NATO members are left as the  Great American Allies,    And those are fraying as well.    The German Government will fall next year and so will the French in 2027,   In France the Macron presidency has a minority in the French Parliament and has to live in alliance with the opposition and any controversy caused by the USA is going to fall apart sooner rather than later.    

In the meantime the Russian economy is thriving and the USA one nearly in ruins comparatively and the US and EU sanctions are self-destructing.    After the USA sabotaged the Nort Stream pipeline - Germany still get gas from the pipeline running through Ukraine.   act is the Ukraine use the gas they need from that pipeline and the Germans have to pay the gas they get - as well as for the gas used by Ukraine and the price is 4 times higher than it used to be..   

The UK used to be oil-independent due to oil production from the North Sea area - but that supply i dwindling - so back to the Middle East for oil purchase and the fact is  most of the oil actually originate from Russian Oilfields and then sold to European countries and the USA on an agency basis.   .and they have to pay extra from it.

The USA is the biggest oil producers in the world - but  also the biggest consumers.    There is a problem though.   The present Administr5ation is constantly undermining drilling of new wells to replace those running out of production based on the Global Warming Bullshit conspiracy theory  and stopped completion of key pipelines and is pushing up transport using of oil products and the myth is that the electricity provision will be from sun and wind electricity.    It just is not a short term or long term solution to electricity supply.   The answer is in nuclear electricity generation - but the lefties hate that more than they hate oil and gas usage for that purpose.    

After the Uranium 1 scandal Russian companies own at least 30% of the prospecting rights of Uranium in the USA, while China owns 80% of the cobalt production in the world and control battery production for the electric vehicle batteries.   So Biden wants 50% of the car sales in the USA by 2030 to be of electric cars and the electricity provision is just not sufficient to handle that  situation.    

And then we have the situation of heavy duty equipment for food  production and even warfare - which is not available at all.     The USA is striving for war against Russia through usage of Ukraine - but where are the tanks and have duty vehicles and planes  used in warfare going to come from?   

So food production is under attack by the lefties and  food shortages are already a serious problem.   Food production shortages are already causing inflation and the lie of the Government that the inflation rate is 2,5% is the bigget joke ever.   People had to put up with a price change of at least 10% and the housing and service cost is the same range.    Some food prices like coffee and cheese in SA  has doubled in the past year.   The same situation applies in Europe as well.  

So how is the west going to sustain itseff in future?    What is happening is just an unbelievable disaster in the making is takeover of food production on farms by the State like was the case was in the USSR in the past and that was a disaster in the USSR and will be the same in the USA and Europe.   

i am glad I will die within the next five years - so I will not live to see total destruction of democracy in the world - but it is coming and the USA is promoting it at present.   By 2030 the world as we know it will be changed totally with the EU in total disarray and the USA in serious political trouble and even another  civil war erupting in the USA.    The total destruction of the Western civilization and culture is nearer than you think ad the fall of it will lead to another dark age in the world like happened with the fall of the Western Roman empire.   So be happy about it when it comes and it will came.



.   .         .    .          .   .           




Mar 29, 2024, 07:49

It looks good on paper, but in reality the cost would be too high and the political cost for giving Ukraine what the actually need is too high for it to happen...and it will take too long....while a country is bleeding out...I'm hoping for a diplomatic sollution and things playing out like in South Africa after the Boer war...what will Putin do with the occupied territory? Enslave everyone and send them to Siberia?...Things will get back to normal soon afrer the fighting stops.

Mar 29, 2024, 10:21


I've never heard of a country called Chilli which is quite surprising given that I'm usually pretty good at Geography.

Just going on the name, it sounds hot so I'm guessing somewhere in the tropics?

"i am glad I will die within the next five years"

And so say all of us.

Mar 29, 2024, 11:00

No man Rooi...that's even below you...nee can't mean that.

Mar 29, 2024, 11:08

Well, it didn't take me very long to get the humourless Squeaky Toy stamping his foot again.

Of course I don't mean it you artless, witless, stupid little man . . . but he did say it, right? He did say he'll be glad to die. Yes?

Mar 29, 2024, 13:04


Thanks for the correction of the typing error.   Obviously I would not be glad to die - but glad I do not live to see the disaster in the offing for the world and democracy - as well as the misery it would bring to billions of people throughout the world.   .  

Mar 29, 2024, 13:08

Ja Rooi he said he did a few times before...and you can shove you're "art" right up your bitter arse...rather an uncultured backward hick than a mean miserable d!ckhead...boy, that didn't take long...

