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Nov 06, 2022, 20:09

I just wanted to post a point regarding the electricity supply and living situation in RSA in 2022.

A dear life long friend of ours is rapidly approaching the end of her life and these are the conditions that she and her husband have to live under at this dark and desperate period in their lives.

They are both in their 80's and frail.

She has terminal cancer and,

the electricity only works for 4 hours per day at various times as per Escom rotation electricity cycles which are not set in stone as to when you will be "hot".

the water supply is intermittent, not drinkable,

no hospital beds available,

the husband has to act as the "nurse" and general support,

no ambulances available to take her for "medical checks or scans" they have to use a taxi.

What a shambles the country is in and by the way they live in Central Morningside in Durban not out in the bush.



Nov 06, 2022, 20:57

I hate the loadshedding story in SA.   The fa ct is the whole f Eskom was disemboweled by gross in competence and thieving.    There were no maintenance programs for years and the breakdowns  are on a daily basis.   Some of the breakdowns are caused by sabotrge by employees,   

 I am rather lucky - I have a generator capable of providing electricity needds for the whole house.   However - it comes at high cost because of the unbelievable cost of Petrol,

My sympathies go out to your two friends  in Morningside.   Durban is in a horrible state anyway. 

By the way  I  see Biden now wants to close all coal powered    This is final proof Biden is a idiotic and  hopeless President,     


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