Have Western Sanctions on Russian Oil Finally Worked

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Mar 26, 2024, 18:33

It seems sanctions against companies of India, Turkey and China are now reducing Russian oil sales with more to follow shortly.

India has bought Russian oil to manufacture products for resale to the West at the expense of Ukraine.

Before the war, India did not buy any significant amount of Russian oil. Within 2 years, they became Russia's top customer. 

So the West is saying we will not buy your oil-based products if they originate from Russia. It defeats the purpose of buying Russian oil if they have no one to sell the products to.
Sure they must have domestic needs as well - but it seems India were benefitting more from the resale of oul than domestic consumption.

Mar 26, 2024, 19:38

optics...the world still uses Russian energy...and we're paying double than 4 years ago...spindoctoring ...

Mar 27, 2024, 01:58

You will never learn anything ever.  anction  neve ereally woked whn applied to A  about apatheid and collapsed because therre are huge ifuts made when breaking  sanctions and that sui excatly what is happening.    I was staying in Duseldorf in the NH sumer and the only Oranges they were selling all was marked outspan and came from SA - that was when al SA products were banned in Germany.     That is just an example.

What count in the world is profits made by companies and individuals - so there goes your sacntions BS.   The  real problem biting the NATO courtries is shortages in food supplies like that EU  BS about the war on cows.   Dairy production worldwide is under strain and especially in  EU countries and the US and shortages in  dairy and meat prices are feeding inflation worldwide.    With food inflattion the world is feeduing starvation - an unusual phenomenon  in the USA and EU countries with people depending on foodbanks to feed - in the UJSA feeding 49 million people in the USA alone and the figures are in creased rapidly.   .   

The Ukraine War is adding to the war on food roduction led by the EU  also causing rises in food prices and that is causing the weak coalition Governments in Europe to fall.   .              

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