Mar 29, 2024, 14:37

And to demonstrate his complete ignorance and unworldliness, the Squeaky Toy makes it clear he doesn't understand the word "artless".


Artless:  lacking art, knowledge, or skill 

Mar 29, 2024, 14:43

And to demonstrate his editing capabilities Peeper totally misses ‘uncutured’….waaaaahahahaha!

Mar 29, 2024, 14:51

Aag fooitog Rudehole...I  understand it I understand what a complete dick you are...ligsinnige poepol...

Mar 29, 2024, 15:46

"And to demonstrate his editing capabilities Peeper totally misses ‘uncutured’"

Wehe, I think "uncutured" (sic) needs an . . . .ummm . . . edit!


Talk about a foot-shoot!

Mar 29, 2024, 16:00

Why is Spelling Editing Important?

A: There are several reasons why spelling editing is important in writing. Firstly, it helps to ensure that your writing is clear and easy to understand. When words are spelled correctly, readers can focus on the content of their writing rather than being distracted by incorrect spellings. This leads to a better reading experience for your audience, which can result in increased engagement and retention of information.

Mar 29, 2024, 16:05

Moffie, I realize you're wobbling a bit . . . . that's because you shot one of your feet . . . but don't go shooting the other one now.

If you're going to quote a misspelling then use a (sic) otherwise we think it's you who needs to do an edit.


Oh and if you're chiding me for not correcting the Squealy Toy's mistake then a) I'm not as anal about spelling or grammar as you are and b) I have a life, if I had to correct the likes of the Squeaky Toy and ou Maaik it would be a full time job,

Now go wipe all that egg off your fat and pompous face and come back when you're up to speed. There's a good chap . . .

Mar 29, 2024, 16:12

Actually I apologize. I really shouldn’t have humiliated you so soon after your return. We all know how sensitive you are and we should probably take the opportunity  to have a little fun  before you run away again.

Mar 29, 2024, 16:22


I'll say it again for you Moffie because I know you're not the shiniest coin in the fountain, come back when you're up to speed. Your recent efforts are nothing short of embarrassing.

Mar 29, 2024, 16:34

Welcome back RooiBalls

Where you been?

Listen, it's kak style to stay away for that long when the people on this board are dropping like flies.

DA and Draad were on the verge of celebrating. I had to rein them in.


Mar 29, 2024, 16:42

I realized I had a tolerance level for how many times I could read about whether Mostert/DDA/PSdT was good or crap where the only supporting "arguments" were the equivalent of "yes he is/no he isn't" . . . but I did miss the banter so I'm back.

Mar 29, 2024, 17:38

Let me help you out… uses [sic] to draw attention to a spelling error in a quotation. In this case the error is the quotation….preceded by ‘misses’. There is no ambiguity about the word being in error.

Using (sic) is redundant and pompous. This from

The use of sic has grown since the mid-1900s, and it can be used today as a comment about the person being quoted. Quoted material is, unsurprisingly, demarcated by the presence of quotation marks, so a reader could be expected to assume that any significant errors come from the source being quoted.

Is there a drawback to using sic?

A writer might place the word sic into such a quote to draw attention to those errors. Because this can be viewed as belittling toward the source quoted, some writers avoid using sic. For instance, they can paraphrase a statement rather than quoting it directly.

For this reason, John E. McIntyre of The Baltimore Sun declared, “We have actively discouraged the use of sic in copy, because it is nearly impossible to use it without looking snotty.”

…..The presence of quotation marks means the reader can rightly assume the error originated in the source being quoted.
Oh dear….twice in one string….boompsie.
Why don’t you just admit you missed the error and now look like a pompous fool as well.

Mar 29, 2024, 18:00

"DA and Draad were on the verge of celebrating. I had to rein them in."

I know the difference  between a horse and a king...and I was expecting the fall-out. :D

Mar 29, 2024, 18:10

So no change there then . . . Moffie still not man enough to admit when he's been pwned . . . and of ccourse, who could forget Moffie's uncontrolled and manic glee when he jumped all over my use of "pwned" only to find out it was a gamer's staple amd he'd made a gigantic dick of himself . . . yet again!


Mar 29, 2024, 21:55

Well [sic]nek I appreciate your unique perspective, but I’ll go with C’mon you can do it, admit you totally missed the most obvious error in Draad’s post. We’ll chalk it up to being rusty…deal?

Mar 29, 2024, 23:22

ouMaaik, you're a peacenik se gat.

Peaceniks condemned the illegal invasion ................... you enthusiastically support the invasion.

Jy vokken lieg.

Shame on you.

