George Floyd was NOT murdered by a White Cop!

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Nov 19, 2023, 06:19

Another Demonrat Big Lie crashes and burns. 

George Floyd

Nov 19, 2023, 09:01

The situation started in the USA in January 2020 by the New York Times when they decided that the next presidential election RACISM in the USA  was the basis to be used ias a strategy n the 2020 election and was helped along by the Covid Pandxemic for which Trump was blamed.   

It was obvious that the media was looking for an incident they can use to promote and the lies about the Floyd case was clear.   Blame his death on RACISM and the media went ballistic - most of which were based on lies.   The brainwashed idiots believed there were thousands of Blacks murdxered every year by the Police.   

The Democrats then organized and funded the race riots in US cities.that started in July 2020 and went through to September 2020.   The funds povided by the DNC ($60 million) was augmnented by a simialr amount  donated by Soros to the DNC.     The riot program required participation by enough participants and the Democrfats used their terrorist subsidiaaies BLM and Antidfa to get the participants in place.   

There was not enough rioters (mostly criminals) available to riot in all inner US cities  contriolled by the  Demcorats simultaneously the DNC organized a riot schedule and the rioters were accodrding to that program transported from city to city in accodance with a decided program.   Their hotel accommodation was part of the cost of the riot expenditure as well.    Thr rioters were allowed to keep the loot they got from rioting.   

The myth was spread by the media that the rioters were protesting peacefully against Police murder.   It was a lie also - there were 46 people murdered by rhe rioters (13 of them Policemen.    The rioters main weapons used causing deaths were firearms and Molotov cocktails provided to the rioters on an organized basis.   The city controlled by the Democrats also oversaw serious injuries to over 1200 police officers.   Despite restrictions put on them by the local authroties the Police arrested over 1500 rioters for murdering the people mentioned, and for attacking the police - but also for the looting and arson sprees that cost an estmatmated  over $6 billion caused by the rioters.   

Immediately after Biden took over the 1500 + rioters arrested for even murder was freed from their jails and was never charged with criminal offences committed.   The Democrats would not charge crinminality organized by their supporters,   

The fact is the media lies used to cause the riot were endless.   There were plenty evidence that the FBI and Justice Department manufacured lies to be submitted to the court about the Floyd "murder".     The couirt was not provided with the toxology report inmdicating the level how hich he drugvged himself. and they came up with the myth that hsi death was caused by policemen stepping on his neck for 10 minutes.  that would inevtably lead to death.    The body camera recordings of the Police camras were also hidden from the court heaing the Floyd case.

From what is clear is that Floyd died of his extra efforts he used to resist arrest when heavily drugged,   The US Department of Justice should under present management be called the Department of Injustice.

This is not the first evidence that false statements were submitted to the court by the Justce Department and that the issue was never dealt with by the authroities on the bsais of truth.   Only the ultra-braindead people caused by propagnada in fact believe that Floyd in fact was murdered by the Police.    The case should be reheard and all approprikate evidence submitted.   

Remember the famous Ritterhouse case where false evidence was also used by the DA involved when they charged Ritterhuse with murder and all kind of media lies info followed.   The factds were exposed in court and the result was that Rittrerhouse was found innocent and acting in se-defense when atatcked by three murderous Antifa White rioters.   Biden and the fake emdia had hissy-fits about the racism attached to the Kenosha case despite the fact that all three attackers were White crimianls with a  long record of ciminality.  The end result is claims of Billions of dollars wll be faced by Biden and the fake media.      

A similar other case of fake media reporting Sandmann claimed damages and the fake media started to try and settle the issue by offering compnesation.   At the time of the incident was a 16 year old on a school tour to Washington.   .  After finishing his high school studies  Sandmann aplied for university admission and was refused by a number of Universities/ number of Univesities -  Sandman at 19 was amost as rich as Nancy Pelosi after 32 years of insider trading and backhanders paid to her for services rendered.   He msut be the first American worth $250 million obtained as a result of libel from media liars.

Be it as it may a cleanout of the Justice Department is essential since the present lot use lies to get false convictions. 

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Nov 20, 2023, 18:58

Yes indeed another big lie used by the Demonrats lies in ashes. Mozzz of course, once again, got it all wrong as he usually does these days. 

Nov 20, 2023, 21:43

Got what wrong?

Nov 20, 2023, 21:59

Floyd may have had problems breathing already, but is hard to argue that a knee on your throat for 9 minutes would help.

A balanced viewpoint was that Floyd was a serial criminal, but the police officer who stepped on Floyd's throat was also a criminal. 
A police officer could have cuffed him, instead of kneeling on his throat for 9 minutes. 

The police officer was put in jail very quickly- so the matter was resolved. 
I don't think it warranted protests etc, given that the perpetrator was punished very quickly.

No sensible person supported the police officer - and let's be honest it was only BLM who were supporting Floyd

According to the web search results, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds12 before Floyd died of asphyxia34. This was a violation of Floyd’s civil rights and a homicide, as ruled by the medical examiner’s office4. Chauvin was charged with second- and third-degree murder as well as manslaughter in Floyd’s death1. He was convicted on all counts and sentenced to 22.5 years in prison.



Nov 20, 2023, 23:15

The police in most big cities have a very difficult and dangerous job. I respect the job they do. But whether Floyd died because of the knee or not, this wasn’t an acceptable arrest. Nor were the riots that followed acceptable.

We have to demand civilized behavior in our citizens and in law enforcement.

Nov 21, 2023, 04:36

It's amazing how many of these incidents, police shootings etc. could have been avoided if the perp just complied instead of actively resisting arrest for 20-30 minutes like Floyd did. I thought these officers were amazingly patient with him, but you'll only see that if you watch the full arrest video. Kneeling on the neck was stupid.

Nov 21, 2023, 05:40

What was worse was the political cfarce madxe of the issue - imagine nameing  the Police Act passed by Biden the Floyd .Act - when Floyd was in fact a career criminal.

There are way too many casaes where the Garland Justice Department withhold evidence from defense lawyers  in an effort to get guilty verdicts - but it was also used under Obama eg the General Flynn case and the Ritterhouse case - leave alone the "criminal charges" laid against Trump - nothing more than political persecution aimed at getting him off the .candidate list in 2024.   

RBemember the ritterhouse case - also a desperasse effort by th department to withhold evidence fcrom the court and the Judge would ahve none of it.

Then there are also the casze f the more than 500 people aqre still in prison wihtout charges held by the police n jail for near to fcour years.    That while the House Committee followed a process that dxid not allow cfor cross-questioning of  witnesses by a Committee appointed by Pelosi.   She herself changed the House unaimous resultion to appoint the Committee - but she ignored the compilation agreed upon - namely 4 Demcorats and three Republican members to 5 Demcorats and 2 Republicans.    The Republican Party objected but nonetheless sun=mitted the anmes of their nominess.   Pelosi would have none of these - she  appointed Cheyne and Kirtzinger to seve on the Committe and they did not represent the Republican Party - fdorming a Knagarro court to investigate the amtter.     Fact is the investigation fot eh Kngaroo Court investigation was total BS.  There were no INSURECTION  and only Democ rats and idiotswould beleive the pfopagandxa used by the th Departrment.   

Mozart what about ciovilized conduct by politicians using lies to promote their agendas?.   



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