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Dec 23, 2021, 12:08

Dr Faucci came under strong attack  in the Senate by one of the most centrist  Senators in the USA, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.    Senator Johnson gave a breakdown of the failure the present fight against the Covid  pandemic produced.  In the center of his attack is the efforts by Dr Faucci to undermine treatment options of people even getting sick when vaccinated.

He went on to refer to the fact that according to the Health Department data 927 740 people were adversely affected by vaccines and of those 19 542 has died directly as a result of vaccination.  Many were so seriously affected that they would have Health pro0blems for the rest of their lives.

That while drugs that like invermectin - the scientist developing it were awarded a Nobel price and adverse affects are minimal,   Since it came on the market  60 years ago 3 796 people died as a result of usage of the drug and that represents a death toll of 15 per year.   Despite its successful cases in treating other diseases and now also Covid - Dr Faucci said it is a product made from horse manure  and i of no value whatsoever.   The main issue here is that the advice local Doctors get from  Dr Faucci and the Health Department forbid the usage of the drug for treatment and tens of thousands has died as a result of their being no real treatment once people get sick of Covid.

Senator Johnson called the mandates the so-called Covid Guards under Faucci unconstitutional and garbage.    

However, in another report from a different source the US Secret Service reported that of the Covid Aids Program in the USA an amount of more than $100 billion have been stolen or misused by criminal elements in the USA.    However, the abuse is basically on a local level an in virtually all cases on State and Local Government  level - the Federal Government are doing nothing about the problem.    This is always the case with programs like that - irrespective of wherever in the world it happens - in SA the Health Minister was fired because of a similar problem, but the Democratic Party crony system's main objective is protection of criminals in all levels of Government.             



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