Mar 30, 2024, 00:43

Let me go back to my comments above and in particular the following:- 

"And then we have the situation of heavy duty equipment for food  production and even warfare - which is not available at all.     The USA is striving for war against Russia through usage of Ukraine - but where are the tanks and have duty vehicles and planes  used in warfare going to come from?   

So food production is under attack by the lefties and  food shortages are already a serious problem.   Food production shortages are already causing inflation and the lie of teh Government that the inflation rate si 2,5% is the bigget joke ever.   People had to put up with a price change of at least 10% and the houing and service cost is the same range.    Some food prices like coffee and cheese in SA  has doubled in the past year.   The same situation applies in Europe as well."

The usage of heavy duty diesel vehicles and faming equiment is now being finalized and that shows total disregard for the real situation - all vehicles and equipment must have zero emissions by 2030,       Vehicles and equipment of the nature invovled has normally - if properly maintained are nrmally in the vicinity of 20 years.    So by 2030 the owners must replace 90% of the cehicles and farming equipment now in use.    It also means that the US Government intention as to investing  in new oil wells virtually impossible thus undermining oil production  but it is even worse in the food  farming industry,     

The S Government as pr normal lies about food price inflation and petrol and diesel prices - th at is normal in all countries and food is beoming a luxxury requirement not affordable fo the poor and low-income worrkrs,    What is happening will just spike food prices further since food shortages will be inevitable.   

The  left-wing idealogues have taken total control under the Biden administration and that means an all-out war on food production inevitable.   .   The EU tried the same stunts the US Government is now implementing  and the farmers are objecting  to it.  They have he support o the wider community on the issue and the people realize what is really the problem with rising food prices and causing food insecurity in the process causes  increase of food insecurity.    The present level of left-wing fanaticism is unbelievable..


Mar 30, 2024, 02:22

The arrogance of this moron. Now he thinks the inflation rate is 10% not 2.5%. Firstly nobody thinks the inflation rate is 2.5% yet. But it’s well down from the peak, most recently at 3.2%.

This number is predicted and dissected by literally thousands of trained economists, there is no opportunity to game the number….each component is tracked separately. But Wanker knows better.

Mar 30, 2024, 09:33

I hope you're sitting on some dry powder for rate cut day, Moz.

Pretty frightening that things are at all time highs with inflation still this high.

Me thesis is ...rate cuts -> blowoff top -> recession

Mar 30, 2024, 09:44


If you believe that BS  you deserve to suffer like the poor and workers in the USA are suffering.  Since Biden became President the inflation in. 2021 the issue here is that  inflation in 2021 was 7,5% and in 2022 was  8,5%  - even if the fact is that the 2,5% inflation rate is an outright and normal  lie of dishonest Governments all over the world - the real inflation since Biden took over is in excess of  20% .    That is why their are 49 million  people in the USA now suffering from food insecurity and that is increasing at an alarming rate.  .

However  - the above aspect deals with the Global Warming madness dealing with eliminating of diesel and petrol driven vehicles and machinery now announced by the Bien Administration.   You apparently may know something about business management - but absolutely nothing of farming  and food production inputs farmers have to make to provide food.    The fact is it is an exact example of the war on food  that lead to huge upheavals in Europe apparently not covered by the  Wall Street Journal and the New York Times  

So let me ask you a simple question -if the cartage contractors and farmers have to spend   billions on new vehicles and machinery - would that  have no cost increases on their part that will end up in either reduction in food production or ultra high transport costs of food delivery to the cities?   Would that not push up food prices due to shortage of supply and transport costs?

Please explain how you would handle that BS.        



Mar 30, 2024, 14:37

Plum I think the interest rate cuts are in the market already….when Powell intimated 3 cuts could be possible, the market popped. Perhaps there’s a bit more from rates, but not a lot.

To me the biggest risk is in the momentum stocks. Lilly with their new weight loss drug has more than a 100 P/E. Nvidia has a 75 P/E. The slightest fly in the ointment could unravel a lot of value.

Right now I’m playing option spreads and I have funds in structured notes, waiting for a better entry point. What to do with the Microsoft’s and Nvidias remains unclear. 

Mar 30, 2024, 16:24


Have you no shame  left in you  when you brag about your shareholdings- while millions of US  citizens do not know where there next meal will come from.   This si what can be expected from the leftist an the fascists - are you one of those two groups?.     .      

So the interest the home owners pay on their loans came down from 7,5% to 6%.    

