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Sep 10, 2019, 18:02

A week ago MSNBC came with a story about a loan made by Trump and the banks were not prepared to grant a loan  and two Russian billionaires had to countersign the loan guarantee.   Sawing that there was a real threat of MSNBC be totally bankrupted in a resultant legal claim based on libel - it was obviously fake news.   The next morning the presenter had to apologize for the broadcast which obviously was fake news.   

Yesterday it was CNN turn to go for a fake news report.  They claimed last night that an American agent had to be withdrawn from Russia in 2017 because Trump let the information out in a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador.   It had an immediate reaction by the New York Times of all papers discrediting the report and the CIA releasing a statement confirming it was indeed fake news.   

The story was repeated in the Guardian and found its way to News24 on SA.   I found it this morning and was about to post it on site - but decided to check it out first,  It was clear it was fake news and when I went back to news24 it a gone as well.  They must have panicked and removed the article from their website.   

This should be a warning to members to check out stories from news agencies in the USA before they post it on site,  Both CNN and CBSNS are known to peddle fake news reports regularly.                     

Sep 10, 2019, 21:03

Yes it's all over the internet how fake news CNN  got it wrong yet again. 

Mike the only unusual thing here is ou rooibozo didnt jump in gleefully saying how stupid Trump is etc. 

May I ask you always give ou rooibozo enough time to make a jackass of himself. He tries so hard you know!

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