Investigation into Covid continues. Looking real bad for fauci

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Mar 09, 2023, 14:03

Oaks unless this people perpetrating the Covid genocide are nailed something of this nature is bound to happen again. I dear Uncle Bill Gates had been having a simulation where a virus kills 15 million children. 

Mar 09, 2023, 14:44

Dr Faucci paid $9 million to two doctors who expressed their opinion that gain-of-function in Wuhan would have caused the pandemic after getting them to change their minds.    That was clearly crooked giving out taxpayer money to bribe people to change their mind on scientific issues.    

This is what one calls criminality and Faucci  should be sent to jail or the rest of his dishonest life.    I would now think they are going to see what he benefit from the Pharma Industry involved in vaccine  development.   There can be no reason that if Dr Death bribe other doctors that he himself would not take bribes from the Pharma  Industry.    A specific look at the bank accounts and assets should be undertaken.

This opens up a hornets nest - if science are based on what scientists can gain financially from it - then science is being abused and that makes people doubt if science is genuine or bribe-induced.            

Mar 09, 2023, 16:08

Once again if these claims had one drop of veracity there would be a thousand lawsuits. Fauci was completely useless in the whole Covid thing and a political actor….but not a a criminal.

Mar 09, 2023, 18:01


Mar 09, 2023, 19:28

This won't impress independent voters in the US. More than 70% of people know the conspiracy trial is just political theatre.

The other 30% (The anti-vaxxers) may be happy, but it will annoy sensible people. 

None of the people involved actually think Fauci would be found guilty for something he never did.
Fox News can't exactly run the coverage given they themselves are in a legal case against Dominion for making false allegations that they knew were false.

Mar 09, 2023, 19:45

What conspiracy theories?  

Anyway - idiot - is not a show trial at all.    Judicial processes that could lead to Trials.   Comprehende?

Secondly - your twisting won't help - too many truths have heen revealed that may lead to people being charged with criminal offences in terms o normal judicial processes.


Mar 09, 2023, 20:51

Mike this just the beginning on months of investigations. I agree Faucu's bank account needs to be looked at. Big Parma runs the FDA and CDC. There is a revolving door between them, funding etc.

Also look at Big 9harma and the Globalist media. Ditto Big Pharma and politicians and academia. 

The whole system is totally corrupt and very dangerous. 

Mar 13, 2023, 09:53


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