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Jun 07, 2024, 02:04

The elections started todxay with voting in the Netherlands.   On checking there were no results out as yet.   What is known is that the Netherlands have 16 eats in the EU Parliament.   As far as I could make out is that opinion polls indicated that the Wilders Party will get 9 of the votes and the other leftist and centrist parties would get 8 votes.  

However Bloombergs announced that it was a set back for Wilders Party and the Party suffered a setback in  the election.   Wilders and his farmer allies got 35% of the votes in the last Dutch Parliament election - if they now get 50% the seats - it was not a setback - in fact it means that the two allied arties invovled increased their support in the EU election by near to 26% in their support and any other observations is media BS.     Bloomberg mentioned the fact that the leftist and centrist parties will get 8 members in the election.    The Netherlands never had a conservative rep in the EU Parliamnt.   In fact a bad sign for the present majority of countrieswith leftists Governments.  

Bloomberg alsoa ppear to be unaware of the system as to announcement of results - it is done by the countries once an election is finalized in the relevnan countries before theya re sent to the EU Commission whose only function is to check the results announced - but that si just an administrative function - nothing else.   In most of the more populous countries will be held on Sunday.   

However no results are available at present - I will update the results as soon as I can get them.


The Netherlands     -   31 members       

In any event you can use the following site to get results cleared by the EU on the following  site:-



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