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Jan 07, 2021, 23:23

Do any of you dabble in Earth2?

I recently sold some of my Bitcoin profits to invest in land in Earth2 which could be huge and - like any of these other virtual investments - you need to get in early.

Basically they've split the entire map of the world into over 5 trillion 10m by 10m tiles and you can zoom into any continent, any country, and city right up to street level and buy and sell specific tiles that each have a longitude and latitude location and a value according to which country it's in. 

If you just look at the technology they required to do that then you know it's not a fly-by-night scam. There's an element of ponzi scheme to it (which is why you shouldn't delay) but it's great fun, especially if you're obsessed with maps as I am . . . and some smart investors will be able to make big money. 

My daughter just shakes her head, telling me that I'm using real money to transfer virtual money to a different virtual platform . . . but I have a hunch about this. It's also very easy to get started, especially if you have a Paypal account.

If any of you ever get to the point that you want to buy some tiles and you need a referral code, please use mine: CD7RRGX406

I'll answer whatever questions I can but I'm busy learning myself.

PS A word of warning, Earth2 is busy exploding and their servers can't cope with the load. If you're in SA or the UK then only attempt to use Earth2 in the morning while America sleeps.

Jan 07, 2021, 23:53

Sounds interesting

How does it work - you buy tiles that don’t belong to you in reality, so once you have invested how do you make money.

What accounts for your tile increasing or decreasing in value?

Jan 08, 2021, 07:59

Never heard of this. 

Will check it out.

Jan 08, 2021, 08:22

Copying and pasting from the "About" section:

Earth 2 is the beginning of our world's future virtual existence and today you have a chance to own part of this incredible future

We envisage a virtual, digital world on a 1:1 scale with earth. Places in Earth 2 are essentially in the same location as earth because the Earth 2 digital grid system is geographically linked to the world we live in.

The vision of Earth 2 is to create a global digital representation of our earth, a place where people can build, abide, trade, live, experience, interact and so much more. The vision is long term and monumental and we feel the introduction of Earth 2 represents the birth of the world's virtual timeline.

If you share our dream and our vision then we invite you to partake and become part of history. By purchasing your own piece of virtual land in Earth 2 you're not only supporting the virtual future of our world but also creating an amazing opportunity for yourself to make profit by becoming involved early! But if you're still unsure, simply sign up for a free account so we can keep you updated on future releases!

Geo Target by Vectors Market from the Noun Project

Earth 2 Terrain

The Earth2 terrain engine is able to render the entire Earth with extreme terrain and vegetation details not seen before in any game, where movement is without loading and popping artifacts. This all with high performance and the ability to down-scale to lower hardware.

Online Business by Vectors Market from the Noun Project

Earth 2 Web App

Earth 2’s web platform provides its users the possibility of buying, selling and/or bidding on virtual land. The available land is represented by a mercator projection of a world map sliced up in a virtual grid of approximately 10x10 meters which spans the entire planet. Some core technologies provided via our web application are listed below:

  • Segmented digital layer of land consisting of over 5.1 trillion uniquely identified virtual land tiles spanning the entire surface of Earth that are optimised to render with multiple layers of associated data and are delivered to the user with extremely high efficiency (capped at 50 billion circulation for Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 land)
  • Unique identifier which is instantly delivered per tile per render with and without ownership status
  • Map view property select that instantly illustrates property size, value, trading history, ownership details, purchase status and property land title editing
  • Performant rendering of country flag over map tiles returning current controlled status
  • Property Deed details view confirming Land Class, Land Title, Deed Identifier, Controlled Status, Purchase Price, Market Value, Sale Status, list of exact unique Tile IDs including longitude and latitude plus addresses for each tile within related property
  • User Profile Portfolio presenting total number of properties owned, total number of tiles owned, Net worth, Property Value Increase / Decrease, List of Properties with Imagery and summarised detail per property
  • Heterogeneous financial system consisting of core functionality such as:
  • Adding and selling Credit balance
  • Bidding and counterbidding on purchased properties with guaranteed funds to result (Accept or Cancel)
  • Purchase For Sale properties with instant Deed transfer
  • Real time Transaction history recording all incoming and outgoing expenses with filtration option
  • Calculated income tax earned per property based on Land Class per country
  • Inter-user trading price (Market Value) per country determined real time
  • Second tier real time New Land price per country determined real time (core system price for available land previously unowned in a country)
  • MarketPlace list of all properties for sale by other users listing key data, number of tiles, land class, country, Market Value, Advertised Price, % vs Market Value displayed in Best Value orde
  • Countries providing real time and historic statistical records on trading price, volumes and more per country.
  • Referral code mechanism which records and distributes credits based on communal trading
  • Leaderboard which returns a variety of results based on filter options

It should be noted that our web app financial system will act as a foundation for future planned economic systems that will become available at a later stage inside Earth 2.

I suspect the smart thing to do right now is just to buy land and be patient for a few months until most of the tiles are sold and trading has to happen in the Marketplace.

One thing I have found is it's cheaper to buy land in the Markeplace from sellers rather than buying new land. If you scroll through the markeplace most of the land is higher than actual land value but there are plenty of bargains in between.

Jan 08, 2021, 12:57

Cool will have a look

Jan 13, 2021, 10:16

South Korea is doing well.  

Nice that the USA is top-dog but with the promise of influx from all those Asians that love them some MMO games and casinos. 

Looks like something that's pretty easy to write an aggressive spread betting software for.

Don't have time to check but wanna see what North Korean land is being bought by the South Korean trolls.

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