I don't know - I know - where to with COVID vaccinations.

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Oct 19, 2022, 19:31

Before the 2020 election in the USA Biden and Harris said they will not accept vaccination - but they were of the first people vaccinated.  However their minions believed what they were told and in the end thousands refused to be vaccinated.  The Biden administration then went aheads and instituted compulsory vaccinations , tehs of thousands who objected to vaccinations lost their jobs  

However there is a new path forward being planned by the Democrats - they in a report of the House said that Trump's fast-tracking the development of the vaccines and since there were deaths following vaccination Trump is to be criminally charged.

This is a farce.   In the House report they claimed based on a medical journal that vaccines are unsafe and dangerous. So what will be result of the above report.     I knoe what site members will say:

*    Those opposing vaccinations will say - "I told you so".

*     Those suppoprting vaccinmations will say - "It is all Trump's fault"       

Oct 19, 2022, 21:30

DumbMike has just watched his daily dosage of Tucker Carlson

Oct 19, 2022, 21:50

Dumb Snarkhole just got another booster...ze zcienz is strong with him.

Oct 19, 2022, 23:59

Dumbdoos SB

Yes I did and as per normal  Tucker quoted factual evidence to support his comments.    Bitter pill to be swallowed - the Democrats inflicted this on the people who support their crazy conduct.   Are you now for or against vaccination?   I support vaccination -but you must be in a bind.   

To help you out in this case is impossible - it seems to be another witch hunt of the Democrats against  Trump with serious negative impact on vaccination programs    Terrible to be in a situation where their policies and implementation stink to high heaven and the mid-term election is only 19 days away.          

Oct 20, 2022, 00:03

Ou Maaik . . . the stupidest and most brainwashed imbecile on the planet . . . regurgitating the drivel spewed by Tucker Carlson of all people and calling other people naive or gullible.

You couldn't actually make this up.


Oct 20, 2022, 06:27

Roo/inekdoo/s and moron.

If Tucker is guilty of hate speech he si doing  very well in using factual information and not conspiracy theories and lies like the Democratic Party and the media you rely on totally to prove what he claimed the case is at present.   

If there is one thing that has been proved on site is that you are a total unthinking wreck on site like you proved to be in five years of the Russian Hoax lies concocted by the DP even though it was clear from day 1 that it was BS and despite the fact that you were warned about it.   You ended up with the f#cked up thinking of the extreme left making an example of unmatched idiocy ever shown by anybody with ever had attacks of shit instead of brains. in your braindead skull.

I am at least nt guilty of spouting conspiracy theories on site and of thinking before dealing with the shit you and others spout on site.            

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