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Oct 06, 2020, 04:17

A great new coin is available:

Coins commemorating President Donald Trump surviving COVID-19 are already available for preorder at an online gift shop.

The $100 “Trump defeats COVID” coins are for sale on the website of the White House Gift Shop, which is not affiliated with the White House.

The coin is part of a series designed by Anthony Giannini, chairman of the White House Gift Shop. He described the COVID-19 coin as the last in a series illustrating "President Trump's ascendance over and defeat of the deadly COVID pandemic virus."


Hopefully on the back they have inscribed: ‘don’t let the virus dominate you’. Churchillian  stuff from the Donald.

Oct 06, 2020, 05:17

Are they issuing one for the 200,000 that didn't get the same medical treatment and died?

Oct 06, 2020, 05:34

Ah there it is ....but for ‘special’ medical treatment, the media’s predictions would have been right and he would have died. But you obituary watchers have a champion. Brian Williams the fake who lied about being shot at in a US helicopter put Trump on the Herman Cain timeline, basically implying the Lefties still have hope.

Of course Herman, a terrific and personable guy, came back from what seemed like terminal colon cancer. But no matter, no need to treat his death with any respect.

Oct 06, 2020, 11:57

Don't know WTF you are talking about, just asking about the people that died. 

And the Doctors  and science save his life  All the orange one did was put himself and a lot of other people at risk.

Like all the morons you see praising jeeeeesssuuusssss and never mention the Doctors, nurses, emergency staff and scientists for doing all the hard yards and actually saving the peoples life.

Oct 06, 2020, 15:39

Oh. I doubt that. He would probably have been fine like the 95% of 74 year olds who crack the disease without hospitals. There’s actually no ‘blind test’ proof that any of the drugs he took work, except for steroids, which are usually only needed in the event of major lung infection.

Oct 06, 2020, 17:08

Most of the folks that died did so because of Demorat Governors or Mayor's hatred for PDT and moving old folks with the virus into Old Age homes instead of the hospital ships provided by PDT.

A large number of the deaths attributed to the virus were actually deaths unrelated to the Covid virus and when challenged to show the facts the NY Governor for one refused to release the death certificates.

Now the NY Governor claimed that they had no ventilators at the time and PDT had many thousands shipped to NY State, but the Governor failed to inform the world that the four thousand ventilators that they had "on hold" in case of an emergency had been sold to an African country earlier.

Politics is a dirty business but the actions of the "Left the Media and the Demorats" have introduced a new low.


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