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Jun 11, 2024, 06:44

Check this video out.....

It is crazy what is coming out from all these individual investigations..... and just how much the general public were taken for fools by these kind of people

Fauci has been caught out on numerous lies already, but just check what he says here about keeping the American people under so much pressure, that it forces them to get vaccinated.

There are now quite a few videos of Fauci testifying on certain issues, and he has been outed many times already.... and this is just another one.


This man should be charged and locked up, he has lied about so many other issues already, and he is incredibly arrogant.

What would you suggest the sanction be.... should he be charged or found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Jun 11, 2024, 10:59

They also h ave o investigvate how much  money from the Pharma Industry got into the pocket of Fauci.   There are - as is normal in the USA - always corruption involved in major expenditure projects and especially with relation to the US Health and the Defemse  Department.

So the pressure was on the nuring professionals and army soldiers who refused to be vaccinated.  After jailing and treating  the soldiers like shit - they fired 60 000 soldiers and now are pleading with them to return - and the vast majority refuse to go back to the army.   They also fired circa 30 000  nursing staf members who refused to be vaccinated,

The whole Presidency and Biden belongs in jail for what they did and also for the corruption involved,    After all the general lie promoted by Biden and co was that if you get Covid you will die if not vaccinated  and that the vaccine prevented peple from being infected by the vrus and they would be unable to spread it.   

What Fauci is most guilty of is funding the gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab  which was where  Covid originated.   Initially the Fauci Health Department said it was a hoax to claim the virus originated from the Lab and should not be banned.   It was only when Trump fouind out Fauci was BSting on the issue and fired him in September 2019 that the truth started emerging with the corrupt Democrat politicians backing  Fauci all the time.  

Anybody committing  high treason in this case should be jailed for life and that included Fauci, his assistants in the Health Department and Biden and Harris - as well as the present Secretary of Health - should all be in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.                         

Jun 11, 2024, 11:33

Fauci is being pushed into a very tight corner, that he is really battling to get out of...

He is facing questions and probes that I guarantee you he never anticipated when this all began.

He is being shown up for the dishonest and deceitful individual that so many people suspected he always was

Jun 11, 2024, 11:40

While your back is turned watching the Big Orange Combover, these are the guys that stick the knife in and really shaft you.

Jun 11, 2024, 12:04


Jun 12, 2024, 05:22

But, but, the science...

Jun 12, 2024, 05:39

Don't even try, Draad

Nobody screams science as well as VisKop does.

Jun 17, 2024, 20:04

Now it ccame out th at the US Taxpayers aid $93.4 milli.o on gain of function research on gain-of-function research at the Wughan Laboratory and Congress approved that Eco-Health to whom the funds were made available by Fauci is not going  to get a penny from the Government in future,

After Trump appointed an investigatin g team to look at the origin of the the Covid virus Biden shut down the investigation and promised that the amtter will be investigated by the fBI and CIA would investigate the issue and report back to th e public about th e outcome of the CIA and FBI within 90 days - ut no report was rovided and the matter went quiet for 7 months with out th e promised report and after that period the came with a reort t hat the eividence they collected was incnclusive,  That was done to keep the peace with the Chinse Government.

However in a House Hearing  the H ead of the FBI let slip that everyone knows that the virus originiated from the Wuhan laboratory,  

In 2014 Obama banned gain-of-function research  in the USA - esecially because of the dangers atatched to that type of research in the USA.   The storm about biolabs in Ukraine came to light only in January 2022 - but before t hat there were problems in Ukraine as well.   In 2016 the US Defense Department funded the construction of a bio-lab in Odessa.   The lab was completed in 2018 and is since then in full operation.

I 2021 the Rusian Government provided detailed information about the existence of another at least 26 bio-labs un Ukraine and details as to what research was done in the labs.   The US Govedrnment opanicked and first said theree were no biolabs in Ukraine,   that was followed by an explanation that the US Government was assisting the Ukraine Government to close down the Soviet era labs - but that was also a lie easy to identify.   The Soviet era was kicked out of Ukraine in 1991 and by 2022 there were no labs closed,      In Evidence under oath the Deputy Secretary of State admitted that -

*    that there are indeed bio-labs in Ukraine;

*    that the labs are not doing any research of a nature that coud cause pandemics; but

*    the US  Government is worried that some of the lab could be captured by the Rusinans as to the pathogens falling in Russian Hands,

Thatw as followed by the Secretary came out with the following  inexplicable allegation - if any viruses that could cause escxape in Ukraine it would be th e fault of the Russians.    I call that inexplicable - since why would the Russians take pathogens to Ukraine with all their troops and Russian speaking  resident endanger the lives of people or the viruses can escape if the Russians capture the labs concerned, 

As it was soon after outbreak of war in Ukraine the Russians capture three labs and in all 3 they found instructions from Washington how the pathogens ahould be destroyed.   However, the Ukraine staff at one lab did not follow instructions and destroyed the pathogens.    It was secured nd sent to a Moscow bio-lab to examine the research results and they were horrified - what hey found was ten times as dangerous as to what came out of the Wuhan Bio-lab and reported their findings to the UN.  

So did the USA move the gain-of-function researdg from the Wuhan Lab to the Odessa lab funded by the US Defense Department and where American speclist are working as well.   

My own opinion is that there are lunatics in the USA who feels nothing from consequnce deaths,  So why the interest of USA scientists invovled in tat tyoe of research.    

I think the Senate Committee involved should extend there investigation to cover the Defense Department's involvement in such labs and research activities,  



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