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Jul 19, 2022, 09:26

Faucci indicated he will retire at the end of Biden Presidency.   However, when will that be?    Biden is unlikely to pass any psychological tests and will be fired out due to being unable to function as a President and will be dismissed in terms of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.   I do not think that the Democrats will oppose it - they regard Biden as destructive as well - he is actively involved i destroying that Party as well.   Over 64% of the Democrats do not want him to run for President in 2024  and the way things are going in the USA is a disaster for the Democrats as well.  Many of their candidates do not want him to campaign for them in the election and his removal as President will enable them to find a new leader as their candidate in 2024.   However who would that be?   The ultra liberal and leftist socialist will probably be  Newsom.    


Once the Congress is taken over by the Republicans in 2022 their first people the House will investigate are Faucci and Hunter Biden.    Any links with the Pharma Industry and especially alleged backhanders will be the first issues that will be investigated.    It is very likely that Faucci will be charged with a string of crimes - like funding gain of function research at Wuhan which caused the pandemic that killed millions of people worldwide - getting bribed by the Pharma Industry and lies under oath when he was questioned in Senate.   He was responsible for the Biden mandates on Health issues and the causing of US Health Services being made subject to the WHO.

In the meantime the Health services are facing a huge number of doctors and nursing staff resigning because of the fact they do not agree with the unscientific ruining of Health services by the Biden and Faucci  administration.    


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