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Jul 20, 2022, 08:21

and here it is...

Jul 20, 2022, 18:59

That idiot and his equally  moronic father is protected by the FBI and the Justice Department.  Obama used state capture to have the FBI and Justice Department refusing to investigate Democratic Party crooks like the Biden's.  He operates a Mafia style crime family and so do Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer/   The leaders of the crime families should all be in jail - they thrive   on kick-backs and thus steal money from the taxpayers.     .          

Jul 20, 2022, 22:28

...and the beat goes on...they're actually using the little energy that  they've got left, to smear Orange prevent him from running again...against President Depends....

They want us to believe that he got 5M more votes than Trump in 2020...who got more votes than Obama did in 2012...BS!!!!...just because something is unthinkable,  it doesn't mean it's impossible...its most likely probable...if you look at the circus playing on....WTF?

Jul 21, 2022, 02:47

Hunter Biden is a crack addict as is evident from the Hunter Biden laptop - he should be in jail for just displaying crack cocaine - the  normal jail time for that is 5 years,   Yet he is free and continues with his criminality as part of the Biden crime family activities.    The other crime families involved are the Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer activities in insider trading and kick-backs from Government contracts and foreign aid.

Why are they and the Demcoratic Party supporting media so afraid of Trump and why continuation of the hate campaigns like the Russian Hoax.  They are afraid that the the 2020 election would be  re-investigated and the Democrats fear nothing more.   They are afraid of many things and the fact is that cleaning up the State captured Justice department and FBI would lead to proper investigation  of  corrupt criminal activities of the Demcoratic Party leadership, as well as internal corruption of the democrat leadership and certain Republican Party elements involved as well.

Of the worst kind you have Cheney - whose father's and her own involvement in Haliburton would be exposed as a system getting massive contacts from the Department of Defense making hundreds of billions profit.    Cheney's father was always a war mongeror because of  the opportunity to make money from war and in getting kickbacks from the Armament industry.    Another similar idiot is Senator Romney - he still makes millions fo dollars per year per year from the profits of Bains.  Remember that company - they were crucial to the State Capture of the  IRS in South Africa and  Romney even benefit from that.   Another spook in Republican clothing is Senator Muzorski.    She is always supporting the Democrats in Senate and is a Republican in name only.   

I think Trump is causing problems for them and the Democrats as well.   The Republicans are in a revenge mode as well.    The whole  Democratic Party fear campaign against Trump rests on what they fear will be exposed after the November Mid-term election.   The elections will be influenced by the following fears:-

*     A proper investgation as to what happens in the 2020 election and the emthods used to esnure victory for Biden;

*      The Faucci saga as to enhancement of gain of function research in Wuhan and the money trails invovled between te Democrats and the Pharma industry..

*      The criminal activities in a number of countries by the Biden, Pelosi and Schiff crime families in a number of countries and especially the cleaning up of the Justice department and FBI who are covering up the criminality of the crime families. involved.   

*      The dementia suffering Biden as Puppet President - they are going to insist on a psychological investigation of Biden similar to the one the Democrats insisted for Trump in 2018.   Trump passed the tests with flying colors - Biden is so bad he is likely to fail the tests,   He is very likely to be out of the Presidency  in 2023.    

I am not sure whether Trump will run again as President.   He as made no announcement of any intension to do so as yet and is probably waiting to see what happens in the md-term elections.   However, even if he does not run in 2024 - the candidate will certainly be De Santis and he is going to be worse on the Democrats than Trump would be.

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Jul 21, 2022, 08:52

What beats me is that the Orange man haters don't see any problem with the protection received by the Bidens.

One simply can't call yourself an adult if you aren't able to see what has occurred with the Bidens and ask yourself the most basic question known...that of "Why?".

It seems almost implausible to expect people to consider that three letter agencies and other bureaucrats are protecting a ruling class. And entirely impossible for people to consider that if these protections are so blatantly biased and nefarious, what else could be going on?

Jul 21, 2022, 11:38

"And entirely impossible for people to consider that if these protections are so blatantly biased and nefarious, what else could be going on?"

The question people tend to brush off as conspiracy theory while ignoring the obvious....mind boggles

Jul 21, 2022, 13:10

The FBI has been searching homes throughout the USA  to find and destroy copies of the hard drive of Hunter Biden laptop and has not succeded in finding any.    They are also looking for the laptop of Pelosi with her insider trading deals and corrupt activities as well - seemingly also without  success.   They even broke down a door in a house in  Alaska with no links to anything political in a desperate search for the Pelosi laptop.  That one will also emerge before the mid-term election.   

The crooks in Government is panicky at the moment and is likely to try desperately to commit election fraud  to win in the mid-term election.    However it will be much more difficult this time around.    They are going to try a lockdown based on the new virus and then get people to use unguarded drop boxes to drop false votes in it.    It may be wise to get a Supreme Court Ruling to rohibit the use of drop boxes - the Wisconsin Supreme Court has already granted the application against use of  drop boxes in elections - but the Democrats are going to try and get around the ruling like they already did in 2020 in 14 court rulings against election malpractices ignored by the Democrats.        


Jul 23, 2022, 12:07

Good video, funny. :D

This should be investigated by the DOJ. If Hunter is guilty, he must go to jail.
If Joe Biden is actually involved, he needs to be removed as president, and potentially even sent to jail.
What is certain, is that Hunter has used his father's position in politics to secure contracts. That in itself is, unfortunately, all to common in our world, but if Joe also benefited financially - that is an entirely different story. 

I care more about corruption than ideology. I want political leaders that are committed to doing the job, not people that are just there to take backhanders. 

Jul 23, 2022, 12:23

"I care more about corruption than ideology. I want political leaders that are committed to doing the job, not people that are just there to take backhanders. "

For once we agree.

Jul 23, 2022, 17:14


Second time that I have agreed with you on the corruption issue in American politics.

The Demorats have resorted to the same actions as the Nazis did in the late 1930's early 1940's.

FBI is no more that a Demorat Gestapo operation filled with supporters of the "LEFT" and complicit in hounding and prosecuting all who disagree with the "LEFT" while covering all other illegal issues being carried out by the "LEFT".

Judges blocking evidence at trials, allowing "Left" supporters and activists to be selected for jury duty and selectively BLOCKING evidence that has been declared under oath to the Special Prosecutor as it clearly points to the guilt of the person on trial.

Obama/Biden style justice has to end.

Come November we can only trust that the American votes will put an end to this corrupt, criminal element in government and prosecute the offenders their families, supporters, financial sponsors and all who broke the law including the Judges.

Take America back folks and make it great again.

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