Europe hits a million Covid cases today…..

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Jan 05, 2022, 03:41

….a stunning 1092014 cases to be precise. Australia with it’s lockdowns and contact tracing hits 47202, a higher number than supposedly unsafe South Africa has ever registered, the highest being 37875.

A lot of arrogant people who thought their tame experts knew what they were talking about….are eating lots of crow. Fortunately there is a good supply deep down under.

Jan 05, 2022, 04:33

The US got over 1 million "reported" cases yesterday. 

South Africa do much less testing, so their reported figures will be significantly lower. 

Jan 05, 2022, 06:43

"South Africa do much less testing, so their reported figures will be significantly lower"

Well, duh...yet the people aren't dying in the streets either...What's the positivity rate of the tests? In SA it peaked at about 30%

Jan 05, 2022, 17:31

Nope the US had 568000 registered cases yesterday:

Jan 05, 2022, 17:50

This is surprising coming from Europe  and the USA - but maybe has something to do with the winter conditions.  

South Africa in December had rather cool weather conditions compared to previous years  and at times the temperature was down to 17 degrees C with an average temperature of 22 degrees in daytimes.   That coul have contributed to the rise in Covid cases.    By mid-December there was a 500% increase in Mid-December  dropping down into negative territory in January - ie a reduction of -20%  in active cases.    

So the wave of infections with the latest variants is gone and past without the panic it is causing in Europe and the USA.   .     


Jan 05, 2022, 19:43

"Foxx and Friends"...
That was on the 3rd of Jan, over 1 million cases- the world record.

The 4th of Jan was over 800,000 cases in the US

Jan 05, 2022, 20:53

Nope 613000 on December 31 was the highest total. Time to use the Worldometer… are the credentials:

About Worldometer

Worldometer manually analyzes, validates, and aggregates data from thousands of sources in real time and provides global COVID-19 live statistics for a wide audience of caring people around the world.

Our data is also trusted and used by the UK GovernmentJohns Hopkins CSSE, the Government of Thailand, the Government of Vietnam, the Government of PakistanFinancial TimesThe New York TimesBusiness InsiderBBCand many others.

Over the past 15 years, our statistics have been requested by, and provided to Oxford University PressWileyPearsonCERNWorld Wide Web Consortium (W3C)The AtlanticBBC, Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology, Science Museum of Virginia, Morgan StanleyIBMHewlett PackardDellKasperskyPricewaterhouseCoopersAmazon AlexaGoogle Translate, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), the U2 concert, and many others.

Worldometer is cited as a source in over 10,000 published books and in more than 6,000 professional journal articles and was voted as one of the best free reference websites by the American Library Association (ALA), the oldest and largest library association in the world.

Jan 05, 2022, 21:06

That said,  with the mildness of Omicron there have to be many unreported cases world wide. Mike, Europe and the US are highly urbanized with large populations in the inner cities. That combined with the severe winters and consequent indoor life style make it a much harder ask up north. 

Conversely South Africa and Australia have much better circumstances. Which is why all the Australian crowing about how they were so enlightened about Covid, was nauseating.

Australia’s population is 1/13th of the USA. Multiply their total of yesterday of 47202 by 13 and you get 613000…..exactly the highest number of 613000 ever recorded in the USA.

Today Australia hit 64735 way higher per person than the US has hit yet. 

As one Australian friend said to me, if he has anything seriously wrong medically he wants to be in the States.

Jan 05, 2022, 21:22

If you Search in Google for USA 1 million Covid Cases, there is a wealth of news articles reporting the same data.

Omicron is rife, I do agree that the reported cases are probably much lower than the true number of cases. The home testing kits etc. People with Boosters may not even realise they have Omicron- and there will be more a symptomatic case anyway given it is a weaker variant, with more people asymptomatic. 

Also, apparently, re-infections are not included in the data in the UK- and maybe other places as well. 

France has a population size the same as the UK, and they have "reported" 332,252 infections today. The true number must be much higher. 
So, in 60 days, it may be possible for nearly everyone to get Omicron in a country. 

Record rises in daily Covid cases were reported in at least seven countries on Wednesday as the Omicron variant continues to spread. 
They were: 

France - 332,252; 
- 39,570; 
Turkey - 66,467; 
Italy - 189,109; 
Sweden - 17,320;
Netherlands - 24,000
 Israel - 11,978.

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