But I asked  you a real  question that you have no answer to.    What about the leftist BS  of the Biden WH about  the transport and farming industries and the impact of the replacement of vehicles  by 2030 of all diesel and petrol driven vehicles and farm equipment.    It would require billions from the transport contractors and farmers   You indicated that the attempted stealing the Trump properties in New York - that you seem unconcerned about the farmers losing their properties because of the war on food production by he USA Government?        .    

Mar 30, 2024, 19:16

I’m bragging about nothing, Plum made a comment on the market and asked me how I was positioned. I simply responded with no allusion to numbers.

As for all the other stuff  which has you discombobulated….if it ever happens I’ll comment.

Mar 31, 2024, 16:58

Ypu do not know about the attack on diesel vehicles  and machinery using diesel or any oil products to operate.    The New York Times has not commented on it neither did the Wall Street Journal.      You do not know that the same conditions the Biden Administration  is introducing is a carbon copy of the EU Climate change ideology the EU has cause a revolt against the EU policies.

It quased massive upheavals in Europe and falling of several Governments _ the public in general suffer because of the regulations as to food production and resulted shortages in food and in inflation.   Did the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times wrote anything  about those protests?

Maybe should should read up about what the next move on food supply will entail.   of the WH is going to happen soon.        

Mar 31, 2024, 18:23

You really think the rate cuts are priced in, Moz?

Cos things have been going up for while, before Powell came out all dovish.

Mar 31, 2024, 20:31

Mar 30, 2024, 16:24


Have you no shame  left in you  when you brag about your shareholdings- while millions of US  citizens do not know where there next meal will come from.   This si what can be expected from the leftist an the fascists - are you one of those two groups?.  


Perplexity AI, here is a table showing the percentage of stocks owned by different income and wealth groups in the United States:

Group% of Stocks Owned
Top 1%54%
Top 10%70%
Top 0.1%15.7% - 20.4%
Top 0.01%10.5% - 17.1%
Top 0.001%3.2% - 5.1%
Bottom 90%7%
Middle Class (Middle 20%)14%
Bottom 20%9%
White Households89%

    Mar 31, 2024, 20:48

    What I don't understand about that chart is how do the poorest 20% have shares? Surely if someone was poor and they had a small amount of shares they would sell them.

    Did a search for UK data- but it is not available. I suspect that less of the UK population own shares than the US. 

    If 50% of the voting population vote for Democrats, it is hard to label them all shareholders of any significance.

    Apr 01, 2024, 02:14

    You do not understand it because you do not know how the system really works is that 70% of the shares are owned by the bilionaires  and 20%  by the milionairs.   Shares are allocated o the middle class and working class due to their contribution to pension and other funds that invest in shares.

    The situation as to 50% voting for the democrats is also misleading.   What is really amazing  as to how the Democrats managed to improve their share of the vote from 64 million n 2016 to 81 million in 2020,    Another issue is how did the percentage of voters actually voting increased from 58% in 2016 to 72% in 2020 of the t - the highest percentage of  registered votiersg in the past 120 years.

    In 2929 the percentage of total voters in opinion olls in 2020 accoing t opinion polls indicated that  the voting was fraudulent - the latest polls stated 61% of the respondents now believe their was voter fraud in 2020 basically based on 25 million of unidentified people send mail-in ballots that was counted.     Hundreds of  thousands of voters in 2020 turned up at polling booths to vote in 2020 and found they have already voted through mail-in ballots,   If somebody voted in their places why were those false votes counted at all?     

    In any event I think the present administration goes against opinion polls indicating the unidentified voters should not be allowed in he USA (82%) and disapprove of v ote ahrvesting as well - yet the Democatic Party wants to use the corrfupt system in California to the rest oof the country.

    I will give you another example why the Democrat lost 25 seats in the House election in 2020 - if Biden was so popular amongst the voting public - what happened to his coattails  as the matter normally is.   The main-in ballots was only completed in respect of the Presidential voting - not the House level candidates and even Senators.     

    There are too many people (82%)  who believes the US voting system is wide open for fraudulent votes to be counted,    That is why they insist that proof of identity must be provided when voters are registered and when they vote - but the D emcorfats are fighting that concept totally.   

    Is Biden according to opinion polls popular enough to win the 2024 election - that will only happen if the California system is replicated in all the swing states.    There is at present no pandemic that the Democrats ignored laws as to voting procedures violating  in 2020 based on the danger of getting Covid should they vote in person n election day.   in the case of 13 of te 23 breaking of State election laws in 2020 - 14 ruled that the breaches applied were illegal and votes should not be counted - but those decisions were ignored by the States where it was most  common and the other 9 cases never ruled on the issue.

