Donald Trump exposes the Underbelly of Western Society

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Nov 13, 2020, 13:06

It is not just America, but other Western Society that contains Trumpanzees. (Just not as high a %). They have been in our midst all of this time, hiding who they really are. 

When Trump got into power it, it gave them the confidence to express what they are. It has emboldened them to be more direct. 

Obama is just about to release a book where he claims having the first black man as US president, unhinged many white Americans people paving the way for Donald Trump. 

The rise of the Alt-right and far-right militant groups has seen guns sale soar since Trump ran for office. Stand Back and Stand By... Product Boys...

Most of the Trump supporters are religious, and of these "some" believe that Trump was sent by God (e.g. Beeno). When combined with racism and xenophobia - A dangerous concoction indeed... 

Very similar to believers of Islam who see themselves as God's chosen people- with a strong man leader threatening on Twitter they feel protected. 

Time to roll on... and bring the world back to where it was. Trump's master race will just have to hide who they truly are again... The world is less civilised than we thought. 

America can no longer be seen as an example for Democracy. Trump drawing attention to US election has exposed that the US Southern States have actively applied voter suppression for ages- by making it hard to vote. This Southern system is designed to get capture majority-white votes- and perhaps even conservative white voters.

Nov 13, 2020, 13:35

Any form of extremism is dangerous - on the left equally as we saw with the riots recently with old people just trying to have dinner being bullied by masked black clad mobs. So-called anti-fascists behaving like Nazi brown shirts.

Nov 13, 2020, 14:35

Yes Pakie- although the extremism has traditionally been more by the far-left mob. The alt-right mob has grown and newer- hence "exposes". New in recent times, but not for Nazi Germany. 

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