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Mar 28, 2024, 02:24

but is Trump set to be a three time loser? It's hard to believe I mean seriously he couldn't wish for a better opponent.... a demented geriatric who couldn't chew gum and walk at the same time but it now seems like a possibility gong by the latest polls.

"President Joe Biden is erasing his polling deficit with his likely Republican election opponent in a number of key states that will decide the outcome of this year’s presidential contest, according to a new survey by Bloomberg and Morning Consult.

The survey of 4,392 registered voters, which took place from 8 March to 15 March, found that Mr Biden either tightened his margin against Donald Trump or overtook the ex-president in six of seven states, with the largest polling shift coming in Wisconsin, where Badger State respondents gave the 46th president a one-point lead, 46 per cent to Mr Trump’s 45 per cent.

The president’s slim advantage over the man he defeated four years ago comes just one month after a similar survey showed Mr Trump leading Mr Biden by four per cent.

Mar 28, 2024, 03:17

Denny lets be frank.   Everybody hating  the USA  has one dream and that is that Biden wins in the coming election because that will destroy th e US A by 2030 and titally wipe out demcoracy in the USA.   Do you hate the USA as well?       

Mar 28, 2024, 03:52

ouMaaik, I've asked before without receiving a response, but, what the hell , I'll try again.

What's the attraction ? What does an authoritarian fascist Russia have that compels you to

overwhelmingly support the brutal regime ?

Beansht talks about globalism, criminalizing LGBTX & the climate.

Please stop duckin & diving.


Mar 28, 2024, 06:29

"Beansht talks about globalism, criminalizing LGBTX & the climate."

Not exactly...

Mar 28, 2024, 07:33

Yes .............. he praises Russia for their stance on 'batting for the other side'.

Next they'll be recommending the missionary position with the lights out as a sexual prerequisite.

Mar 28, 2024, 08:03

I support no Govenment bar those factually and proven to be lying about issues,      Actions against conbstitutional law is an abomination.     In the case of Ukraine  please refe rot the following video clip   

The question is is the USA  still a constitutional Democracy - bearing in mind they use the Justice Department and FBI to undermine opposition to the US present regime is ndermining worldwide democracy.?

I never supported  undermining of any constitution and when that happens I criticize it as well.  However in 1940 the US Government at that stage not involved in any war - while WW2 has started a year earlier he US Congress dedcided to give Roosevelt a third term as President - which was un constitutional.   However, Stalin played ping-pong with him and it led to occupy of Central Europe by the Russians and it led to the cold war lasting until 1991.    

However the USA love to undermine Governments they do not like and replace them with people they choose to Govern the Country.  It happened in Vietnam in the 1960's - Chile n the 1970's,  Iraq, Afganisthan,and now Ukraine in 2014.   Was any of the above successful - the answer is no. -

*    The Vietnam War caused a Communist take-over of power still in effect aqn millions of deaths as a result of usage of poison gas (operation Orange)\

*    the Afghan war lasted for 23 years and ended in chaos and fleeing of the army from Afghanistan - the President the USA installed in Afghanistan left the country taking millions with him in the process a day before the U Army fled from Afghanistan in disgarce;

*    after 20 years war in Iraq the country is still in total chaos - which US soldiers stuck in bases all over Iraq and under virtual daily attacks by Iran sponsored terrorists - achievement zero - using depleted Uranium bombs and killed more than a million Iraqi children from nuclear infection.

*     the Ukraine war factually started in  2014 when the USA Government appointed the cabinet of  Ukraine - admitted as such by Assistant Secretary of State  Nuland and appointed  people associated with the Banderas movement picked for their hatred of all Russians living in Ukraine and discarding the democratic Constitution of Ukraine totally;

Ukraine of today is the result of that power ceasure by the USA in Ukraine.  The result of that action caused the start of the civil war in Eatsern Ukraine in which at least 18 000 civillians died.    Instead of supporting an  end to the civil war the USA undermined efforts by France and Germany to find a peaceful solution the USA undermined  peacemaking efforts.  Fact is I blame both Russsia and the USA for the present War which could have been avoided by negotiations  the USA supported such negotiations.

So why are countries lining up to join the anti-USA BRICS organization - they fear the conduct of the USA in undermining Governments they do not like will happen to them as well.   There re ove 60 countries who applied to join BRICS  - the factual enemies of he USA.  Now the USA politicians are supporting the undermin14ing of the elected Government of Israel which they are not in fav r of.   They want a Government the U SA can control in Israel and lay both sides of the situation for political gain in the USA election - they are trying to buy the Muslim voters in November  and the answer is simple - fuck Israel and law and order.

The fact is the present USA Government undermines democracy worldwide and that  is why the world is in turmoil and wars erupting.    In 2018 the world situation was stable and negotiations were the norm - today the world has been totally undermined  and wars is becoming the norm in the world.   Who go for that situation - the answer is simple looting of money from the U S Government is rampant and the favourite way of Political crime families in the USA to enrich themselves.   In that the Biden's are setting an example for oth er crooks looting US Government moneym through selling  approvals benefitting countries like China.   .   .

If the US Government showed any leadership and honesty there would not be a war in Ukraine  - but  elements in the  USA thrive on bribery and corruption and that is where we are at present    To be quite frank I expect more honesty and benevolence from the  US Government - but in fact they are as bad as Russia - if not worse.   .  .      -               .              .    .           

Mar 28, 2024, 12:50

Drivel alert!