    What i cannot understand why a country like S A  has election laws and implementation syste that makes it impossible to vote without identification.- while in the USA the voting  is encouraged by the Democratic Party in their effort to retain power.   .    .           .            .                       .           .     

    Apr 01, 2024, 02:44

    More than a year after President Joe Biden won the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump and his allies still insist without evidence that widespread voter fraud led to a stolen election. A new reporting project from the Associated Press shows that is false, finding fewer than 475 potential instances out of more than 25 million votes cast. Judy Woodruff speaks to reporter Christina Cassidy.

    Read the Full Transcript

    Notice: Transcripts are machine and human generated and lightly edited for accuracy. They may contain errors.

    • Judy Woodruff:

      More than a year after President Biden won the presidential election, former President Trump and his allies insist, without evidence, that widespread voter fraud led to a stolen election.

      A new, exhaustive piece of reporting from the Associated Press shows that simply is not true. AP Reporters went looking for cases of voter fraud in six states that Trump has challenged, and they found fewer than 475 potential instances out of more than 25 million votes cast, a number that would not have come close to changing the outcome.

      I spoke yesterday to Christina Cassidy. She's one of the reporters for the AP.

      Christina Cassidy, thank you so much for joining us.

      This was a deep and wide-ranging effort that you and your colleagues made. What, there were you and 10 other reporters. You talked to, what, 340 election officials across these states.

      What were you trying to find out?

    • Christina Cassidy, Associated Press:

      Heading into the November 3 election, we were certainly aware about various statements being made about voter fraud.

      We were also aware that academic studies had shown that it was exceptionally rare. But once November 3 happened and we saw everything that happened since, we decided at the AP that we wanted to go to the source. We wanted to look for the voter fraud, and we wanted to identify what voter fraud had occurred, what potential voter fraud had occurred in the November 3 election.

      And so we embarked on this reporting effort that involved reporters in six states, the six states that were disputed by President Trump and his allies. And we went to the local election officials. And we asked them to identify for us any potential instances of voter fraud that they had flagged during their post-election certification and canvassing work.

    • Judy Woodruff:

      And what did you find?

    • Christina Cassidy:

      Well, in the end, we found it was just shy of 475 potential cases of voter fraud in those six states, which would not have made a difference in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

    • Judy Woodruff:

      And this was out of millions of votes cast, if you add up all the votes in those states.

      Christina, tell us — just give us a couple of examples of the fraud that you did find, those individual cases.

    • Christina Cassidy:


      I mean, they ran the gamut. You had individuals like a gentleman from Wisconsin who was a felon, and he did not understand or did not know, he said, that he — he thought he was eligible to vote. And so he voted. And it turns out Wisconsin is not one of those states that have loosened laws for felon voting. So, there was that instance.

      We had a woman in Maricopa County who has been charged. Authorities say that she submitted a ballot on behalf of her mother, who had died about a month before the election. And there were other instances of people who had submitted mail ballots. Either they had mailed them or dropped them off and those ballots showed up after they had voted in person, whether in early voting or on Election Day.

    • Judy Woodruff:

      And we know that former President Trump, the people who support him, continue to push this notion of massive voter fraud, despite all evidence to the contrary.

      And you spoke to the former president. What did he say?

    • Christina Cassidy:

      Well, the president definitely spoke about his concerns about the pandemic-related changes, and how there were — that there was such an increase in mail ballots, and his belief that those are less secure.

      But speaking with election officials, they stand by their protocols and their procedures in place. And there are numerous procedures, protocols in place, guardrails to ensure that every ballot is accounted for

      • Mail ballots that are sent out, they are logged. Every mail ballot that is returned is logged.

        They go through various security checks in a number of states. They do — they conduct signature verification. So, when those ballots come in, they're looking at the signatures. And every time a voter has had contact with their election office, whether it's signing a petition, requesting a ballot application, submitting a ballot, those signatures are on file, and they're kept on file.

        And so, when those ballots come in, they're reviewed. They look at those signatures, and if there's a discrepancy, they flag it. They contact the voters. They say, hey, there is an issue here. You need to come in and prove that this is your ballot. And if that person doesn't come in, that ballot is discarded and is not counted.

      • Judy Woodruff:

        So, let me just ask you, is there any possibility, based on what you found, that this election could have been counted erroneously, that the results could have turned out differently than they did?

      • Christina Cassidy:

        Not based on voter fraud, no.

      • Judy Woodruff:

      • ll right.

        Christina Cassidy, an exhaustive piece of reporting from the Associated Press.

        Thank you very much.

      • Christina Cassidy:

        Thank you.

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