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May 05, 2024, 07:30

Biden -when he became President in 2021 claimed that he would restore unity of people in the USA after according  to him "4 years of divisive chaos under Pesident Trump.

In near to 4 years after Biden became President - there is nothing  much left of real importance for the people  of the USA.     Extreme leftist Policies are implemented that is destroying the USA and while it is known that what the USA  is doing following  weird decisionmaking.

There are a number of fields where the Biden Administration sees where meddling with the believes of the majority of people are destroyed and the result is that Biden's presidency are regarded as a failure - the overall believe amongst votes are that 61% of the voters was Biden is a failure as President.   70% of the voters believe his conomy forces th em into poverty and failed as well.   72% says his open border policy is a disaster and 82% indicated that voter idntification is necessary.   But there is one thing where the destruction is near to total.

That is the Trans issue in sex of people.  This entails three issues of particular interest to people:-

*    In terms of the Woke Culture  there are 52 different categories of sex orientation in the USA.    In terms of Government the terms of men and wmoen is against their norms - there are such things as man and woman in their believes.    So a mother is described as a child bearing parent and not as mother.       

*     The attack on influencing children is all-out and in Califiornia the norm is that children are influenced by cross-dressers inciting children in schools to challenge their identity as boys and girls and go for sex-change treatment in concerts organized by the Education Depprtment.  If the parents object the children are taken away from their aprents and placed in State instiitutions where there treatment is then continued.    The school concerts are taking place countrywide - and Biden is determined to introduce the Californa State Law on the issue countrywide.

*      The above idiocy is branched out to women sport as well.   In the USA in the absence of sex description of men and women the sport issue is simple according to the latest directive of sport in the USA.   Any male who cross-dress and claim he feels he is a female and not a male is free to participate in female sport and use the female changeooms facilities showering with their cocks and balls in full display.

The damage to women sport is virtually unrepairable.   TH IOC wuld not accept the BS - but it limits the US team selections for international competition massively.    Female articipants in sport is up in arms and the comments of Swiatek after winning the Madrid Women Open in tennis was typical when a sport reporter asked her a question on that score:-

"If we had to play against a man, we would lose" - Iga Swiatek clarifies take on women's tennis, echoes Serena Williams' sentiments after Madrid win

So like the  economy where the economy was described by 70% of the voters as poor and higher numbers of voters believe the same as to voter identiication prooof in election is 82% (something  the Demcorats are in total oppoition to) and 95%  of female sport participants are opposed to - the USA leftists is for something  else they can destroy - namely women sport.  

The fact is female tennis players oppose the idea clearly and players like Navratiova and Evert are opposing  Biden in that regard.     But that counts for nothing - the ultra-leftists  sees a country where they can dominate the country by increasing the number of sex-change people massively and they can import illegal migrants to off-set the children deficit that would result from that change.   

The Democrats love riots - like they organized and funded in 2020 - this time it is by the Muslim imports in the USA where the schools are used to influence even primary school children by trans cross-dressers is a starting point.   On the legal side through the FBI the Catholic Church and parents objecting to children being brainwashed in schools  are  under investigation as representing domestic terrorism in the USA and so are the rest of the communties where the FBI has conducted 278 000  cases of illegal investigations of people as stated by the FIS Court.   That was the situation in the USA in 2022 - what it is at present is unknown - buit guaranteed to be running into millions by whistlblowers from within the FBI.  .   

Take for instance the present riots at USA Universities by the Muslims,   Biden claimed that the riots are legitimate and the rioters should obey the laws and not destroy infrastructure and spread hatred against Jews.    But then when the rioters disobeyed the latter requirement the police at some universities had to intervene and arrest some of the ritoers and organisors of the riots.   That being done in terms of the Justice Department principles the rioters are released within 24 hours without the need to pay bail and they are back in the  streets organizing further riots.                                                                      



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