Mar 28, 2024, 14:21


Thanks or reminding  me that you totally believe  in the BS spreading  by the New York occassionally and the Wall  Street Journal on a full time basis.   The WS J 18 months after the Istanbul ceasefire talks took place based totally on what to junior staff  came  up with.    The Ukraine Ambaaador to Turkey was at the meeting and he in a video said  that the talks were making progress and the Russians seems keen to end the carnage in Ukraine.   The Turkish  Government said they were ready to initial a provisional agreement to be accepted by the  Ukraine and Russian Governments.   According to proven statements the Ukraine Foreign Minister was in a phone call from Washington to leave the meeting and sign no documents.    And then the Wall  Street Joiurnal find an excuse relating to the  Bucha massacre that was discovered at least a week before the start of he negotiations.    Another piece of total BS published by the WSJ. - the secnd time the liars wrote about a ceasefire negotiations in Belarus that never took place and based on a story from  Ukraine colonel.   A t t ht time  you were totally ignorant about the talks in Istanbul and wrote on sit that there was no such negotiations.  

If I lied as much as you do based on WSJ lies I would fimd it difficult to sleep at night - my conscience would bother me too much.

By the way Liar-in-Chief have you read the NYT series of articles the US Government allows slave methods used against children  delivered by the Mexican cartels to the US Border.   Watch the following videos as well  - it does relate to the way the Democraqts love slavesy..  .,vid:WQCDe_kwnck,st:0  

Do you support what is happening to 85 000 .children and the US Government does not know where they are.    Are those lies or not and I  do  beli that you support that conduct, and regabd the conduct of the Democrats and you condone that actions of the Demorrats as accetable?   Is that also a drivel alert?    

Everything you write on site is based on BS so my contention is th at you are making yourself guilty of BS Alert.    Nothing apparently bother you to lie on site anyway.   


           .      .   

Mar 28, 2024, 14:32


That is unless all those dead folks get to the voting tables once more and some of the supervisors at voting stations only count the casted votes for Biden three times.

Mar 28, 2024, 20:57

Not four  more years, 6 more years. Wanker has America being destroyed by 2030 with Biden in charge. Only the Dems could produce something so heinous, shifting the 2028 election date without anybody spotting the scheme.

Mar 29, 2024, 13:43

I still think the Donald can do this and things would be exponentially better as soon as he does...Go Trump!!@

Mar 31, 2024, 01:48

I still think the Donald can do this and things would be exponentially better as soon as he does.

Trump can do it better than anyone else?.....yes well we've heard that one before trouble is the vast amount of Americans aren't buying. Perhaps they know something you don't. Get that into your head.

Mar 31, 2024, 05:04

...well a vast amount of Americans actually do support him...about 50%...perhaps they know something you don't?...but let me guess, they're all deplorable backward racist hicks? Sorry I don't buy into that...

Mar 31, 2024, 06:14

Aaahhh The race card.....I'm not sure about that but what I do know is that he lost the last election by an 8 million majority so how on earth you're giving him a 50% vote count is beyond any understanding. And what I also know is that his support comes from The Oath keepers, The Proud Boys and from Protestant Christian zealots. Quite a "credible" resume dontcha tink? So tell me which group do you belong to? And OBTW Donnie Boy has promised to pardon the criminals who've been do you feel about that? 

Sorry I don't buy into that... Really?? and why would you feel sorry....and what do you buy into?? Voter fraud? Yeah I know.....shame.

Mar 31, 2024, 06:43

I agree Denny - we should not buy into anything since there are negatives to each side in USA politics and very few positives.     What I deplore is bribery and corruption - inclusive of the actions now investigated indicating the Biden Family is involved in widescale bribery and corruption selling favors for corrupt payments covered up by the criminal conduct of he Justice Department and FBI using  the media to deny it.   Written  bank statements and .reports by the bank about money laundering by the Bidens using shelf companies - reports send to the FBI to investigate and suggest charges be laid  wss ignored and not acted on.   What dioes that indicate?   

Mar 31, 2024, 06:50

Mike....I'll say this slowly.....the above post is a repeat of a repeat of a repeat......there is nothing new in what you're saying. Stop hammering's boring.

Let me know if you don't understand my thread. 

Mar 31, 2024, 07:14

Trump got more votes in his losing cause in 2020 than Obama did in his record win...and yes the population grew...and maybe he doesn't have 50% support, but it's still significant...and there are fringe lunatic support on both sides of the devide...I'll eat my crow come November if I have to.

Mar 31, 2024, 07:30

Trump got more votes in his losing cause in 2020 than Obama did in his record win...

Trump lost an election he couldn't lose...he lost to a dried out demented geriatric...the mother of all losses. 

and yes the population grew...

By 8 Million? Boy that's a desperate punch line, populations always grow besides being the smooth and slick operator you know him to be he would have had that aspect covered. 

Spare me any piss poor excuses.

and maybe he doesn't have 50% support, but it's still significant

No it isn't 50% mathematically it can't be.

...and there are fringe lunatic support on both sides of the devide...I'll eat my crow come November if I have to.

So you'd take your place alongside an Oath Keeper, Proud Boy and a Christian zealot?

I've listened to you and the likes. I know when I'm wasting my time. I was in America in the year of the election and I was surrounded by Americans who think like you......that was in 2016....nothings changed. We make our own choices.

Mar 31, 2024, 13:51

"So you'd take your place alongside an Oath Keeper, Proud Boy and a Christian zealot?"

I take my place alongside cheaper interest rates, cheaper food and less war around the world...the actual important stuff.

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