Doctors Warn of ‘Alarming 3000% Increase in Unexplained Child Deaths’

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Jul 09, 2024, 10:44

I suppose of course the frot 5 dupes of the globalist media know all bout this. Of course they don't. There is so much they have no clue about.

Of course all unexplained deaths, excess deaths couldn't be cause by the deadly jabs if you believe the Globalist media and the arch deceiver Mozzietard.

A group of prominent Canadian medical doctors and scientists has just held a press conference to warn the public about a staggering spike in child deaths.

The doctors issued an emergency warning over an “alarming 3000% increase in unexplained child deaths.”

The press conference featured Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. William Makis, Darrell Komick, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, Dr. David Speicher, and Dr. Mark Trozzi.

The doctors took questions from reporters about the surge in child deaths which emerged after the Covid mRNA shots rollout started in early 2021.

The presser was held on the morning after the landmark event “An Injection of Truth” in Calgary, Canada.

See the video here:

3000 percent increase in unexplained child deaths

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