How thick is Adam Schiff really?

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Apr 06, 2019, 19:25

I watched this clip for the first time shortly after it was publish more than two years ago. He looked like an idiot back then and, lo and behold, he is still beating the same drum, despite the Mueller report.

Apr 07, 2019, 11:41

Is this really the quality of members of Congress the DP comes up with - their is also that Muslim woman who does not know her arse from her elbow and in the Senate they have some closet  commies as members,    

Apr 07, 2019, 11:51

Remember, Mike. This poepol is not just any DP member. He is the current chairman of the House Intel Committee which also makes him a member of the gang of eight.

That, in turn, gives him access to the top secret intelligence.

And that, in turn gives him access to each and every piece of intelligence, bar (at this stage) the full Mueller report. He has seen every piece of evidence available to everybody else who agrees that there was no collusion.

Here is the catch. He has been saying, for more than two years, that he has seen more than circumstantial evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Why has he, to this day, failed to produce it?

More (most?) importantly, why has he withheld it from the Mueller investigation?

Apr 07, 2019, 14:41

Because he has been one of the many demonrats who have been involved in a coup attempt. 

Mike the communist/globalist demonrats are hardly in the closet they are in full display!!! 

Apr 07, 2019, 14:43

These traitors think that with the connivance of the globalist MSM they can hoodwink the American voter. But they are loosing. 

Apr 07, 2019, 15:21

Mike asked: "Is this really the quality of members of Congress the DP comes up with "

The answer is........:"Well, maybe we should ask the leader of the Democratic Party, Speaker Nancy Pelosi".

Apr 07, 2019, 18:55


Have you heard of Alexandria  Ocasio-Cortez before -  that is the most stupid politician I have  ever heard in my life - and the problem is she really thinks her nut-case ideas can work in practice.

But it is just one of the nutcases the Democrats have in the House of Representatives,   There was a draft law being dealt with in the House.    An amendment of one article was suggested by the RP  and when voted on 26 DP members voted with the RP on the issue.  The mad woman  wanted the House to charge them  with misconduct and threatened that they would be opposed when the election comes up in 2020,   She would see to it that they are going to be kicked out as DP candidates,

Ever heard pf anything that crazy,   By the way he popularity rating in New York is 31% and she better start thinking about returning to Congress in 2020.                 .   

Apr 07, 2019, 20:18

AOC and some others are the new face of the DP. They don't mind stupid fact, it seems to be a requirement. 

Apr 07, 2019, 20:24

It is difficult to decide who the biggest Dem nut case is when you are having to chose between Schiff, Pocahontas, Pelosi, AOC, and Ilhan Omar. 

Apr 07, 2019, 20:25

And then, you could also throw in Maxine Waters for good measure:

Apr 07, 2019, 21:04

The classic one -  "The Venezuelan economy collapsed" and the answer from AOC is  "They should try socialism".   

Apr 07, 2019, 22:49

As thick as pig shit. No wait. That’s an insult to pig shit.

Apr 08, 2019, 14:07

By the way - that 78 year old imbecile (Pelosi)  made a speech and did not even remember that Bush is not still the President and somebody had to hand her a note that Bush is not President any longer.   She looks very much like she is indeed a "kens" case.    .    

Apr 08, 2019, 14:25

The irony is that she was corrected during that speech and then made the same mistake in the same speech moments later and then repeated it in another speech some time after.

Apr 09, 2019, 07:48

The tragedy with aging is that you get to a stage where you forget what happened recently and remember what happened many years ago, but not the present,    This woman is a typical example of somebody like that,   Her silly smiles - all at the wrong time - and her confusion about Valentines Day, St Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving Day is not only laughable it is tragic.

It is often claimed that she is stupid - maybe not because I think she was stupid in the past - at present she shows the signs of Altzheimers Disease  clearly. There is a difference between craziness and stupidity - but they can augment each other,   Take for example leaving out a page or more from a prepared speech and admitting it happened after completion of the speech.              

Apr 10, 2019, 10:06

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