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Jul 08, 2022, 07:20

te Biden Administration has now approved that oil from the US strategic oil reserves be sold to China.   Why  should that happen and how is that in the interest of the USA and the democratic countries in the world?  It is not.

Why is this news not surprising? Biden and his son were bribed by the Chinese and Biden as a result is a faithful servant of China - they have the evidence that will put both in jail for bribery and corruption - as well as by the two of betrayal of the United States. If there is a case of high treason by a US President this is it.

When challenged about inflation and destruction of the US Economy approaching recession is according to the Chief Economy Advisor of  Biden not a problem,  since it is in line with the New Liberal World Order  interests and the people must swallow everything  and pay up for that reason.   Weird - but true.        

Jul 08, 2022, 10:12


Jul 08, 2022, 13:29

You yawn when factual situations are dealt with and scrape together BS making us yawn.   Instead of realizing the real implications of what is happening  - as well as the drop of support for Biden and his imbecilic conduct in the USA.    The US strategic oil reserve has dropped to the lowest level ever since 1946  and in event of a war will not be sufficient for domestic and battle usage. if foreign oil production is somehow unable to reach the USA.   In the meantime oil and gas production in the USA  has dropped by more than 25% since Biden took over the Presidency.         

It is today the 8th of July and the midterm election is just 4 months away,    The country is in a sour mood with over 80% of the voters saying the country is on the wrong track and 72% condemn  the functioning of Congress with both the House and Senate is under Democratic Party control.    There is no way the Democrats will not lose control of both  and then all hell will break lose.   The first thing that the Republicans would demand is a psychologic test of Biden - ie the same the Democrats demanded of Trump - who passed the test with flying colors.   Biden will not pass the test and he will be fired and replaced by Harris who is even more imbecilic and unpopular than Biden is.    She will be forced out as well - and the new Speaker will become President  and some sanity will return to the USA.    

The Justice Department and FBI would be dismantled from top to bottom and Democratic Party deployment policy plants  appointed on the same basis as the ANC cadre deployment in SA  will be rooted out and replaced by capable professional people, while corrupt and treasonous people will go to jail.   That is bound to happen and will save the USA  as a democracy. - no more rule by unelected bureaucrats  and the end of the  New Liberal World Order.



Jul 10, 2022, 08:05

88% of Americans to be exact says the country is on the wrong track. As Kamala Harris would tell you (three times in the same thought) "there is such a great significance to the passage of time". Indeed. Much significance to the passage of time since 2020, for in this passage of time there is such great significance to the passage of time.

Jul 10, 2022, 11:42


I think Biden is not really in charge as President - he takes his instructions  from somebody else and the likely person is Susan Rice - who gets her instructions from Obama, Gates and Soros, 

Take for instance the mandate of Biden on the issue of abortion - the draft came from Soros and Biden followed it word for word.    Remember the letter from the Education Committees stating that parents are domestic terrorists.   That letter was drawn up by Susan Rice and then signed by the Chairman of the board of the Committees - immediately after which he was given a top job by the WH.    That caused major problems with the FBI and the Justice Department acting on it.   

The instructions of vaccination for children of the age of 5 and higher cane fom the Pharma industry and faithfully implemented by the WH,   That despite scientists believe it is not necessary.     It is just another way of enriching Gates and others attached to the said industry at the expense of the US Taxpayers.

Biden is not a genius - he was average to poor when studying for his legal degree and after that never really practice as a lawyer - he went into politics early and stayed in politics ever since.   Whomsoever he thinks could benefit his political career he followed and supported,  That varies from Wallace to the erstwhile head of the KKK Senator Byrde.    H is now under full-time instructions from Obama, Gates and Soros.   

I think at present Biden is the victim of his own stupidity.   For him to get instructions as to what to do at meetings to the extent that when to sit down - when to greet somebody and when to speak is an indication he does not even know those protocols anymore.  One should really be sorry for him as an old man - but then he brought it onto himself.                 


Jul 16, 2022, 08:12

So now the Pope says Biden is incoherent regarding abortion and Biden is Catholic. 

Jul 16, 2022, 10:37

Not only that one - SOC said the 6 January "insurrection" was an inside job organized by Pelosi and the Capitol Police - working hand-in-hand with the FBI.     The fact is we have enough criminals involved and the fact is they should be charged and convicted for their illegal activities.   

Jul 19, 2022, 08:55

Funny how SB and the rest of the woke believers fled from this thread because what is written here is the truth and they hate the truth.     

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