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May 01, 2024, 01:12

contemplating another 4 years of decrepit Biden as POTUS and it's almost a case of being caught between a rock and a hard place with Trump as POTUS excepting for the fact that both the 'hard place' and the 'rock' becomes a lot worse when Trump becomes POTUS.

May 01, 2024, 05:14

Sure a Trump Presidency would reduce world instability and stop the chaotic situations in the USA itself - and that is not acceptable to people making money out of the  present scenario and owning  the leftwing media and prescribe the BS people like you thrive on.   The control the Demcoratic Party and Biden is the only totally manageable idiot they can use to implement whatever policies they decide on.   

The problem is that the Democratic Party knew they could not defend any of their policies that damaged the interests of the American voters and every opinion poll sound worse than the ones before.  Inlation is on the rise again and is way higher than the fake figures the Biden Administration indicates.    In fact since Biden became President domestic costs have iuncreased by over 30% and the income of people did not show a corresponding increase.    

The Black, Hispanic and Jewish voters are deserting  the Demcoratic Party in extremely large numbers and could cause a total collapse of support for the Demcoratic Party and especially their left wing supporters.    Moderate Democrats is likely to vote for Kennedy as independent candidate and the leftist ideology is coming under pressure.  

In 2023 the Biden Administration realized that they cannot win the 2024 Presidential election and decided that they are going to use lawfare to ocvercome the problem.  In the process they decided to charge Trump with strings of fake crimes that is unprovable and force him to be present .in court cases and not campaigning.   They also accused Trump of going  to implement judicial unconstitutional practices they are using themselves at present.

The fake charges are not producing what the Democrats wants.    After laying  of charges Trump's ssupport base grew and this time it was in voting blocks that in the past deliver victory to them - but the  unfortunate situation of them is that none of the promises made to them by the Democrats were never kept.    So now  the situation is that -

*    amongst th e Black community where Biden got 88% of the Black vote in 2020 - it is down to about 58% this year;

*     amongst the Hispanics Biden gt 57% of the vtes in 2020 - it in in opinion polls down to 42%; and

*     amongst Jewish voters critical in cities like New York is down from 70% and the present Hamas riots in US cities are posing a threat to their existence - with the Chief Rabbi saying he is not sure Jews would suppose Biden because of lack of action on his part to stop the rot - since he wants the vote of the Muslims in states like Michigan and Minnesota,

Looking  at the opinion polls it could result in like Carter in 1980 Biden is regarded as losing most of the  States that traditionally voted in the past for the Democatic party.   In 1984 the Demorats only won in 1 of the 50 states (Minnesota).   Is that situation going to be repeated in 2024?    It could easily happen - but we will see what the situation will look like this year when Biden's approval rating is lower this year than Carter's was in 1980 ,    .   In 2020 19 million votes were cast by unidentiied people and the result was that those votes were counted.   

The Republicans realized what happened in 2020 and has now developed an organized progam to ensure the voter laws of States are adhered to and is already piiling up evidence of non-adherence and  will get court approval that would eliminate voting  by unidentified people that is wide open to fraud.  61% of the voters according to opinion polls believe there  were election fraud in  the 2020 election - but of those about 18% claimed that although  present it would not have changed the utcome of the election in 2020.    82% of he US Vioters believe that proper identiification of voters are needed - yet the Demcorats fight that like their lives depend on it against it.   

So Denny - real indications are that Biden will lose the election now only 6 months away -  so your worst fears would be realized      All opinion polls iindicate your worst fear of a Trump victory will be realized and all I can do is sympathize with you.



May 01, 2024, 06:57

Shitory alert!

May 01, 2024, 08:44

Hate the truth not so?  

May 01, 2024, 18:33

I'm hoping Trump wins. He's promised to cut interest rates and that would be good for my bags.

May 02, 2024, 10:11

There is one abomination in the world and thatn is PUBLIC SERV ANTS.    After working  in the Public Service for 25 years I wrote that in the main Public Servants worldwide are the same.   They concoct Regulations with loopholes a mile big and then use backhanders to enrich themselves and their political superiors who protect them.   They normally fuck up everything they touch in the same way Obama describe Biden of being capable of - "If you give Biden anything to deal with it is sure he will bugger it  up to an umnimaginable level".

You get a small minority of dediated Public Servants  who tries to do what they pledged to do for the people they are supposed to serve.    The number is much bigger in China  where wrongdoers and even incomptents receive the death penalty.

Biden brags about the growth in employment in the USA - but the new employees are mostly in unncessary public servant jobs.    The situation is the same in the EU - where there are 14 000 Public Servants ruining the show.   In the USA the Public Servants becomes the rulers in many ways and the whole putrid situation in the US A  are the conduct of those Public Servants.


May 03, 2024, 17:46


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