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Apr 07, 2021, 20:53

He lied and was echoed by the leftist media about the Georgia election law and then went further and encourage a boycott  of the State,    However, the lies  are not surprising = if he ever speak the truth about anything it is purely by accident and not intended at all.   

The idiot has yet to realize that he is not a dictator yet even  though he aspire to be the fuil0time agent of China in the USA.    The way this criminal is going he is going to cause the start of a civil war in the USA,   The media proclaim his popularity - but the people has found out that he is puppet without any real say about the socialist direction the Democrats are trying to implement.      

Apr 07, 2021, 22:58

Joe Biden Clown GIF by CBS News - Find & Share on GIPHY

Apr 08, 2021, 13:18

The Democrats are a mob of liars and what they are doing now is not what they assure voters they would not do. Their new program became full-blown socialism with a distinct communist agenda. They know they have no real approval for the agenda and is therefore trying to force through legislation in a desperate effort to manipulate future elections in their favor. Essentially a dishonest collection of rogues with only one or two members whose positions in the House are under threat in the election now only 18 months away panicking about re-election - the rest apparently believe election fraud supported by their new election law will help them to retain their seats in the House, The aim of their present efforts in fact is to install a socialist -communist dictatorship as soon as possible and throw democracy out of the window in the process,

The problem they face is that tens of thousands of people per month flee from states like California, New York and Massachusetts to Red states. The result is that the Democrats may lose up to 11 seats in the Blue States with additional allocation of seats in the Red States the voters flee to.

Apr 08, 2021, 14:03

Mike, the Russian President invited Biden to a Live Debate (that would be fun) but the Biden's team turned it down, saying ; "He's quite busy" LOL

‘He’s quite busy’: Biden team shuts down bizarre Putin suggestion of live debate over ‘killer’ comments | The Independent


Apr 08, 2021, 15:20

PS The present Dems are misleading and dishonest bastards.

Incidentally Putin did not say the above...they deliberately changed the implication in words and I don't think it was because they did not get the Russian context.

 Putin did NOT say : it takes one to know one . He said : He who calls names is he who names himself...Don’t twist it via colloquial phrases to mean he admits also to being a killer!

This is a you tube recording of what he said.


Apr 08, 2021, 18:50

The fact is that Biden is a career politician  - for near to 50 years he has np job outside of  Politics.   In that tome he learned a lot about how to circumvent  the rules to make money out of  it  0in other words he became a corrupt politician.    enriching himself massively 0 and that is likely why Obama appointed him as VP.  

The Obama era was noted for the large scale corruption on an international level.    Much has been written about billions of dollars being laundered on approvals authorized by Obama.     The famous one involving  Russia was the sale of the US strategic uranium reserve to a Russian State-owned company.    After that an amount of $142 million was paid into the Clinton Foundation  and spread from there,   The whole saga was hushed  up by the FBI and particularly Mueller - the guy who investigated the Russian Hoax.   

Putin is no doubt also aware of the $3,2 million sent by the wife of a  Russian Mayor to Hunter Biden,   Be it as it may Putin knows the dirt of the Biden gamily and Biden himself  and no doubt has the proof that would send a lot of people in the USA to jail.    So China Joe would be wise not accept  an invitation to a debate,   Be it as it may - neither the Chinese nor the Russians have any respect for China Joe and his administration.           


Apr 08, 2021, 20:31

Yeah Mike but it certainly reveals dishonesty, weakness and cowardice...a man with skeletons in his cupboard fears the open exposure...rather like Zuma (and his gangster cronies in SA) fear to appear before the public or  a commission of inquiry.

Lack of openness reveals these qualities and  cannot be trusted at all.

Biden is an embarrassment to the decent American citizen.

I fear calamity for the USA , only a miracle will save her.

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